Living in a Dream or is it a Nightmare?

Nick is an abuser a kidnapper and a alcoholic but he is also Dorothy's dad. He's been abusing her as long as she can remember. Finally one day she escapes only to run into the famous Niall Horan. Niall takes her to his flat and after that things start going well like a dream you can say well anything is a dream when dorothy is free from her father. But will Nick actually find her will he get his revenge on Niall? Soon things start going bad and then dorothy's dream is popped and she is back in her nightmare.


2. Escaping


                                                           Dorothy's P.O.V.

I watched as he drank one after another. Beer. His addiction. "I-I think you've had enough." i stuttered. "What" he slurred angrily. "Nothing never mind!" i quickly responded. "I thought so" he said as he grabbed me by my hair a pulled me up. I winced at the pain but did not shed one tear.  The man i saw as my role model now disgusted me. It was my father Nick. When i was seven he was a great man a fire fighter but now look i'm 16 and  he's an abusive drinker. This all started around when i was ten, it was when my mother died.1 month after my mother died he then started yelling things a father should not yell at a ten year old. He blamed me for her death but the truth was my mother had cancer. He then about a week later started beating me at first grabbing my hair then it got worse the pain continued to spread all over my body.

**FlashBack** "You cunt this is all your fault!" he yelled. "Why are you treating me this way!? I never did anything bad to you" Then his face turned as red as a tomato and then he-he lifted his right hand and smacked me right across the face. "You were born" he said.  I yelped in pain and ran into my room. I cried and cried wanting my mother back with me.  ** End of Flashback** 

 I saw him go into his room and lock the door. This was it. This was my chance to escape! I had been planning to escape for a while i was just looking for the right moment and this was it! He forgot to lock my window and we live on the first floor so its just my luck. I grabbed my bag and got out of the window with ease. Once i was out i started running, running as fast as my legs could carry me. About nine blocks later i tripped over a tree root and must've  hurt my ankle pretty badly so i decided to just go the park since it was so close. The park was about 10 blocks from the hell hole of a home. I sat on the bench. I couldn't hold my emotions in anymore. I just started sobbing with my head in my hands. Then a boy with a  familiar thick irish accent said "Are you okay?"



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