Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


8. White or black, take your pick, or not Fire

I’m lying in black. Anything that is alive here is surrounded by light. The scary thing is I’m not covered in light, I’m not alive by this places standards.
“Firedragon, why aren’t I covered in light and why can’t I seem to communicate with the others”? I question her.
“You’re actually in this dream, so you can only talk to me because I’m your dragon, and you’re not actually here, so you’re not covered in light,” she replies
“The darkness holds only one thing, the end of time. Be ready for it.”
“I know. What can I do about it though?” she wonders
“Not much, I can give you power when it happens.” I answer but I know the reply
“No, that would kill you.” when I hear that I smirk
“Why did I expect that? You dead being dead would kill me too,” I point out.
“As would it kill me for you to be dead,” she points back
“Granted but you could move into Mist, but there wouldn’t be time to find a dragon for me. And you’re on a different plane Mist dragon couldn’t temporary move into me,” and that’s where she loses.
“Okay, fine, but not too much because I don’t want you dead, even if it kills me” She orders
Then Mist screams, neither of us have been paying attention but we look over and notice that Firedragon’s light is flickering, Elenaya’s is whipping back and forth, and Mist is almost gone. There is a small bit of light on her face, but there’s none anywhere else.
“Why is Elenaya’s whipping so? She’s a goddess she can’t die!”Firedragon’s eyes wide with fear
“It’s the end of time even she nor any other god or goddess could live though this, come change call your plane and don’t waste energy on me I’m not in this dream I can’t die in this dream,” I warn her. She nods and starts to change when she is dragon half she keep changing but she breathes a ball of fire. I wave and continue to watching time ending.
It is black for a few seconds then there is a small source of light a small star bursts then there are stars everywhere one blazes past.
“It’s not the end!” I marvel
“That’s not quite right,” a star corrects “time has turned. The sand has tipped. Relatively different things will happen because of different choices.”
“So time could end now?” I question.
“If you went about it the right way, yes,” The star answers gravely.
“Then let it,” A different star hisses.
“Who are you?” the star and I ask
“No one seems to have named me so I think I will name myself, The Sun people will warship me because I will help them. If I can’t destroy time now I will then,” The Sun replies to confidant to say the least.
“And the outcome or should I say upside for you?” I ask
“Ruling time, with fear” he smirks.
“Is that the reason? Well then I think I will have to beg to differ. Didn’t you learn last time? No I’ll stop you now, not later,” I reply
“Then who are you? I have a right to know the person I will battle,” The Sun questions.
“Fire is my name.” I answer
“If you battle me get accustom to wounds” The Sun laughs and bolts light pure sun light at me. I, being accustom to the night is thrown back. One of the stars in an effort to stop me cuts a wound across my hand.
“Um why is it indigo?” I can’t help but ask.
“You have been hit by a star. You’re a cross between races now,” The Sun and the stars answer.
“I’m not sure I’ll like that, but I will win anyways,” The Sun thinks aloud.
“I think you will learn even with me hurt that I’m not someone you want to fight,” I hiss anger pulsing though my voice “No I would run if I were you.”
“Maybe but you’re not me so let’s have it this way, each team has one day to prepare for the fight,” The Sun says in a very end of discussion voice.
“Fine with me, except I want a night not a day” I answer “Let’s go,” I say to the stars, they nod some of them look back at The Sun betrayal clear in their eyes.
We walk back far until we can no longer see The Sun
“Not taking any chances,” I hiss in rage “We need a place to get away, a place that’s ours.”
“Okay sounds good, but what will we call it? And how do we make it?” the first star asks.
“What will we call it? Garden of the stars And how do we make it? It will be made of a star,” I answer back “Now who is willing to be the garden?”
“I will,” the star who gave me the wound answers, “I need a place, since I hurt you it’s not fighting, but I can be a safe haven.”
“Thanks we need that. Now who will be the central star instead of The Sun?” I ask.
“I will,” the first star says.
“Fine, what will be your name?” I ask this question in a never ending string of questions
“The North Star will be my name,” she answers
“Okay, North Star you are a born fighter though so I will need you at the battle to make sure that The Sun stays in line, and is fair, after that then you will come back here, and continue with your job,” I smile, “I need all of you every single one of you, and I mean it come on we’ve got a lot to do with me, you too Star garden you may not be a natural fighter but I think you will make a good healer”
