Nothing Can Tare Us Apart

This romance novel is set from the beginning of World War 2. 2 couples relationships is are tested when one has to be sent away and in the other relationship one chooses to become a Nazi.


3. Hope is lost

Hope is lost
Days past. They were emotionally scarred from hearing pleas from people outside being shot and taking away.  They had very little food and water left.  
They had dirt all over their faces and stained teardrops on their clothing from crying from pain.  Every night bombs fell and blasts burned their ears. 
"Rosie, I'm literally starving," Susan cried out. 
"Shh! Be quiet! I hear something,". 
They heard loud footsteps coming closer.  Joey started crying historically. "Baby be quiet," Rosie said hugging Joey tightly. 
Then we heard a call in a loud, tough, scary voice. 
"If anyone is here. Come out now and you will be saved and not harmed! Even if you are a Jew. You will be safe,". 
"Lets go! We'll  be safe," Susan whispered heading toward the door. 
"No! Don't!" Rosie whispered while grabbing her arm. Susan fell to the floor making a loud noise. 
"Oh Jesus," Rosie whispered to herself.
"Is anyone there?!" The voice questioned. 
They were completely silent. 
The people outside started pounding on the wall. It started cracking and dust fell on them as well as glass. The glass cut Rosie's head across  the forehead, Joey's back, and Susan's forearms. Blood starting dripping where the glass fell in. Rosie fell on the ground in screaming pain. Joey lifted her head and put it hand on her head wound. The bookshelf started shaking tell a little crack showed of outside of it. Finally the door fell down and they were found. Nazi's were outside the door starring with their guns beside them and tall black boots. Rosie stood up right away. "Shoot me now. I'm the one who was trying to hide them," she said. 
"No Rosie!" Joey yelled. 
"Joey! Quiet! Don't worry I Love-"
In her mid sentence she was shot in the head. She fell down un conscience, bleeding to death

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