Nothing Can Tare Us Apart

This romance novel is set from the beginning of World War 2. 2 couples relationships is are tested when one has to be sent away and in the other relationship one chooses to become a Nazi.


2. Hiding

In the room they were in had no windows only little cracks from being old. The sun started to come up as they could see barley through the cracks. They could hear children screaming being torn away from their parents, gun shots, and people screaming. "I'm really scared," Susan said.  "I am to. We should be with our parents. You know your probably going to be killed on the spot for hiding us?" Joey said. 
"Yeah, I know. But, it's worth it. You guys mean so much to me. I need you guys to stay alive,". Rosie said.
"I miss Daniel. I wish he was with us!" Susan exclaimed. 
"He's our best friend. But I understand. He needs to be with his parents. This is a really scary,". Joey said. 
"Do we have any food or water?"
"Just a little, I know this won't last long. They'll give up eventually,". 
"Wait! I just remembered. They have a list of all the Jews that are unlisted into the church!" 
"They do?"
"Yes! Oh no! They will find us for sure!"
"No they won't. Trust me. I will protect you guys no matter what!"
Rosie was very protective. Even though she wouldn't admit it, she was terrified. She knew she would get killed before anyone there. A little part of her just wanted to leave, but she knew she needed to help her friends stay alive as long as she could.  

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