“Okay, then let’s go” Star garden smiles. She looks at home for the first time at the mention of healing…
“What the heck? Why is it doing this?”I ask fearfully.
“It looks like something from the plane of science fiction,” Star garden says speaking to almost as if to herself.
“It feels like I can fly,” I say half to myself.
“What happens when you try?” Star garden asks “Try. Fly over there, get me that bottle.”
I pull my shoulder blades and stop when they touch. Unused to the fact that I can touch my shoulders I jerk my shoulders apart. There is a sound like the wind and I pulse in and out of reality for an instant then I sent spinning into a vortex of fire and then pulse again and I am where I had tried to fly.
“Definitely science fiction,” Star garden says “You unformed and reformed in the place you had intended to fly. That will be helpful but to understand correctly you have to go to the plane of science fiction.”
“Okay but not now, I need to win a war before it starts, right now. I’ll do that when I’m back in my time,” I say.
“True and agreed but it will help in the first pulse you’re half way out of reality so then The Sun can’t hurt you and you’ll be behind him in less than half a second,” Star garden offers as a suggestion.
“Hmm that’s good, but what’s my race? That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out, isn’t it?”I ask
“Yes. Your race is like nothing ever before in different times but I named it Nightstitched that is a lot left to learn about it,” Star garden says after some thought…
One day and one night latter…
“Let’s fight,” The Sun laughs way to confident.
Finally aggravated enough I laugh “Sure but there’s something you ought to know but I won’t tell you.”
I dart out from under The Sun’s hand mainly avoiding The Sun and him throwing some insults at me and me not caring. Neither of us gaining the upper hand the he has me cornered I keep pulling back when my shoulder blades touch I leap forward and spin though the vortex of time to land behind The Sun
Resting my palm on his shoulder blade I hiss “welcome to the night” and pull on my night from inside and direct it all at him “Be mortal Sun. No longer will I call you The Sun, nor will any other. Your name now is simply Sun. Now that you have been shamed go or risk death.
“I will not go” Sun gasps.
“Then die,” I say. And I force raw power into him He screams “I’m sorry. I’m not the one who forced me to this decision, and wish I could say that you had accepted mortality and left because not even the sun can live forever.” I address to the dying sun. Now the war that hasn’t happened has been won. So use Time to your advantage and accept what can’t be. Maybe I will come again,” I farewell to all the stars.
When I find myself back in the room and realize the spell over me I trail my fingers across the spell, of course a time trap spell easy to break I say to myself these spell always have a weakness I let my nails touch the surface and almost immediately find the glitch I run my nail across the crack and rip it across opening the spell in a second I step out. When I am completely out I collapse and realize my mistake, of course, no hostility in the spell or menace the spell was in short to keep alive. I suppose it was um possibly a good thing. Let’s see why would I need that?
“Maybe because you jumped out of a window, got caught on a tree, got picked up by a giant eagle, got dropped on an different tree fell down it, got up, picked a fight with a wall of fire, walked back to Weepingwillow, got shot across the forehead with an arrow, climbed back up the tree and fell down it again. That would some it up, oh and after you fell down the tree for the second time you walked over to Mist’s. God if I wasn’t part of Mist I would be dead” Firedragon snaps.
“I see you’re back on our plane,” I respond mild in comparison to Firedragon, and then the full registration of what she said sinks in “Wait, what”
“Yeah and I’m dying because you decided to rip apart the freaking spell, longs story about being part of Mist tell it to latter if there is a latter” she hisses.
“Well you could have told me when we were in contact at the end of time,” I inform her
“Fine but I still don’t like dying,” she resents.
“That fine,” I have time to add and it goes black and I slip into the vortex and I have just stepped out of the spell and I collapse but this time a liquid is poured into the palm of my hand.  
“What is it?”I ask Firedragon
“Dragon tears the only freaking thing that can save us,” Firedragon informs me. There is a hint of annoyance in her voice but nothing like the past future. I sit up break the contact and stretch.
“What happened?” I ask Mist and Mistdragon.
“Long story,” they reply.


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