Living in a Dream or is it a Nightmare?

Nick is an abuser a kidnapper and a alcoholic but he is also Dorothy's dad. He's been abusing her as long as she can remember. Finally one day she escapes only to run into the famous Niall Horan. Niall takes her to his flat and after that things start going well like a dream you can say well anything is a dream when dorothy is free from her father. But will Nick actually find her will he get his revenge on Niall? Soon things start going bad and then dorothy's dream is popped and she is back in her nightmare.


4. Meeting The Boys With A Surprise


                                                                                      Dorothy's P.O.V.

  Pretty soon an hour passed and there was a knocking on the door. I could of gotten it because my ankle was a bit better that's how i got to walk around the house a bit i mean it is kind of painful but its nothing compared to what i've dealt with before.  Niall went up to answer it after ordering me to stay, causing us to stop hugging i was kind of disappointed but i didn't show it. Am I really starting to have feelings for Niall? Or maybe he's just being kind. Can you really have feelings like that for someone after one night. One thing I know for sure right now is that Niall is my savior. 

                                                                      Niall's P.O.V.

"Hey guys" i said while motioning my hand for them to come in. When they came in Dorothy stood up and fixed her hair and she was grinning like a mad man. I keep forgetting she's a directioner. Could i be falling for a directioner? I mean i know i said i look for my princess in a crowd but i never thought i would find her. Could she feel the same way? No it's probably best to shove these feeling aside i mean the girls been through so much. "Hi" she said. "Hello love I'm Louis and this is Zayne and-" Louis started. "I know who you are! I'm a directioner silly!" She said proudly. They all nodded. "Well then we don't need to introduce ourselves!" Harry laughed. I see the way Harry is looking at her and I don't like it. Not one bit. 

                                                                                          Harry's P.O.V. 

When we walked in I wasn't expecting a beautiful girl standing there. She had brown straight hair that was put in a messy bun and one of Niall's shirts on. She looked adorable when she smiled. When Louis started introducing us she announced that she was a directioner. I laughed and said " Well then we don't need to introduce ourselves!" She giggled. "Well boys what do you want to do?" Niall asked as he put his arm around Dorothy. I wanted her to be in my arms not his. I gave him a tiny death glare thankfully nobody noticed but him. He gave me one in return. "LET"S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis scream. Everyone seemed to agree so we all sat down in  a circle. 

                                                                  Dorothy's P.O.V.

I saw Harry giving Niall a death glare then Niall returning one. I made it seem like i didn't see but i did. Why would they be giving each other glares? Is it because of me? Niall did put his arm around me but it must of been in a friendly way did Harry think otherwise? Oh whatever. Louis broke me out of my train of thought when he screamed "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" I always loved truth or dare so i agreed quickly. We span the bottle and it landed on me then Louis. I know what Louis was thinking with his mischievous grin. "Truth or Dare?" he asked. "Truth" i answered his grin faded. "Your no fun" he said pouting and crossing  his arms. "Cry baby" i said sticking out my tongue. Louis began "Dora who.............." Dora i like that nickname. 

                                                                       Louis's P.O.V.

Right when i walked in i knew Niall really liked Dora. Her new nickname. So when it was truth or dare i knew what to do. "Dora who do you think is the cutest in this room?" i asked. "Niall by far." she said with a cheeky smile. Once Niall heard that he stood up and said "Bow down bitches." Everyone broke out in laughter. I noticed when she said Niall, Harry looked kind of hurt but then he quickly smiled. I know Harry is my best friend but Niall likes Dora and I'm pretty sure she likes him too. So Harry is going to have to suck it up. We span again this time it landed on me then Niall. "Why every time we play it always lands on you?!" Niall groaned knowing i always asked or dared the most embarrassing things. "I'm the king of truth or dare THATS WHY!" i said. "Now Niall truth or dare?" "Dare" Niall said. "I dare you to go outside and run around your neighbors yard in your underwear!" i said grinning evilly. "I hate you." Niall muttered. He started stripping right in front of us I saw Dorothy begin to blush. Yep she definitely likes him.

                                                                       Dorothy's P.O.V.

When Louis dared Niall to run around in his underwear. I started giggling uncontrolably. When Niall started stripping in front of us i was completely shocked. I got to see his abbs. Man was he fit. I started bushing but i turned away hoping Niall wouldn't see. But nope Louis had to yell "DORA'S BLUSHING!" "LOUIS" i yelled. I glanced at Niall and saw him blushing too. When he was done and all that was left was his underwear and sneakers i was blushing even harder. He went of to do his dare. I finally confronted my feelings for Niall. I like him. A LOT. "Excuse me" i said as i started walking towards the balcony to figure out what to do. As i started walking/limping i heard Harry excuse himself too. What was he doing? Niall would be gone for another five minutes. When i reached the balcony i heard Harry's footsteps so i turned around but i slipped. I slipped into Harry's arms. 

                                                                              Harry's P.O.V

This was my chance with Niall gone i could talk to Dora. I excused myself and started following her when she reached the balcony she turned around and slipped into my arms. We just stood there looking into each others eyes. Her Hazel eyes. I started leaning in. I was going to  kiss her but then i saw her let go of me. "I- I'm sorry Harry." she said quickly turning around to leave. "Why?" i asked. "I-I have feelings for Niall" she said quickly leaving. My heart broke. Is this what it's like? Not getting a girl? I knew i had to chance when i saw the way she looked at Niall but i had to try. 

                                                                                   Niall's P.O.V.

I came back and saw that Dora was missing in the circle so was Harry and that kind of annoyed me. Liam read my mind and pointed towards the balcony. I nodded giving Liam a thanks. When i saw Dora in Harry's arms it crushed me and when he started leaning in i was about to come in but Dora pulled away from him PHEW. I kept my head down and started listening to what she was saying. "I-I'm sorry Harry." "Why?" he asked. " I-I have feelings for Niall" she said. Before she was about to walk out i quickly ran back to my spot in the circle. Still in my underwear. I put my finger up to my mouth to signal that i never went to the balcony. When i saw Dora come back my heart began to beat a little faster. After five minutes of talking Harry came back. He shot me a smile a sad one. I felt kind of bad but then again he always gets the girl so this is special to me. After about another half hour i glanced at the clock as saw that it was 4! "Hey guys sorry for late notice but Dora has a doctors appointment at 5 and im guessing she needs to get ready." i looked at her and she nodded. "Sorry im not kicking you out i mean you can stay till we leave if you want. Harry stood up and said "Sorry mate but i gotta go." with a weak smile. Liam and Louis said that they had a double date with Eleanor and Danielle so they also had to get ready and Zayne just wanted to go hang out with Perrie. So after about ten minutes we were left alone. "I'll leave you to get ready." I said. "Niall." she said."Yes?" "Thank you for everything." she said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. And with that she went upstairs. She kissed me. SHE KISSED ME!! I started doing my happy irish jig. After that was done i went to change too because i don't think just wearing a doctor who t-shirt with  a pair of shorts is appropriate. 


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