17 year old Kate has changed schools all over the world since 5th grade in Green Hollows. She's coming back for senuior year too. What will happen when she go's to a concert and see's a friend from London? I update about once or twice every week :) Hope you like it!!!!!!!!


9. Competition Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



               Ok, so I know I said I would update today but I honestly have no idea what to write because what I had planned was jumping into the story too fast. So I was thinking that some of you might want your ideas in the story. So, if you want your idea to be put in the story just comment what you want to happen and put your kik on there too.  This contest will keep going throughout the entire book. If I kik you it means I like your idea and want to talk to you about it and put it in my story. good luck! Also if you like this story at all PLEASE FAVORITE AND LIKE!!!




                                                                                       -Kate xoxox

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