The Black Blade

When Marco Duran is exiled from his fleet on a deserted island he finds a worthy crew of pirates to raid the seven seas with. Spanish gold brings the envy of The Black Blade and her crew, but other captains find gold to be interesting as well...


1. Before my Time

July 11,1668 Port Royale

Rudolph Duran sprinted down the hall of Sir Robert Kingsly's palace. He had an urgent message to give to Robert himself. A tall slender man in a long redcoat stretched his rifle out blocking the doorway to Robert's room.

"What is your name and purpose for waking Sir Robert?" the guard asked tiredly.

"I bring news of the death of Captain Jean Fillete." Rudolph answered anxiously.

"Very well, you may enter." the guard cracked the door open and Rudolph shoved the rest of it open. 

Rudolph made his way over to Sir Robert. 

"Sir, Sir. I bring word of the death of Captain Jean Fillete." Rudolph squeaked into Robert's ear.

Robert immediately sat up and stared directly into the eyes of Rudolph.

"Then we shall hold a ceremony and honor our fallen captains that died for his dea-" a cannon ball exploded from the gray brick wall on the other side of the bed.

Rudolph and Robert flew backwards across the room. Debris, rubble, and metal lay where Robert's bed should be. Off in the distance rifles and pistols shot back at each other. Another cannon shot straight at the two injured men. Robert called for his guard to pick him up and get a doctor. No answer, but the guard had been littered with cannon ball pieces. His clothes were soaked with blood. 

Robert shook Rudolph awake.Rudolph had slowly gotten up before yet a third shell splintered the room. Whoever this invader may be they were determined. Robert and Rudolph hobbled out of the palace. Robert had taken a few steps when he dropped flat onto the ground. He had taken multiple cannon wounds to his neck and lower back. As for Rudolph he hobbled onward into the deep jungles of Port Royale. Rudolph was never seen or heard from ever again.

Rudolph was found just off the coast of Florida. Whipped, scarred, and terribly injured in the left knee. He had with him a map to a strange place full of treasure, a rusted revolver, and a broken sword. 

Rudolph was my father. I tell you this because the pirate that killed him was Jean Fillete. Jean was never dead he was just angry. I swore on my father's grave that I would take back his treasure. Why is this so important, because like many pirates dead men don't tell tales...

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