The Other Side

This happened to a friend of mine while on this earth.. I change the names for the sake and concern of people. Hope you enjoy :)


2. Chapter 1: The Year it Started

Being at camp is the best time of my life. Even though I was still not most comfortable there, it is much better than being at home. I love working here, not only to be away from my home, but because of the people that also work alongside of me. Looking around, guys everywhere, it was a bit of heaven for me. Zander, 17, gay, somewhat awkward, gay, and a drooler, that’s me in a nutshell. Yes that’s right, I’m gay, and yes I should not be working at camp where there are children but, I am not going to do anything. I was here for a year already and haven’t done anything. Why would I do that now? The only guys I would drool over is the staff and the occasionally the amazingly hot adult.

            This year was no different. Some of the same amazing adults came back and I drooled over them. Some of the same amazing staff came back and, you guessed it, I drooled over them too. It is tougher this year though because, there were some very cute 16, and 17 year olds around. It’s week one and I am already drooling over certain guys. This week there were a few guys that were hot and amazingly sexy. Every night I would fantasize about having intercourse with them. From vanilla sex to full on kink, I think I was prepared to have fun when they came around. There were a few I had my eyes on. One was named Levi, one Titus and the best one was Warren. All were in my class. This week I was in the Arts and Crafts center.

           Wednesday came around fast and the week was almost over. If I was going to make a move I had to make it now. It was the 4th section I had to work and Warren was in my class. There was Warren and some of his friends in the class with me. I want it to seem like I want to be his friend.

                “Hey Warren how are you today?” I ask in a friendly tone.

                He looks over at me with a smile and a friendly handshake. When his strong grasping hand touched my shaky hand, I felt chills run down my spine. Who knew that a guy could do that to someone?

                “I’m doing well Zander, thanks for asking” He says with a smile on. Today he chose to wear a baggy T-shirt and some baggy shorts. Not the best at matching but hey, who knows stuff about matching anymore. We stop talking for a bit and we look around for a while. I would always do something crazy in the past with that kids so why not do that now, I thought. I go in my bag and get out a set of playing cards and I ask Warren if he would like to play.

                “Sure, why not?” He said.  I start to serve them up and we start talking about games and stuff. Some time goes by and we get into a conversation that really interested me. “You know I have died legally about 5 times.”

                “What? Really?” I say. I have never known someone to die that many times in their life. Granted I have never known someone who was revived.

                He started telling me the times. He was electrocuted, hit by car, a baseball bat to the back of the skull, golf club to the back of the skull, and stabbed by drunken guy outside a bar on St. Patrick's Day. Thinking about how he could go through all that and still be perfectly ok is amazing. That kind of a thing is something I look for in a friend. I want them to be able to go through some tight shit and get out fine and dandy. I want a friend like that because I go and get into stupid shit and I need some friends to come bail me out sometimes.

            “That must have hurt, right?” I ask looking at him with a curious look. He told me a couple of the stories, one right after the other. It was a fine time for me, only because I was able to hear more about him. While he was telling his stories a felt a weird feeling down my spine. I started to feel a bit weird and I did not know what was happening. Maybe talking to him and becoming his friend wasn’t a good idea, maybe it was but we could not become friends just yet. I look around for a quick second to see if anything was out of place, someone looking at me in a strange way, or something. I didn’t see anything out of place to I went back to listening to his story. It took a while but the end of the session came and he had to go. We said our good byes and he left.

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