17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


5. The Concert


                  Zayn's P.O.V.


     "Ok, we've got about 2 hours until we are in Green Hollows for the concert. So everybody please stop yourselfs from doing something stupid or breaking any body parts or possibly get knocked out." Paull said. We all laughed and he joined in then said "I'm serious." then he walked away and we sat down in the living space of the tour bus. "So what should we do until we get to Green Hollows Stadium." Louis said. "We can't do anything to hurt ourselfs so we just have to take a nap." Liam said. We all cracked up, "I'm serious." Liam said mimicking Paul. Then we sat down and started talking about Twitter. Apparently Harry has more followers than us. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Then Louis stepped up and said "I had a dream like Liam just with a different girl and she was playing softball." he said. Then I stood up and said "me too, but my girl wasn't playing softball." then Niall said "I had a dream too and I'm pretty sure that was my princess. She was very pretty and was dancing with her friends." "Niall, your blushing mate." I said. He blushed even redder than sat down. Then Harry stood up, "Ok, I had a dream like that too, except I kissed my girl who was beautiful." Liam stood up and looked at us then said, "Why the hell didn't you tell me?" Niall stood up and said "Well I was afraid that you and me were the only ones like that and..." "Me too" everyone else said. Everyone just stared at each other then I said " Well now that we have settled that unusual matter lets-" PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" Louis screamed. we laughed and then played until we got to the stadium and started practicing for the take me home concert.


            Lauren's P.O.V.


      I was getting ready for the concert. I was wearing a short dark green dress. I hope Kate doesn't forget that we have backstage passes so she needs to look good. I heard the doorbell ring and I went to the door and saw Kate standing there in some purple jean shoets and a white sparkly top with converse. "hey, you ready?" She asked. "Yeah, but you do know that we are meeting one direction right?" "Yeah, but I am not dressing up for 5 strangers that I've never heard of." I just sighed then we went to her car and she started driving. "So how do I look?" I asked. "you look like your meeting the president." she said. "Great! because I'm wearing Niall's favorite color and I want to impress him when we meet and he falls in love with me" I said smirking. "Ok, well good luck with that. I had a boyfriend in Pennsylvania, and I don't think theres a better guy in the world then he was. So if they don't like me then I won't care."she said. "whatever, you'll end up liking them somehow." I said. "Ok Lauren, whatever you say." then she turned on the radio. she started singing along to something, "what is this song?" I asked. "Lego house by Ed Sheeran" she sang to the tune. I have to admit this song was good. When we finally got there Kate parked thn started walking towards the entrance. Instead I ran ahead of her and grabbed her arm. She is a good runner so she will be pulling me, she has lost a lot of weight. She realized this but pulled me anyway. We got there and got in line. The band was here and I think I saw a bus door open. "OMG!!!!!" "Their here!" I yelled to Kate.


                 Kate's P.O.V.


     Lauren is starting to get annoying. She just yelled in my ear! To think we could've gone to an Ed Sheeran concert. "Kate! Liam just got off of the bus!" I looked out and saw him. Wow he was hot, ok I wasn't expectng them to look good. "He's kinda hot." I said to Lauren. "Yep, they all are but Liam is great- OMG! he is coming over here!"


               Liam's P.O.V.


      I just got out of the bus. All of my fans were going mad. I looked at the fence and saw her. I saw the girl from my dream. I started walking towards her acting nonchalant because I always say hi to my fans. "He's kinda hot" I heard her say and I dropped the act and walked straight for her. Then Niall came up and grabbed my arm then whispered "mate! my princess is right beside your girl!" I stared at him then we both started walking towards them. Then Harry came out and saw us and came up to us and said "The girl in the purple jean shorts is cute" he said smirking. "Thats his girl!" Niall said. Then Harry yelled for Zayn then they dragged us off. Louis joined us later but I was mad. I saw her!!!!!!! "mate, you can see her later, but we have to do the show in 5 minutes." Louis said. "Fine" I said.


                Lauren's P.O.V.  


   I'm totally fangirling!!! Niall and Liam just walked straight for us, but Liam was just walking towards Kate and Niall was following him. "hey c'mon! their seating us we have front row so lets go." Kate said. Lucky her. She gets Niall and Liam! Wait maybe not. Plus, she likes Liam. "Ok" then we went to our seats and sat down.


                                                 -2 hours later-


           The concert was great! Except for the fact that Liam was staring at Kate the WHOLE time. I mean seriously, take a picture it will last longer. When the concert finally ended I went to the front desk to get the tickets while Kate went to the bathroom. "BEEP BEEP" I got my phone and saw a tweet from Liam! 'just finished the show and saw the girl of my dreams, even though she didn't really seem like a fan. oh and Nialler says he found his prncess next to mine. ;)' OMG!!!!! I went to the counter and got the passes then I went to wait for Kate.


                   Kate's P.O.V.     


       That Liam guy had been staring at me the entire concert. Wow. He had beautiful brown eyes. Me and Lauren had our backstage passes and were walking to the place where we would show the security gaurds our passes and we would go in and meet the band. "thanks" Lauren said and all of the sudden we were in a room with a few fans and one direction. Lauren almost fainted and I caught her than she realized what was happening and recovered. We walked up to the line and waited. Apparently backstage when you meet them you go by groups of who your with. When we were the last 2 girls in the line we walked up to them. Liam and Niall looked up then both smiled. Then Liam said...

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