Living in a Dream or is it a Nightmare?

Nick is an abuser a kidnapper and a alcoholic but he is also Dorothy's dad. He's been abusing her as long as she can remember. Finally one day she escapes only to run into the famous Niall Horan. Niall takes her to his flat and after that things start going well like a dream you can say well anything is a dream when dorothy is free from her father. But will Nick actually find her will he get his revenge on Niall? Soon things start going bad and then dorothy's dream is popped and she is back in her nightmare.


3. The Boy With an Irish Accent

                                                                    Niall's P.O.V.

I saw her running and might i add she ran quite fast. I then saw her run into the park and when i was getting close to it i heard somebody sobbing. Figuring it was her i went in and sure as i was it was her. I came up to her and asked "Are you okay?" She looked up at me. Wow even bloodshot her eyes  still look beautiful.

She nodded and said "I'm f-fine"  

"You don't look fine maybe i should take you home?"

"NO please NO anywhere but there" she said looking like she was about to sob again, god i hated to see her cry i hated to see any girl cry but mostly this one.  

"Ok do you want me to take you to my flat?" i asked.

She hesitaed but then said "Yes if that would be okay?"

"That would be great!!" i said kind of loud, scaring her.

I offered her my hand and she took it. "I'm Niall by the way, Niall Horan"

She smiled and said "I'm Dorothy Greyson."  

We tried walking but it was no use she must of had a twisted or broken ankle because i saw her wince at every step. Then i decided to pick her up bridal style and just walk like this to my car. When i picked her up at first she was a bit surprised but then quickly got used to it and  put her head on my shoulder. When we got to my car i placed her in the front seat and quickly got into the drivers seat. I started the car and we started talking we were talking about some joke i heard on the internet and it made her laugh. Her laugh was so cute. 


                                                           Dorothy's P.O.V.

We were talking about some joke on the internet he heard and we both cracked up. His laugh was adorable, his cheeks a rosy pink, his dimples, his strong arms all gave me butterflies. Was i falling for him? No i can't not after everything i've been through. I can't help but think how cute he is. No not now you have other things to focus on. After about half an hour we got to  his flat all i can say is that is was amazingly simple. Which made me love it even more.


                                                            Niall's P.O.V.

When she saw my house all she could do was smile, showing that she had dimples. I just looked into her eyes for a while until she said"Shall we get going?"

"Yes" i smiled as i said it. She lifted her arms knowing i would pick her up bridal style agian. Once again she put her head on my shoulder it was so cute. When we got in i set her down on the couch and explained how tomorrow would go and yes i already planned it.

"Ok" i started slowly "Tomorrow we are going to the doctor to get that checked out then maybe if you want you can meet the boys."

She began "Okay i understand doctor but who are the boys? oh wait never mind i keep forgetting your in one direction"

"You know?!?" I questioned.

"Of course i know i'm a big fan" As she finished saying that i began to blush instantly. I saw her yawn.

"Now let's get you to your room." i picked her up bridal style ad lead her to my room because the guest room was a huge mess.

"is this your room?" she asked. "yes" i said "Niall" she began "I cant sleep in your room-"

"No your sleeping her and thats an order!'" i said without ltting her finsh because i knew what she was going to say.  

"Ok" she said. 

"Now sorry if this is too personal but why were you running? and then crying?" i asked softly. I sat next to her on the bed.  She sighed and then started speaking. 

"Niall i was running because...."


                                                       Dorothy's P.O.V.

"Niall i was running because" i started. I told him everything from the very beginning when i told him Nick started abusing me after my mother died he looked so angry but then he softened when i told him my memory of when he said "Because i was born" but he was still angry but also upset.

"Nobody should ever treat you that way. And I'll make sure no one ever does!" he stated. That just made me smile.

"Thanks Niall." I said as i hugged him. He blushed, he's so cute when he blushes.

"You must be tired" he said. Strangely as it was i wasnt tired anymore.

"No not anymore" I smiled. "Oh then wanna watch a movie?" he asked.

"YES!" i screamed a bit loud.

"Wow calm down Princess, wanna watch Grown Ups?" 

"Sure" i said truthfully i have not seen a movie in two years, i barely watched t.v. Turns out it was hilarious! Adam Sandler was awesome towards the end of the movie i felt myself doze off.


                                                       Niall's P.O.V.

When the movie was over i turned to see her fast asleep on my shoulder. Man she was adorable in her sleep. That's how we stayed the whole night. I fell asleep soon after. When i woke up it was 10 am i thought about waking Dorothy up but no i decided to let her sleep for a while. I went down to make breakfast. 10 minutes later there were bacon and eggs piled on 2 plates. "I SMELL BACON" Dorothy screamed on the top of her lungs as she ran down stairs. I passed her a plate piled high with bacon and eggs. For a small girl she ate quite a lot. Almost as much as me! I laughed. "what?" she said with a mouth full of eggs. "Nothing" i mumbled. She looked confused but then continued to focus on her food. When she finished eating she went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. "Ok" i started when she came back into the living room. "So your doctor's appointment is at 5, and the boys can come before or after which do you prefer?" "I'd prefer if they came before maybe in like an hour can you check to see if their free?" she said in her sweet voice. "Sure i'll ring them up now!" i smiled. I started dialling Liam, (Liam and Harry live together) "Hello" Liam said "Hey Lili are you and Hazza free in an hour. Can you come over? i have someone you need to meet." i said, i glanced at her she had a huge smile on her face. "Sure I gotta go Nialler see you in an hour." "Bye Li" 

"Lili, Hazza" you guys are too much she said as she burst out laughing.  I was to lazy to call both Louis and Zayne  so i just group messaged them. 

"Hey are you guys free in an hour? Can you come over? I have someone you need to meet ;)" it said. About 3 seconds later i got replies from both of them saying "Yea sure" 

"Wanna watch T.V until everyone gets here?" i asked.

"Yea" she said

When i turned on the t.v. a news reporter  said that a father was looking for his missing daughter that disappeared at 8pm yesterday night. We both looked at each other. She started crying. "He's going to find me."

"No he's not i will protect you, and if he goes anywhere near you i will kill him." i said with the most serious tone i ever used. 

She nuzzled her head against my chest. I hugged her, she hugged back we stayed like that for five minutes it felt nautral. I decided to change the channel to Cartoon Network "ADVENTURE TIME" she whispered/yelled. We stayed in the hugging position and just watched t.v.


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