Living in a Dream or is it a Nightmare?

Nick is an abuser a kidnapper and a alcoholic but he is also Dorothy's dad. He's been abusing her as long as she can remember. Finally one day she escapes only to run into the famous Niall Horan. Niall takes her to his flat and after that things start going well like a dream you can say well anything is a dream when dorothy is free from her father. But will Nick actually find her will he get his revenge on Niall? Soon things start going bad and then dorothy's dream is popped and she is back in her nightmare.


5. Doctors Appointment

                                                                         Dorothy's P.O.V.

After i finished changing I went downstairs and sat on the couch. I needed to sort everything that happened. Harry tried to kiss me. I said no because i like Niall but would Niall like me? I needed to find out. I have decided to confess my feelings to him after the appointment. When Niall came down with sunglasses and a beanie looking adorable i might add he asked "Shall we?" "Yes we shall." I answered with a smile. He offered his hand and I took it. When we got to his car i started getting nervous what if someone recognizes Niall and takes a photo of him and me? WHAT IF NICK SEE'S THEM?! I started biting my nails and Niall must of picked up on my nervousness. "Everything will be fine don't worry" he said. "What if someone recognizes you and takes a picture?" i asked. "I'll handle it if that happens." he said with a reassuring smile. When we finally got to the doctors office it was 5:00 exactly. "Right on time" i said with a laugh. "Mhm" he nodded. While we were walking towards the door he took my hand. I felt butterflies. He let go when we got inside so he could talk to the lady. "Appointment for Dorothy Greyson" he said. "Ahh yes the doctor will see her now go into room 305." the lady at the desk answered. He took my hand again and lead me to room 305. "Hello Dorothy I am your doctor for today Doctor Samuelson now what seems to be the problem?" he asked. "My ankle" i answered. "Ok so we will need to to an x-ray to see if it's twisted or not. Now follow Tessie and she will get you changed." I nodded and began to follow Tessie. We reached the room and she told me to undress. I did what I was told. I forgot that i had bruises on my stomach and thighs. "Oh my god sweetie we need to get that checked out too! What happen??" she asked. "I'd rather not say." She nodded understandingly. "Well now that your are all changed please lay down here and do not move until I  tell you too." She stated. "Ok." I said. 

                                                              Niall's P.O.V.

After Dora left me I stood near the doctors computer and watched him look at the images of her ankle. After about ten minutes of examining the photos he said "Her ankle is not broken or twisted just bruised and she pulled a muscle but besides that her ankle is fine." I let out a sigh of relief. My princess isn't hurt. Just then his phone rang. He started saying things i didn't understand so I stayed quiet. "Please follow me" he said. I nodded. Soon we were in the room Dora was in. I stayed by the door. The doctor requested for her to lift up her shirt and what i saw horrified me. Her stomach covered in bruises. "I need to get some air" I stated I was so angry at her bastard father i swear i was going to punch a wall. What kind of sad pig does this?! Right after i said it she looked at me with big eyes scared. I reassured her I would be back. When I reached the lobby I saw my ex Demi. Demi was really thirsty and slutty that's why I broke up with her but she saw me and started talking. "Niall is that you? Oh it is you! How are you?" she started. "I'm good you?" "Better now that your here." she said with a wink. "We are not getting back together so don't even try!" i quickly stated. "WHYY I MISS YOU!" she screamed. But i didn't care I loved someone else that someone goes by the name of Dorothy Greyson. 

                                                          Dorothy's P.O.V.

"You're free to go but please be careful" Tessie said with a smile. "Promise" I said. She didn't ask questions about my bruises she just tried to fix them. They just put some medicine on m stomach and told me to take it every morning until the bruises were healed. When I reached the lobby I couldn't believe what I saw. Niall and his ex Demi kissing. My heart broke. I just ran passed them crying. I ran into the elevator. I heard Niall shouting "Dora wait! Let me explain!" but i didn't stop i needed to get away from him. I opened myself to him and he broke me. He broke me harder than Nick ever did. He didn't steal my heart Niall did. I was crying and crying hard. When the elevator reached the ground level i just sat down n the sidewalk and cried. Niall and I weren't dating but I liked him A LOT. He probably didn't feel the same way he probably thinks I'm crazy for running away just cause he kissed someone. I began to cry harder "He'll never love me" I whispered to myself. It began to rain. Perfect just perfect. Moments later I hear Niall's footsteps "Dora please let me explain" he said as he sat down next to me. I simply nodded i was lost for words. "Well Demi my ex is really thirsty and slutty that was the reason i broke up with her and today when she saw me in the lobby she started going on about how she missed me and wanted us back i didn't want that because i am already in love with someone but she didn't listen and to show how much she missed me she kissed me right at the moment you came out. I'm really sorry please believe me." He said looking in to my eyes. "I believe you." i said. "But who's the girl your in love with?" I asked. He said looking into my eyes and holding my hand "I'm looking at her." ME HE WAS LOOKING AT ME! I smiled "I love you too." and i stood up considering I was soaking wet.  When he stood up he took my hand and spun me around so I was closer to him right now we were body to body. With that his lips intertwined with mine. I smiled in the kiss. We were kissing in the rain it was corny but so romantic for a first one.  When we were both out of breath we stopped. "That was amazing." i said trying to regain my breath. "It was! Now lets get home before we catch a cold!" he said. We both ran to his car and when we got home and cuddled till we fell asleep and thats how the best day of my life ended. 

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