Another Cinderella Story

My name is Sierra Lonez and well i clean all day except for the couple of hours that im away at school which are the sort of best hours of each day . I get along with everyone at school im the girl that hangs put with everyone but i dont consider myself popular but i do get bullied sometimes and i do have my enemie named Cassie Hogoles she the worst and at home well my mom and dad died when i was little and since im 17 they take care of me and are friends with Cassie well i hope my story had a happy ending im just waiting for my prince.


3. Redhead

Niall pov


She was so beautiful with her dark red hair that looked like a really dark purple it brought out her skin color.

" So....are you hungry" i asked

"Um no actually i have to get going or you wont see me at school tomorrow." She said with a chuckle.

" Right just joking i guess ill see you at school tomorrow hopefulley you can meet my friend im sure you'll love them"I said with a smile

"Mhm i'd love too as well se you around Ni" and with that she left my door.



Sierra Pov


I imidately left his house when i saw the time he was such a nice guy for only knowing him for a day i guess we'll be the best of friends.




Once i got home i opend the door and ran to my bedroom. I hope she doesnt see me.

" Si where are you start cleaning im taking the girls out to eat!!" She yelled. Yes shes leaving!!

I did what i had to do and left to go shower.

 "We're back " she yelled i heard a knock on the door

"Come in" i asked

"You didnt do your job correctly you orphan" she growled

"Lets see you clean and see how you do cause when i do the laundry it smell like something died and i dont think underwears are suposed o have a wierd colored line on them" i spat back.

" Shut up you stupid orphan you should go and die in a hole and no one would care your parents didnt like you they commited suicide because they didnt like you" she spat out and left .

oh lord forgive me after this i said in my mind . I ran up to her and yanked he hair and slapped her.

" Im you mother your supposed to respect me not yank my hair you dumb red headed bitch."

she screamed in my face 

"Sorry i dont hook up with guys like you and i dont consider you as a mother your just a slutty ass mother that doent now how to treat her own kids unlike my motherwho i miss and love her still." I screamed and had tears on my face. She left with that and i called my best friend to pick me up as i packed my things.


Hey im going to be updating more often cuz im on vacation and read y other story as well like , fav and comment plzzzzz. Luv yas

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