17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


8. She found me.


                   Lauren's P.O.V.


   I walked up to her bed and said "If you can hear me right now, then I have something to tell you, and it will blow you away! Harry AND Liam want to hang out with you. They also said you could bring a friend so GET UP!!! "Excuse me miss, but she is in a fragile state at the moment, so I will have to ask you to not scream at her and give the front desk your phone number please." the doctor said. "Ok" I said angrily. Me and Kate could be spending a day with ONE DIRECTION, and she was in a freaking coma!? Jesus Christ! I got up and went to the front desk. "Here is my cell, please call as soon as Kate Oleson wakes up." I said to her. "We sure will ma'am." she said. Then I walked to my car and drove away. I got a call so I put it on speaker phone and said "Hello?" "Hey, um sorry but Kate gave me your phone number an-" I cut that irish boy named Niall off by saying "No!!! thats fine! don't hang up, please." I said thinking that I had seemed to desperate but in truth, I was fangirling so much that I almost puked. "Ok. I was wondering if you would want to hang out at the boardwalk tomorrow?" he asked. "Sure, but um is Harry there? I need to tell him something." "Oh sorry but he is getting Nandos with the rest of the boys. He just left. Why? Is it important?" he said. "Yeah, Kate got into... trouble and is currently in the hospital and since they were friends, I think he might want to know." I said quickly. "Oh my gosh! Ok I will tell Harry. Should we meet you at the hospital?" "Yes I'm about to go get some stuff from my house and then I will meet you back there." "Ok, bye my prin- um Lauren." He said embarresed. "Ok bye." I said stuttering. Niall had almost called me his princess. SCORE!!!!!!!!


             Niall's P.O.V.  


   I almost called Lauren my princess! She sounded shocked and I got nervous and hung up. Oh well. I called Harry and then found out that him and his lazy arse had left his phone at our rental home. I stayed calm though. I was worried about Kate. No, I don't like her. Thats how I feel about Lauren. If it weren't for Kate though, I would probably never see her again. So yes, I care about her being alive. Anyways I called Liam instead and he picked up immidiately "Hey mate, Whats going on?" "Uuuuum, well its about that girl named Kate, you know the one we met at meet and greets, well umm, ok mate Kate's in the hospital." I said nervously and slowly. "What the hell do you mean by she is in the hospital?!!!" he said almost scary-like. Then I heard a beep and looked at the screen. He hung up on me! Oh well, I grabbed my sweatshirt and my keys and went outside to my ford 1992 truck. I started driving to the hospital, the whole way there I couldn't stop thinking about what could've happened to Kate. I guess I'll find out when I get there.


                Liam's P.O.V.


     Niall keeps mumbling nervously like an idiot. Right when I was about to hang up on him he finally said something I found important, Niall just told me Kate was in the hospital! I immediately turned around and shouted at Niall "What the hell do you mean by she's in the hospital? Then I hung up and drove straight to the hospital."What the **** are you doing Liam?!" Harry shouted at me."Niall just told me that Kate was in the hospital!" I told Harry. "Mate, are you alright?" I heard Louis say. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Harry holding his head in his hands muttering things that I couldn't hear. I bet he was muttering insults to himself for not taking care of her after he promised her she would be safe. When we finally got there me and Harry ran inside and asked immediately where Kate's room was. When we walked in I felt like  was getting punched in the stomach repeatedly. Me and Harry sat down on both sides of the bed and just simply stared at her. Even though she had bruises and cuts everywhere she was still beautiful. The lads soon came in and just sat in a corner not really knowing what to say or do at the moment. After a few minutes Niall walked in with a nurse and sat down beside me. "Excuse me ma'am, but will Kate be ok? Also what happened to make her need to be in the hospital?" Harry asked surprisingly calm. "Well according to her friend, she was driving home from dropping her friend off and a semi-truck came barreling down the road and to avoid being hit she swerved and hit a pole." the nurse said looking at us with pity. Harry walked out of the room and grabbed the car keys and left. Why the **** would he leave when his friend was in the hospital? I know Harry's having a hard time processing it all but he might as well stay here with us to think about it!.


                Harry's P.O.V.


 What if it was Sarah?! What if she was the one driving the semi-truck? She could have certainly done it! We are in America, Sarah's country and Sarah would most definitely been able to find Kate. I will not let this shit happen, NEVER again!


                 Kate's P.O.V.



