The Black Blade

When Marco Duran is exiled from his fleet on a deserted island he finds a worthy crew of pirates to raid the seven seas with. Spanish gold brings the envy of The Black Blade and her crew, but other captains find gold to be interesting as well...


2. Merchant Business

August 7,1705 Tortuga

I walked to the edge of my dock. My ship, Neptune's Dagger bobbed at the rocky beach chained to a boulder. I took a swig of my rum and started back for my cabin. It was small, with only one bed and a tiny kitchen. I liked it though. My pet monkey, Bubba screeched as I entered the door. Bubba was my alarm system and only friend so he meant a lot to me. I tossed him an apple and flopped onto my straw mattress and drifted of to sleep.

I must have asleep for hours because when I awoke the sun hid behind clouds like scared cat under a table. I stretched my arms and made for the door. I called for Bubba. He came running up onto my shoulder. He made a weird monkey screech and rested his arm on my ear.  

We got onto my boat and got to our spots. We then sailed off to town. I peered behind the small sail of our sloop and rang the bell. We had made it. I bobbed our boat into the dock and grabbed a barrel of spices slung it on my shoulder. I stepped onto the rough sandy cobblestone streets of the dock and marched over to the nearest booth. I haggled a price with the merchant.

"I will give you this for two coins." I offered

"That is worthless deal. I make better money on fish guts than that." the merchant said disgusted by my small barrel. 

I sighed and continue onto the next booth. Same as last time, no deal. This continued on for the next couple of merchants. Before I could get a deal, the dock guard rang the bell and I had to leave town. I trudged back to my boat. I had run out of food, and merchants willing to trade. Diego will not be happy. Diego was my trade officer. He lend me his boat and some spices to trade for the last couple of coins in my pocket.

I turned the boat around and sailed for Pearl Beach, the luxurious and upper class trade port that Diego thrived in. 

"You have failed me Marco." Diego said angrily. 

"I can make it back I promi-" my sentence trailed

Diego trusted me more than enough. Almost to much. With the signing of a paper and the evicted my boat. I was nothing now. No money, family, or hope. I walked the twenty mile trek back home. I needed a new life and I knew just were to get it...


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