Another Cinderella Story

My name is Sierra Lonez and well i clean all day except for the couple of hours that im away at school which are the sort of best hours of each day . I get along with everyone at school im the girl that hangs put with everyone but i dont consider myself popular but i do get bullied sometimes and i do have my enemie named Cassie Hogoles she the worst and at home well my mom and dad died when i was little and since im 17 they take care of me and are friends with Cassie well i hope my story had a happy ending im just waiting for my prince.


2. Good friends

*Sierra pov*

I was on my way to Nialls flat since he gave me his number and adress , when my phone goes off and the called id pops up as whked which of the west .

" Hello " i answer

" Sie were are you your suppoes to clean the pool before i go in it not after and u left a dish in the sink and the laundry isnt rewashd.." She kept nagging until i cut her off.

" Look maryy i have school work to be done and yoy got some nasty germs on you so i guess i have to start cleaning it 2 before and after you get in and unless you want faded clothes ill rewash you clothes." I said back at her

" well hurry up and do your stupid schoo work you got 3 hours and i do t pay you so you can goof off " she nagged

" hah thats really funny you pay me hahha okay ill be home at 6 bye" 

"Bye" i got to Niall flat and knocked twice .

" Oh hey Sierra come on in " he said nicely

"So we have to do our planning today and get started tomaro " i told him. We started planning what our project was about which was about what effects te earth more people or animals. Once we were done planning we only had an hour left so i started a diffrent conversation.

" So what are you like.. I'd like to get to know you more." I asked him

"Well my favorite color is blue my birthdayis september 13 i love food im single and i have a mom and step dad and a brother that is recently engaged." He said all at once

"And how bout you " he asked and smiled

"Well i have a step mom 2 step sisters and my dad died in a car accident when i was 10 he was my best friend my everything andy real mom also died but from a terrible earthquake." I said about to cry so u changed the subject "my birthaday is on september 15 and im also single." I said with a cheecky smile

"Well im sorry and that is very good information alothough do you love food?" He askd and i nodded yes

"Well you an i are going to become great friens he said and smiled. 

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