   "Ed, I get it. I have to go out there and get Alexandra." I said to Edward, the head of the EIAPA (England, Ireland, Australia protective agency). "Ok do you have a plan?" "Yes, me and Harry will go to the ball he'll make a distraction while I take a look around and find Alexandra, once I find her she will most likely figure out that it was Harry and start to retreat then I will follow her and capture her and bring her back under any circumstances. Simple, fullproof and hopefully fast." I told him. "Very well, now go and get this done, remember this is an important mission." "Ed, I know your basically saying 'don't screw it up." I said laughing. "I'll go get prepared for the mission." I said then walked away into me and Harry's dressing room you could call it. I grabbed a white dress with a slit that goes to the mid thigh and was tight on my body with hidden spots to put my gun, dagger, and blow dart. Once I had it on with the weapons securely hidden, I walked out to find Harry still messing with his bowtie and helped him with it. "Ready to dance?" I smirked. "Yes, hey what arms you got?" he asked me. "The usual, by the way have you figured out what to distract them with?" "not exactly, but maybe I put tranquilizer juice in my shampane and then I would be out like a light for five minutes, is that enough time?" " That's fine, alright lets go" I said as I put on some silver heels. We walked out to the black Porsche waiting for us and got in. Then Harry drove us to the event. When we got there a valet guy came up and I opened my door. All of the sudden he grabbed me and put a bag over y head then I kicked him in the balls and got the bag off of my head. I went over to Harry and kicked the guy trying to gag him in the balls. Then a girl came up from behind me and put a knife to my neck. "How have you been lil' girl?" asked a familiar cold voice. The next thing I knew I was being gagged and Harry was being put into a truck and then it all went black. When I woke up I was tied to a pole in only my undergarments. I looked around me and saw Harry and-  couldn't be? could it? It was! I saw a limp Ed. I heard moanng so I looked around and saw Harry waking up. "Ugg my head hurts!- wait where am I?" he said as realization hit him. Then he looked around and saw Ed first. Then he looked towards me with a scared face, then seeing me sighed in relief. After tat realizing that I was half nude and then staring at me. I got incomfortable fast. "Harry Edward Styles! Stop staring at me!!!" I screamed.  He looked away his cheeks burning a bright red. Then a door opened and out cam the girl who had gagged me just the night before, Sarah. "Sarah." I growled. "Aww, is the lil' girl mad today?" Her sickly sweet voice say. "Why the **** did you kidnap us?" Harry screamed. "Alight cut the crap, this is my offer. If Kate will work with the SCIR then I will let Harry go. And you, will come with me and you'll get the emerald for us and then register as an agent for America/Canada, you have limited time to choose. Now for Ed he will be taken care of and sent back home. That is my final offer. "Why the hell would we accept that offer?!" Harry shouted. "Well, its not you choice now is it Styles?" Sarah sassed. "She is right you know, and if I go you and Ed might I add would be let go." I told Harry. "Your going mad! You would never give into this ridiculous situation!" Harry shouted at me. he looked hurt, scared, and angry. "Harry don't be rash, also I won't kill you if your quiet. Now Kate as you were saying?" Sarah said trying to be calm and hold in her impatience with Harry. "I'll do it. So let me go and send Ed and Harry back to London. I promise that Harry won't do anything insane." I said as I glared at Harry telling him that if he did anything he was dead. "Fine, i'll let you out first because your the smart one who this lad could learn from." Sarah said. Then she came up to me and untied me from my ropes. As soon as she turned around to untie Ed I kicked her in the back of her knee. I took out my emergency knife out of my bra and put it to her neck and made her come up threatening her with the knife. "Alright Sarah be a good girl now and go to sleep." I said as I applied pressure to her elbow on the pressure point making her unconcious. Then I took all of her arms out of her hiding places. I placed them on the other side of the room. Then I grabbed my dress off the floor and put it on and replacing my weapons into different spots. Then I untied Ed and Harry. "Never do that again Kate! you made me worried that you were actually going to do that." Harry said relieved. "Whatever, we need to go. Right now. If we don't Sarah's backup will be here." I said. "What?" Harry asked." I checked her contacts and she called for backup when I kicked her. Backup will be here in less than four minutes, so we should really clear out." "Alright" Harry said and draped Ed over his shoulders. "Follow me drama Queen." I stated. He laughed and said ok. I walked up to the door and listened for any sign that people could be waiting for us. It was perfectly quiet, so I got down on my knees and checked for feet outside the door. Nothing. "Clear" I whispered. I opened the door and ran to the window. We were on ground level thank the lord for that! I opened the window and climbed out. I saw a car and ran to it. Once Harry was in the car I hotwired it. Then we started driving. It started fine until I heard the glass for the windows of the car shatter. Then I got seriously pissed. "Harry please get that ******* ******* off of our backs!" I shouted tired. "I got it." he said obviously noticing my frustration. "Done." Harry said after I heard a crash. "good" I said. "Man you are not happy at all." Harry said laughing. "I smirked. "Harry, I was simply saying it was good that they stopped ******* shooting the car I'm driving." I said mimicking Sarah using her sickly sweet accent. He laughed. Then Harry opened his door and screamed "Kate! get out!" I looked up and saw a semi-truck barreling towards us. I swerved just in time and hit a tree then it was all black again. When I woke up the nurse basically sprinted out of the room and Harry and Ed came in about 10 seconds later. "How are you feeling? Are you alright? Are you ready for the next mission?" Harry kept shooting questions at me. "Harry I'm fine, and not exactly. My ribcage is not in the best condition and... well I was thinking that maybe I should take a break from the agency, not forever just until after I've graduated from high school." I said. "You can't do that!" Harry whined like a 5 year old. "I'll miss you too much! " Harry said. "Awwwww Har Bear  I'll miss you too but remember that's only 2 years and then will be partners again." "Well if your not my partner I'm not coming back until you do." he said. "I can't lose both of my top agents!" Ed finally spoke up being quite whiney. "Well I'm not in charge of Harry's choices but I am in charge of my own and I am not coming back until I've graduated." I stated firmly. "Same." Harry said, no, growled. "Fine" Ed said madly. Then everything went black again. Then I was in a maze, What the hell? I was just in a room at the hospital! Wait... I'm not sleeping, and I'm not dead or my brain would not be working. I must be in a coma... Then it all came back to me, dropping Lauren off then seeing that pyscho ***** driving a semi-truck and me swerving and hitting the pole. WOW. Well now that I've figured that out, I started walking around the maze. Once I finally found the middle of the maze I saw the light. Yeah I know I sound cooky but still I did, and inside the light were pictures and videos that were my memory. I walked up and suddenly knew what to do. I stepped inside. Then I was in a hall looking at a quilt my grandmother had made. I walked and ran for what seemed like forever. I finally sat down and then cursed under my breath in French over and over. Somehow it made me feel better. Then as I was slowly falling asleep I thought about what sarah could be doing right now. She is probably going after Harry. GOD! I need to get out NOW! I will get my revenge. Its also annoying how she keeps putting me in comas the same exact way ugggghhh !


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