The cutting game- a one direction story

First ever fan fic... NERVOUS! I hope u like it and all is fiction, I posotive louis tomlinson doesn't cut himself. I really hope u like and feel free to in ur own mind change the characters names to fit u and ur friends into the story :) ENJOY!


1. Someone like me?


He presses the blade to his wrist,"17" he mummbles, slowly sliding the razor across his wrist. A knock at the door, its Harry.  Louis shoves the razor into the tissue box and shouts back,"just a minute." Louis looks at himelf in the mirror,"ew" he slips a sweater over his head, hiding the scars and new cuts. He puts on a fake smile and leaves the bathroom, hands in pockets, pocket blade available when he needs it. He hops into the limo and smiles at the boys,"ello lads." "Y r u wearing a sweater, its 80 degrees fairenhieht!" Niall complains. "Roll up ur sleves and relax, lou ur really shakey.," zayn says. "Maybe he just has a cold," Liam says. "Louis doesnt get colds," Harry says. He  lunges at louis yanking off his sweater, revealing muscles and toned chest and scars up and down his arms and sides and stomach. Harrys face turns gray,"Louis"


 "ugly fat bish mofo evil demon child disgusting," the worlds float around my head. I sigh and look at my arms, I feel worse. Nothing could make the countless names, pain and sorrows go away no matter how hard I cut, no matter how deep that evil feeling will never leave! I stand at the bathroom sink washing the blood off. Not that anyone would care... Harry might, after all he's my cousin, why wouldn't he? Oh yeah BECAUSE HE'S IN A DIFF CITY!! Ugh, I slump down on my couch. My life sucks here and back home in the USA. Moving did NOT help me at ALL. My phone goes off playing the song, Live While We're Young, which means Harry's calling. I answer,"hello?" "Aries it's Harry and were heading to your house, have snacks because Niall is on the verge of eating Liam", he says. "Wait y my house, Harry?!?" "Because it needs to b! I'll explain later but for now have gauze and sterile wash cloths." "Ok but Harry that didn't as see my question..... Harry?...... Harold Styles!...... U hung up." I hit the end call button and sigh, "I have to clean my blood off my sheets and bathroom floor now" I get up and start, shoving my sheets in the washing machine, scrubbing the floor with bleach, vaccuming a little, than quickly going to the store to buy snacks. By the time I get all the snacks in a bowl there's the sound of the door bell. I open the door smiling but then the smile dissappears. "Ello Aries can we come in?" Liam asks bieng as polite as ever. I nod,"o-of course you can" they all enter suit. Liam sitting on the couch, Niall running to the snack bowls, Zayn finding the closest mirror, and Harry sitting next to Liam, Louis next to him sitting there staring at the ground. "Well Louis? Tell her what has happened," Liam says. Louis looks at me holding out his arms, hanging his head down he says to me in a raspy voice,"I cut myself. Because of the people who tell me to. To make those people happy." I stare at him a long time than roll up my sleeves and hold my arms out to Louis,"I cut myself. Because of people who's lives would've been better without me."





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