Cyber Harry

Harry has been abusing Olivia for 3 and a half years. She has been going through with this ever since she met him. She did not know what to do. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!


2. A year later

One year later

Its been a year now. Harry left to go to Britian. I am thankful that he left. My life has changed after he left. i am very happy now. i have a boy friend. His name is Zayn Malik. He is in a boy band. but i dont no there names or names. I am meeting his band mates today. YAY.

I got out of my car and walked to his front porch his house was MASSIVE! I knocked on the door. it was opened by a half naked zayn. his eyes look sleepily.

"AWWW, HEY BABY" i said hugging him smiling

"Babe, its so great to see you again" He kissed me desperately, i was a bit taken back but i kissed back off course. we pulled away about 5 minutes later

"come in babe" he said

"Sure" i said

We walked into his massive house.

"Alright, i will get the boys"

"Ok" i said sitting on a chair. I heard footsteps coming downstairs. 4 boys came out. 

"Hey babe, this is Niall, Louis and Liam. Harry is not here yet." Zayn said. WAIT WHAT?! did he say harry, please its not the harry that hurt me.

"Nice to meet you" i greeted them all with hugs

The door was opened and closed. and in came HARRY!!!!!

"Olivia??" Harry asked

"Get away from me.......please dont hurt me" I screamed

Harry looked at the boys then to me.

"Olivia i need to talk to you come"

i got up and walked with him. i dont remember anything after that


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