17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


10. Inside Kate's head


                  Kate's P.O.V.


       This is really starting to annoy me! Whenever I start to try to get out it gets darker. I feel like giving up, but I know I cant. That girl is such a *****! I wonder if I'm dead or in a coma? Probably a coma. I wonder how people are coping? I bet that no one cares except for my parents. I should be helping Harry! She is probably going to hurt, injure, or kill him. I know he's a big boy and is an old agent but still, he can be as delicate as a feather at times. Like that one time when we were at my friend Rhea's house I hid behind the bookcase and then when he came in tackled him and pinned him and he started crying like a little baby. When I asked him about it the next day he said that it felt like I broke his arm when I put it behind his back  so he would stay down. It pained me to think of him getting hurt. when we were a partner team at the agency I always knew he had a small crush on me and I would always be setting him up with girls. But this time he didn't, which mad me feel slightly better but also a little sad thinking about the agency. It was my dream job, and I know I said I would go back but I don't want that anymore. But now I'm probably going to go back to it when I wake up. Maybe if I had died it would have been better and easier...


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