The Black Blade

When Marco Duran is exiled from his fleet on a deserted island he finds a worthy crew of pirates to raid the seven seas with. Spanish gold brings the envy of The Black Blade and her crew, but other captains find gold to be interesting as well...


3. Shipwrecked

The calm waves wadding into the rocks off my house woke me. I felt a sudden rush of water on my bed. My house was flooded. I needed to move but didn't  know where to go. I flung myself around and out of my bed. My feet shin deep in salt water. I sighed and stood up. I took one step before I tripped. I fell backwards onto my soggy bed. Great, a large boulder must have crushed the barrier. 

I stepped out onto the broken dock. Sudden;y a wave of panic came down on me. Where was Bubba? I rushed back inside and search calling his name as loud as I could. He must have broken free.

"Damn monkey" I yelled loudly. I should have kept my voice down because I could have hid from the British brigantine coming my way. A group of red coat sailors came out and called for me. Before I knew I had handcuffs on my wrists and was in a rusted jail cell on the bottom of a boat. I was to tired to stand so I laid down and drifted asleep. 

The thundering waves startled me as I was broken out of my cell. As soon as the waves helped me they swallowed me up. The boat tipped over and capsized. I could see the sailors drowning, I was too. I need a sword to cut my cuffs free. One thing I learned on the ocean is to not panic. A panicing sailor is easy prey for free cash and weapons. I pried his sword out of the sheath and cut open his throat. Blood poured out into a seeping mess. I could see him gagging before he became a dead weight in the wreck. I floated up to the top bobbing on a piece of gnarled wood. The other sailors and crew weren't in my mind at the the time. All I wanted was to get to the island over beyond the gray rocking reef. 

The waves crashed into me as I regained my footing on a rock. A riptide tore at me and knocked me down and out for a few seconds. I was to weak to swim I needed to rest. 


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