Is it a love storie? (16+)

this is just a reg girl named alaiya....her and her sister anna go on a trip to see one direction there FAVORITE band...on the way some "things" happin and there hotail reservations get screwed up...but will the go to the one direction consert? what will happin to them?

hope u like it please like and favorite<3 of and comit!! :)


1. time to get ready :)



i was sooo happy!! my sister and me were finilly going to a one direction conser!! my sister anna is 20 and im 19! i have short/long black hair with purple dyped dyed hair with dark brown eyes. my sister had long brown hair with blue dipped dyed hair.she had blue/brown eyes. we lived in colorado springs but our consert was in tempi arizona! it was 5 in the morning and we needed to be on our plane at 8. we will get to the hotail at 10 then whe we got there we had a chance to settle in.

WAKE UP LAZYASS!! i said to anna  what he hell?!? she said we need to get ready were leaving on 2 hours!! i said



damn sister waking me up at 5 in the morning! who the heck does she think she is tallin me to wake my lazyass up?!? damn calm ur tits i said to her i pushed her out of my room and get ready! i took a shower then picked out my clothes;a black undershirt and a see thorugh tanktop with some shorts on i straited my long brown dip dyed i put on some eye liner on the top nad botton of my eyes than mascara and baby lips! READY BITCH! i yelled to anna in a sassy tone



READY BITCH alaiya said in a sassy tone FUCK YOU! i yeled back i curled my diped dyed short hair then whe i was done i put on mascara and baby

 lips on. ok ready i said we got our sucases and our pass ports and whent in the car.



it was 7 when we got to the airport it took an hour to go to arizona. anna was annoying in the car like she never shut the fuck up she kept saying are we ther yet/ are we there yet? but soon we were therewe got our pass ports and wat?!? i was 5 boys in a fake mustash....look anna i said anna looked were i was pointing and me and her gasped when we saw somethin........


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