Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


9. White or black, take your pick, or not Mist

I open my eyes. Black stretches everywhere into the vastness of time, but this doesn't surprise me because I can feel it, I can smell it, and I can hear it. Have you ever been in total darkness? If you have, you’re too awed to be scared. You don’t have to open your eyes. You’ll know it. It’s so dark that it is blinding. Anything that survives that, and is still alive, is covered in light a centimeter thick. And yet it is still dark here. Hardly anything lives here. It’s too cold without light.
I look over at my companions. Firedragon is covered in fire, and Elenaya is covered in gold shivering light. I narrow my eyes. I know something is wrong; light shouldn't shiver. I look at the fire surrounding Firedragon and its flickering. I lift my hands to breathe on them so I can warm them up. Backing away, I scream, “Help, it’s gone! There’s hardly any li--.” I’m cut off by a combination of cold and no air.
I look around and realize that the light is gone. Elenaya’s light has shrunk, and Firedragon’s has splattered like fire fighting water and losing. The darkness was once healing, but now threatens to kill me. Then without warning Firedragon’s face is dark. The fire from every other place spreads to her wings that had shrunk when she changed from Dragon to Elf. The wings start to grow, her skin starts to change to scales, and she opens her mouth. Her face, almost Dragon by now, twists. Her body bends in ways that an elf’s body shouldn’t, it reminds me once again that she’s not elf. But then I have no time to think, because she breathes, fire licking at the darkness, singeing it until we are lying in field of fire.
“Nice, Firedragon, the plane of fire and metal. Correct?” complements Elenaya.
“Yes,” answers Firedragon, but something is wrong. You can tell by the hiss in her voice.
“She’s stuck. She’s neither elf nor dragon,” I murmur, realizing its true desperate for the dragon that saved my life.
“And she’s too dragonish by now to be able to change into a Dragon Half. And far too elf to change to a Dragonborn,” Elenaya sighs. “She’s not close to anything.” Her voice chokes. “I can’t save her. You know I can’t.”
“I know, but she saved my life.  You can’t die, so you don’t understand.”
“I was mortal once.” Her voice is dark with pain and maybe anger. I’ll trap her in time. I’m not sure I can untrap her, but maybe she won’t die.” She gives up.
“You can’t imagine what it means to me,” I nod.
“This dream is more important than ever, because if Firedragon dies then so does Firewillow. The price of failing is higher than ever,” she warns.
“I guess, but it doesn’t really matter because if we don’t trap her in time then Firewillow will die anyhow with or without the cure if we don’t cure Firedragon,” I explode.
“I know, and you’re right, but there’s just so much I don’t understand about this spell.”
“Don’t we all,” I tell her
“Wait, I can heal her. We’ll need her,” I hear myself saying in a slightly odd voice, but it’s hard to tell the difference. Then it hits me of course, it’s her, my changing self speaking, not me. 
“What? How? I’m a goddess and I can’t heal her,” Elenaya questions disbelief hinting at her voice
“I can’t,” I laugh, reality hitting me in the face.
“But I can,” chimes Mistdragon.
“You don’t have a Changing Self, Elenaya, well not now, but I do,” I jump in. Realization dawns on Elenaya and she smiles. I force out from the inside so that everything, including life, splits. When I feel that I have done it, I lean and step to the left as Mistdragon leans and steps to the right. The difference is slight, but it grows as she pulls herself into the combination of races that Firedragon is right now. She wobbles unsteadily. This is, after all, a race she never been before. A race a race no one has been except Firedragon and she still is suffering from it.
“Wow, that’s strong, I can see why she collapsed, more magic please,” she tells me. I nod and pull power from inside and direct it at her. She steadies herself. “More,” she requests. This time I tense and waste no energy on nodding. She does not absorb the power this time. Instead she lets it drift though herself, acquiring dragon a tint, then lets it run though her hands and pulse though to Firedragon. She drains dragon from Mistdragon, and growing Firedragon into a Dragonborn and Mistdragon into a Dragon Half.
