17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


3. seeing each other again



                     Kate's P.O.V.


         Ok, so that was... disturbing. I was driving to school and all of the sudden I saw a, well I saw some guy running through the streets of Green Hollows, naked. I almost crashed because of him too! I'm just hoping that the police have caught him by now. If they haven't, I think that I will just spend the night in my car. Instead of risking the chance of seeing that, EVER AGAIN. Yep. That sounds fine. Anyway, I just got to school. So naturally I was sprinting through the halls to my locker. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sprinting because if I get to class early I will probably see my friends and then we can talk and sit by each other. I'm just scared that someone will find a way to make me feel insecurel. See that's the scary part of my life, I'm not comfortable with who I am and that makes going to school here again scary. At least my girlies are there.


         I was almost to my locker when I basically ran over a girl and fell to the ground, and you know what? She looked familiar...


               Lauren's P.O.V.


          I just got to school!!!!!! I wonder if anyone is here yet? By anyone I mean my besties. Even if they aren't here yet, we have some classes together. Anyways I was sprinting to my locker when I accidentally ran into her. "Owwwwwwwww" she moaned. I recognized that... "KATE!!!!!!!" I screamed. I suddenly noticed everyone staring at me. "Ooookkk Lauren, calm down I have a head ache." this wasn't like her. I gave her a look and she understood. " I hit my head on the ground." "OOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I said really slowly. She laughed a bit and then we stood up and she started walking towards my locker. I followed her and said "How do you know where my locker is?" "Oh, I don't. This is my locker, number 367." she said. This time, I screamed as loud as my lungs could manage. She glared at me, "oops! Sorry baby kit kat I forgot about the whole hit your head thing for a minute." She laughed at her old nickname, and said " It's ok, but I have to get to class, Delaney is waiting for me in triganometry." "We have the same first period! You should sit with me and Lydia!!!!!!!!!!" I said forgetting about the whole Delaney thing. I mean come on!!!! They probably had a sleepover a few nights ago. "Ummmmmmmmm-" "come on, please!!!!!!!!!!" "Ok but Delaney is sitting there too." she said. "Ok!!!" I said cheerfully. I really liked Delaney, buuuuuuut I didn't know how Lydia felt, and Kate and Lydia were kinda close friends, sooooooo I didn't know what to do. We walke into class and Kate immediately found Delaney and went over to sit by her. She was about to sit down when Angela, her old... rival, sat down. So she ended up sitting by the wall. Also the seats around her were already taken so I had to sit by Angela. "Hey Lauren! what's up?" she said. "ummmmm, well I wanted to sit by Kate but she promised Delaney that they would sit together and you kinda sat down exactly where she could sit so I could sit by her and then Lydia could sit on the other side of me." I said sounding mean. "Oh, did I?" she asked smiling. Screw her. "Yes Angela. Why don't you like her? You uys used to be best friends!" I said very loudly. Delaney looked over at me then got up and grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room. I think I saw Kate give me a questioning look. "Ok, Lauren I know that Angela is being well Angela, but she is my friend and I can't just sit in my seat and listen to that! You are both my friends. Kate just came back and I want to catch up with her! Please just leave the subject alone. You can get through one class. This is the only one me and Kate have together." she said a little bit quickly and then she walked back into the classroom. UGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! So I went back inside to sit down and got stopped by what I saw. Lydia was sitting behind Delaney and Delaney was... Sheltering kate from her. Ok, this stops now. I walked up to Lydia and said "Let me see your schedule." She looked at me like 'why the hell do you need my schedule?' "I'll explain later." I said. She just shrugged and gave me her schedule. I walked over to Kate and said "Hey, so can I see your schedule?" sure" she said cheerfully. then she gave me her schedule. I looked at Delaney and she was sort of glaring at me. " can I see you schedule too?" "Why?" Kate looked at her then got up and pulled her out of the room uh-oh for her.


            Kate's PO.V.


    "Delaney what's going on? You and Lauren are friends and you aren't treating her very well." I said looking hurt. "Because I feel like you like her better." " You guys are my best friends!!!!!!!! come on, we need to apologize to her." "why?" "because I want to hang out with all of you guys" "who do you mean by all of you guys?" " I mean you, Lauren, Hailey, Lydi-" "how about Mara instead of Lydia? please!!!" "Mara can hang out with us but Lydia will still be there." I said. " Can we talk about this later?" "fine" I said quite annoyed. We walked into class and sat down and the teacher started the lesson. After the class was over I walked out and over to my locker. I got out my stuff and then sprinted to my next class.


        Lydia's P.O.V.


   I was about to catch up with Kate but she had shut her locker and I was about to walk up to her but then she sprinted to her locker. This girl is annoying sometimes.So I got my stuff and walked to my class. Guess what? She was in my class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to sit down next to her but Angela came up in front of me and said "will you sit with me on the other side of the room?" " ummmm, sorry but I think I am going to sit down by kate, because she just got back. Maybe another time." she just walked away without another word and got her stuff, went over to the only open seat left by Kate and sat down. Then she patted the spot next to her. I walked over to Kate and said "hey! wanna sit with me over there?" "sure!" she said. Then we walked over to our seats and sat down. "soooooooo, what was it like in London?" I asked. This should be interesting. "Well about that I got a boyfriend..."

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