Fixing Horan

She was so small, and yet had the biggest heart, she doesn't talk alot, but she gives the most amazing advice. "I don't understand Niall, what has happened?" “I-Im sick of my life Hannah, I'm done." Tears were everywhere, and hearts were broken. Nobody knows what happened to Niall, one day he was so happy, and the next day it was like his world got rip to itty bitty pieces. The fans don't even act interested in him anymore, yeah, what true fans are they?

"This my cousin, Hannah Bodnar." Harry had told everyone, but Niall.. didn't flinch one bit. He'd lay in bed all day, or go for walks.. oftentimes. When people would see him on the streets they wouldn't care, even young girls that were fans.

Many people wonder, but many people don't ask, except Hannah. The other boys wonder, 'how does she do it?' But nobody knows.
Will Niall get away or will Hannah make her way swiftly in his life?


9. Chapter Eight❤


[Hannahs POV] 

I woke up, just at 5:51.. dangit, I was hoping for atleast 7 AM. 

I tossed the warm duvet off of my body and walked over to the bathroom. 

Stripping from my clothes, I turned on the shower, and waited for it to be warm enough. 

While waiting I grabbed the brush and started brushing my mid length dirty blonde hair. 

From the other side of the bedroom I heard a door creak open, 

Probably just the wind.. Right? 

I ignored it and hopped in the shower. 

[Nialls POV]

This was it -- I was leaving, I will be gone, and ill be free. 

I thought of the letter.. What if it wasn't there anymore? 

What if one of the boys got it? 

I shook my head, clearing the thoughts I had out. 

I creaked open the door and slowly made my way stepping out into the hallway. 

I heard humming from the other side of the wall and immediately thought of Hannah.. 

How will she react? 

This isn't planned out so well. 

I'm just going to leave, that's it. 

A crazy amount of goosebumps ran over my skin, and I started to get anxiety. 

[Louis' POV] 

I decided to wake up super early today, 5:00. 

I sat neatly in the living room chair, with my cup of hot tea and a recorded football game on. 

No obnoxious boys, no loud sounds, just the cheers of many people -- including me, watching the football game. 

The water started running from the other side of the house, so I thought it could be one of the boys. 

The part that sucks about them taking a shower, is that it's so loud, that I can barely hear the football game. 

I silently got up from chair and looked down the hallway and saw that it was Hannahs room that was running the water. 

I walked back into the living and turned up the football game. 

[Nialls POV] 

I heard Louis up, so I decided to sneak by the kitchen when he walked by Hannahs room. 

Crap -- The note.. I hope he didn't notice it.

I sat there waiting for Louis to sit down so I could go down the Hallway where the front door was, an leave. 

He did what I was hoping for, and sat down. 

My adrenaline rush was getting bad, but I had to get this over with. 

I tiptoed down the hallway and say my hand on the knob.

And then I heard the bathroom water turn off. 

Which made me think of Hannah.

No, no more thinking about her! I'm getting this over with! 

I opened the door and took a deep breath before silently shutting it. 

The wind hit my face, and I looked around me. 

Here I go. 

[Hannahs POV] 

I finished rinsing my body and turned off the water, then hearing another noise, but forgot about it after drying my hair. 

I didn't feel right, something inside me was giving me an adrenaline rush, I don't know why tho. 

"Hands are silent, voice is numb, try to scream out, my lungs -- it makes this ha-a-a-arder.. And the tears stream down my face." I heard Louis singing, his voice somehow made me laugh. 

I think it's because I know how funny and weird he is, it's just that when I hear his voice it plants a smile on my face and think of the funny things he's done. 

Finishing curling my hair, and applying light makeup on, I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around my body. 

Stomping into the bedroom, searching for clothes I was.. And then I noticed something on the floor.  

I lent down an picked it up, noticing on the from it said; From Niall 

Oh heck no. This better not be what I'm thinking it is. 

I opened it and I was already crying. 

     'Dear Hannah. 

You've helped me with a couple things. I'm glad your here, and having fun. I'm sorry for putting all this crap onto you. But I appreciate your help. I'm leaving, and I'm not coming back. I don't want to know you more because I don't want to like you more, your so sweet, and I want you to know that I do actually care about you. I think that's the first person I've said that to since I started getting this crazy personality. 


Why would he do this? We JUST talked about some of the things and now he's gone for good. 

I'm sick of this. 

I quickly got my skinny jeans and a little sweater on and ran out into the living room. 

"I'm leaving -- Nialls gone, and I'm going to go searching for him." I told Louis, his eyes growing big I said to him. 

"W-What? Ill go with you." He said and paused the game. 

"Let's go." I said and ran towards the front door.

It sucks knowing that he thinks he's such a bad person. 

He's so sweet, and I know it. 

I remember when he helped out some kids at a hospital, and he had such a huge smile on his face. 

We both ran down the street. Searching and searching, shouting and shouting, but nothing in reply. 

"Niall! Please, Niall your loved! Please don't do anything stupid!"

"He's already done enough stupid things," Louis muttered. 

I turned my head and looked at him. 

"Louis. Niall is struggling so bad, why don't you understand? We all do stupid things!" I said and walked off down another street. 

"Niall please.. I know your out here." I whispered, closing my eyes and letting the wind blow over my body. 

"You know what Niall?" I shouted. "I give up." 

With that, I turned around and walked home, where he wouldn't be. 

I pushed open the front door and sighed. 

All the boys and girls were huddled around the living room discussing things about Niall.

"Is he with you?"

"Did you find him?"

"I hope he's okay.."

Thoughs words flew through the air, but I didn't answer.

I looked up at them and then walked away to my room. 

That was it, 

I hate knowing someone that is loved by millions is now leaving the world.

Authors Note: dramatic.. Eh? I hope you guys liked it! I hope I update again soon!

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