Firedragon opens her eyes, “I’m not dead yet I see, Mistdragon. We knew you’d save every one of us, and you have now.”
“Well, it’s not without consequence. Mistwillow was the one, who gave me power so,--” Mistdragon trails off
“Yeah, I’m part of Mistwillow now aren't I?” sighs Firedragon.
“Yes, but we should change when we have the power. Anyways it can’t be that scary now to be part of Mistwillow. Can it?” she questions “If Firewillow dies you won’t.”
“Let’s change but it will be so much easier for me than it will be for you” shrugs Firedragon.
“You’re always worried about other people, aren’t you? You nearly died and you’re still unstable but you’re worried about me, who just got blasted with more power than I have in ten years. I’ll be fine. In fact, here,” she rests her hand on Firedragon’s shoulder and drains her power into Firedragon. The magic turns Firedragon into dragon and Mistdragon stays a Dragon Half, because she is draining magic, not race, “Okay now you’ll be fine, and I can still change pretty easily,” scolds Mistdragon.
“How can you change with so little power?”Asks Firedragon astonished.
“You didn’t see just how power she gave me. I needed to release power,” and then Mistdragon changes or starts to, Just when she is at her most dangerous stage, an arrow of pure sun is shot from nowhere at her. Because of her stage in changing and that fact that she’s the mist element, the arrow goes right though her. It strips her of any magic she has. The air fills with mist and I fall to the ground. Pain pulsing from the area Mistdragon got hit. Then Firedragon leaps at the arrow, the arrow slowed by Mistdragon and the arrow is no match for her scales and she gets hold of it. Elenaya nods and pulls a scale from Mistdragon near the wound and touches it to the arrow. The arrow begins to shiver but can I hardly keep my head up and I plummet to the ground and when I can look up again Elenaya is her lifting her hand. A child is beneath her hand Elenaya raises her hand up till the child is an adult.
“You created this, only you can heal it,” Elenaya whispers. Hearing this, the new adult’s eyes widen with horror. She leaps towards Mistdragon who is evaporating in the sun. Scales spring up after her fingers. As she heals Mistdragon, I grow stronger too.
“I’m so sorry, I don’t know how it happened,” misery resonates through her through her voice.
“You were an arrow, Arrowwillow, it was a bow, you had no choice,” Mistdragon, Firedragon, Elenaya, and I say at the same time.
“But still… the mayhem I caused…” She begins to cry. The first tear reaches the ground and her changing self grows up to match her age. But because Arrowwillow is crying, Arrowdragon cries a single tear. Before she even realizes that she is crying, I leap forward and catch it. As it touches my palm it turns into a horn of ivory carved with ivy. And then I wake up. Mistdragon, Firedragon, Arrowdragon,                                                                                                                                                 Elenaya, and Arrow are standing beside me. The horn of dragon tears is in my hand. I stand up as Firedragon collapses.
Mistdragon yells, “She is only alive because of you. Firewillow’s dead, we have to go!!!”
I jump over Firedragon’s body and am grabbed out of air and we move so fast that we go through walls without leaving holes then we are jerked to a stop, beside Firewillow’s bed. I open the cap and pour some dragon tears into her palm just were the tear hit me. For a moment nothing happens except anguish. Then she opens her eyes
“What…happened…” she asks.
“Long story, I tell it to you later,”
Arrowwillow walks into the room, then realizing that Fire doesn't know her name even though she is pretty sure that this is Fire she says “Oh you don’t know my name I am rude, I sorry I didn't introduce myself.” Then she hit her head in her palm when she realizes that she just said that her name is rude. We all stifle our giggle for Arrows sake and dignity. “Sorry my name is Arrowwillow." Then she catches sight of herself in the mirror cocks her head and says “I’m not ginger, am I?” And this time we burst out laughing.


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