The Black Blade

When Marco Duran is exiled from his fleet on a deserted island he finds a worthy crew of pirates to raid the seven seas with. Spanish gold brings the envy of The Black Blade and her crew, but other captains find gold to be interesting as well...


4. The Mad Man

I felt the humid water and sand sting my eyes. I stretched up and got to my feet. The sun blazed down on me as I searched for food, water and anything living.  No luck came my way for two hours. I laid down on a damp piece of wood. Anything even a drop of water I thought. Just as I closed y eyes an miracle happened. I saw a figure in tattered sailor clothes wobble around on the beach, almost dancing. I immediately sat up and sprinted over to him. He had a long moldy grey beard and a blading head of hair. 

"Hello, there lad. Do you wish to spend a couple of moment drinking in a nice cold spiced rum with me? I have a couple more gallons of rum and ale back at the shack. Do you wish to join me here or there or anywhere?" He said

"What is your name?" I questioned him. 

"Tom, no Thomas. No wait I am a Wilber. Yes a Wilber. That's sounds like a fun name." This man said.

"You must be drunk? Do you have a boat?" I asked again.

"Maybe. Depending on if the parrot took it." The man began laughing hysterically. 

He began dancing and walking back from where he came from. I decided to follow him in hope that when this man passes out I could steal his belongings. 

After a five minute walk to his hut. I saw a couple of crates, a burned bush, and an empty jar of alcohol in the middle of a  bed of palm tree leaves. He fell flat on his face in an deep sleep. Snoring loudly I snuck off to find the nearest village or his "boat". His boat was more like a sinking pile of palm tree trunks. I attempted to get on it before he came over. Less drunk and a little bit more awake he grabbed me by the shoulders and said "Do you know who I am?"

Confused I replied "A prisoner?"

"No. I am the real Bartholomew Roberts. I am the real Black Bart."


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