Is it a love storie? (16+)

this is just a reg girl named alaiya....her and her sister anna go on a trip to see one direction there FAVORITE band...on the way some "things" happin and there hotail reservations get screwed up...but will the go to the one direction consert? what will happin to them?

hope u like it please like and favorite<3 of and comit!! :)


3. WHAT?!?



i really didnt expect liam to be like this everyone says hes boring but hes not! hes so much fun to hang out with! hes really a sweetheart but i looked back at alaiya and niall it kinda looks like he likes her...i wonder if he does!?! hey im going to the bathroom i said ok ill just wait for you here love he said i went to the bathroom but someone was alreadying useing them both so i went back wow that was fast liamm said laughing alittle well someone is useing the bathrooms so i think i have to wait alittle....



wow this girl alaiya was great! she was so nice and sweet i think i really lik her...i wonder if she likes me back i think ill ask her out on a date when we get to our hotail! han my phone vibrated 1 NEW TXT FROM:LOU:) hey to me it looks like u like that girl there nialler... thats what the txt said i txted back yea shes really sweet and nice ;)    



i really like niall than i got a txt from anna hey it looks like niall likes you...go to the bathroom i have something for you i txted back ok so i wnet to the bathroom and knowcked on one of the doors she opened it hey i said she pulled me in you like liam right i asked her she said yes luckyly she had huge breasts and the had a botten up shirt i unbottend the shirt alittle were alittle bit of clevlege was showing then i kinda popped my breasts up....we went back but hwe i walked back all the damn guys kept looking at me on toughed/slaped my ass hey sexy thing he said i turned around quick and grabed his hand and twisted it....dont you dare ucking tounch me! i said into his ear shut up you slut he said buck i slamped his face as hard a i could than ran back to niall i bent down asking if i could sit by the window yes he said than i put a blanket on me were did that slut go he asked niall who are you talkong about niall said that bitchy slut were did she go he asked niall but he almost scram i-i dont know niall said yes you do make sure you girlfriend to watch her back he said than went to sit down h-he thinks were dating niall said to himself though i  hurd niall i said yeah alaiya he said back do you like me i asked m-maybe i m-mean yeah i like you why? he ask do you like me or like like me i asked well that is alot of likes alaiya but i think i errr like like u....he said than looked down than i just lent on his shoulder and fell asleep



that girl is amazing i think her name is um...anna shes just like me i feels so right when im with her tho iv only meet her....i dont really belive in "love at first site" but i think im falling for anna i could tell niall saw falling for alaiya they would make a really good couple...and i looked at louis harry and zayn wow louis and harry holding hands......and of course zayn had a mirror in his hand looking at his anna fell asleep on the window she looked so peacefull and it looks like alaiya fell asleep on nialls sholderi dont know why? but the plain ride was only an hour....i woke up anna ahh she said opps sorry i dodnt mean to scare you i said no its ok are we there yet she asked yeah hey um would you guys like to stay with us at the hotail were staying at? um sure witch is it the london sweeps i said happily omg no way thats the one were staying at!!! she said with a smile ok were ganna be on the 17th floor and thats the ONLY floor that NO one will be allowd up there!! but u and you sister will be allowd up there!! i said ok she said



wakeup sleepyass i said to alaiya why the fuck do you alwas have to call me something with the word ass in it? she said back idk but were staying at the same hotail were staying at!! yay! she said screamig!! yo sista wake up yo boyie i said with a jersy accsent



wake up niall i said his eyes flutted open and i saw his BEAUTIFUL blue eyes are we there he asked him asleepy viose yes! i said we all got up adn gto off the plain and got our stuff



what will happin next????

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