Is it a love storie? (16+)

this is just a reg girl named alaiya....her and her sister anna go on a trip to see one direction there FAVORITE band...on the way some "things" happin and there hotail reservations get screwed up...but will the go to the one direction consert? what will happin to them?

hope u like it please like and favorite<3 of and comit!! :)


2. no way :0



what the fuck i said dude is that.....o-one direction i ask anna um it looks like them she said but why would they be sniking around in colorado there consert here was like a week ago!! i said ok but im going up to them! anna said



i love liam and alaiya loves niall like really she loves him to death! as i walked up to them theone with a mustach up side down looked at me umm.....he looks like louis (loo-ie) tomlinson...i wisperd in his ear are you louis i ask him he pulled me back..yes he said yes!! but oyu need to not tell sister can behind me is it him? she asked yep i said popping the P!



louis was talking to a girl she looks really beautiful!! i saw niall drowling over the girl next to her... niall i said he looked up WHAT! he scaremed both of the girls looked at us and opened there eyes and they ran to give us a hug! hi the shorter one said to me hi love i said back the taller one when to nialler..hi i love u to death and i think your really cute nd we were comming to see your consert this friday!! she said really fast but niall just blushed



this really beautiful girl can up to me and said she loved me and that she and her sister were going to see me and the boys in our consert!! she said that he loved me and that i was cute and i could tell i was her favrotie because what she had on her said "I LOVE NIALL HORAN" than on her other wrist is says "MRS.HORAN" oh i would love her to be my mrs.horan!! hi love i said she looked at me her eyes were beautiful!! ello niall she said back!! hey can i have your number i asked her eyes lit up! YES she said



i really like niall but i dont really know him i think he likes me he asked for my number and i said yes i gave it to him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek befor i could say anything the lady said all people to go to the plain to go to arizona they guys were going on the same plane so i sad next to niall anna sat next to liam (of corse) and harry louis and zayn all sat together




what will happin next?? hope u like :)


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