17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


4. The Surprise



                 Lauren's P.O.V.


      It's been one week since the incident with Delaney. She has adjusted now and is back to being her great self. I also am so excited for today! I wasn't there for her birthday this summer because she had spent it with family. The good news was she was going to be so happy because of her birthday present. I had finally found her the perfect present! Ok, this was partly because I wanted to go, but it was also because she would love it. I was on my way to school right now. This will be the best moment of her life or the part where she meets one direction backstage. Yep! That would be it.


           Kate's P.O.V.


    I was excited to go to school. Lauren said she had a surprise for me. I hope its a cupcake or a sack of carrots. I LOVE carrots, or a cookie would be fine. Ok. So I have a... love for food. It tastes so good though!!!!!!! Anyway I was on my way to school. I'm excited because everyone is treating today like my birthday. Because I couldn't spend it with them. I didn't dress up or anything for it but I did bake cookies with my sister. She had visited for the weekend. She is the best cook in the world. Cookies are her specialty too, so they are going to love them. " BEEP BEEP" I looked at my phone, a text from Hailey. I opened it and read the text 'hey r u ready for ur birthday? :)' 'idk i mean seriously ur the ones getting the present' I texted back. 'what do u mean baby kitkat?' 'me and my sister made cookies :)' 'GET TO SCHOOL NOW!!!'. I laughed then got my shoes on and went to my car. It was the car of my dreams. Well actually it was a yellow slugbug. I got in and drove to school. When I got inside I was ambushed and I fell to the floor. I just laughed I knew it was Hailey wanting the cookies. "Hailey, get off of me" I said laughing. "Do you have the cookies?" "yes, but your not getting any if you dont get off and help me up NOW." Hailey laughed and said "OK!". I got up and started walking towards my locker "WAIT!" she tackled me to the floor. "What?" "you forgot something." Iooked  at her and she nodded towards the ground. "thanks" I said as I picked up my phone. Then we walked towards my locker. I saw a note drop down as soon as I opened my locker. I crouched down and grabbed the note 'meet us in first period, by the way i'm so sorry if Hailey crushed you because of your contribution to the surprise. if she did Lauren will make it up to you :) -Lydsssssss     


          "c'mon! Lets go!" Hailey yelled dragging me to first period. We finally got there and everyone tackled me with hugs. "Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! your here! Ok you get to open my gift first! Delaney said. She grabbed a package and handed it to me. I opened it and saw a drawing book and some colored pencils. I jumped on her "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!" she just laughed and then Brianna stepped up and said "my turn." I took the orange wrapped gift and opened it, a bag of carrots and baby muffins."THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!" I screamed as I hugged her. She just smiled then Alyssa stepped forward and handed me a pink bag. I looked inside and saw a pair of flats. "Thank you sooo much Alyssa!!! I love them!" I said as I hugged her. Lydia came forward and gave me my gift while acting like I was royalty I just laughed she smiled and gave me my gift, a softball that she signed. I  laughed really hard and looked at her. Then she stood up and gave me a gift card to Dillons. " thanks Lydia" I said as I hugged her. Then Keagan came up and gave me a envelope. I looked inside and saw a iTunes gift card. I jumped up and down and then bear hugged her. Lauren was last and came up to me and handed me an envelope. I opened it and saw a ticket. A one direction ticket. "Who is one direction?" Everyones mouths dropped open. " Its our favorite band and I got you a ticket and a backstage pass. I deserve a hug too." she said smiling. I hugged her. Then everyone else came in and I gave them my cookies. By everyone I mean Madison, Chloe, Celeste and Hailey. They all gave me hugs then we ate cookies until class started.


        Lauren's P.O.V.


Ok, so my best friend has moved to different countries and has never heard of one direction. Well this blows. Oh well she will have a great time and wait until she mets them. She will melt in their presence. I am so excited! All of them are single except for Louis. Sucks for Lydia. I can't wait for the concert!

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