A change is sure to come

Nia has had a tough life, it being in danger most of the time from her deadly heart condition, and stressful life, juggling a job, college, and her 5 year old, even though she doesn't show it, she fakes a smile an trys to make everyone else happy, while trying to forget her past, and focus on her, and her daughters future, Nia moved to Baltimore Maryland, from New York, when she was 18, after a guy, a guy her family onced called friend, betrayed their trust and stole her innocents she hasn't forgoten that night no she doesn't regret it because of it she has her daughter Aaliyah Renee, the little ray of hope she has left in her life, that she loves deeply, shes always wanted love, to love, to be loved back just as much, but she thinks no one could ever love her, but she was wrong, when she meets him, he falls completly in love with her, he doesn't care about her hard past, he would do anything for her and her daughter, but she's afraid of completly letting him in(Louis Tomlinson fanfic)


1. Prouloge

Hi I'm Nia, I'm pretty normal, well sort of, except for my heart condition and learning disability, and the fact that I'm a 22 year old mother juggling two jobs and college, now please don't think I'm a slut, I'm really not, I haven't really had a proper boyfriend really, but when I was 18 I was one of the many girls to be raped, and worst of all it was by someone I used to consider a second dad, well that's what you get for trusting someone, the only one that knows is my mom and dad, my dad walked in on it, no I'm not ashamed, even though the nightmares keep coming, I would not change that night, yeah because of it I had to stay home with my daughter Aaliyah, instead of going out like normal teenage girls, but I wouldn't take it back, I don't care, she is my life now, I love her more than anyone thought possible, her smile lights up my world, yes working double shifts, getting up early, and going to school are alot to handle but I don't care I'd do anything for her, I want her to have everything she needs and more, but the one thing she wants most is a dad, but that's the one thing I can't get for her, I want that two, more than anything, I want someone to love like all those cheesy romance movies, but sadly no guy wants to be with someone that has a child, and I'm okay with that, all I need is Aaliya, but part of me wants more, but I know I'll never get it, some people aren't meant to have a happily ever after, but I'm fine with the one I have now with her...


 (For the lovely Nia!


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