just some random thing i pulled out of my ass.


1. Fallen

The smell of pine fills my nose. Taking in the sent as I start to dose. All the time spent in this hellish paradise is fading from my mind. The birds cheerful chirping is falling in time with the sunset. Falling behind the horizon, it dissipates from my gloomy eyes. The trees cast shadows upon each other, seeings who's taller. Cool wet grass stains my feet green, dampens them with hope. A lone bird flies above my head, looking for his family he may never find. As i rise from this wooden swing, I look back on the gray cloud hovering over what once was my home. Never again can I go back to he broken home I lived in. My feet carry my body to the path covered with butterflies. My feet walking one right in front of the other, one, two, three. At the end of the path before the enriched green woods, I look back for one final time. the birds have stopped chirping, the sun is almost gone. 1, 2, 3, 4, the sun has faded, the broken house falls along with the sun. Falling, falling deep in the depths of hell where it came from.

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