Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


10. Where? What?!! Why?? When? How?

“It’s amazing, this is The Sun?” I marvel.
“Yes honey this is The Sun.” he smiles. I have met him little than 5 hours I know he is the one and only one I will ever love.
“I can’t go to my kingdom,” I say sadly.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. Why not? Is it a war?” he questions sweetly
“No it’s my parents, I’m nearly 16 and this my first time out of the castle I had my first glimpse of the outside when I was 11. I would never see you again,” I relay the sad truth to him.
“No, that’s horrible, I love you! Wouldn’t they let you marry the high prince of The Sun.” he explodes” I can’t lose you I just found you!”
“Tell that to my parents,” I sigh “But maybe, the high prince! That’s an offer they can’t refuse,” I think out loud. Hope kindling in a heart that has been shut off to my parents “Their weakness; is wanting to have an heir and wanting the person they marry me to be rich,”
“ then that’s definitely an offer they can’t refuse, especially if I make it,” Alborton says “So when we are in public I’ll make the offer right away,” he smiles “and the approximated arrive is in 5 minutes. Oh and you might want change before you meet my parents and before you meet the public, the cloak is beautiful but the rest is pretty torn.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” I sigh
“My sister, Dragonwillow can help, oh and her nickname is Dragon just so you know,” he informs me.
“It a beautiful name, I wish my nickname was that majestic,” I say wishfully
“Willows a beautiful if not majestic name,” he tries to comfort me.
“Yeah but Weeping is not,”
“Oh, that’s your nickname,” He starts to laugh “I sorry that’s so mean”
“Tell me about it even my maid has I mean had a better nick name than me!” he cocks his head asking me to continue “Fire.”
“I meant what happened? Why isn’t she your maid anymore?”He asks “Did she stay at the castle,”
“She came with me she saved me and died doing it, some was shooting a score of arrows at us we climbed a tree. Then we decided to make a run for it. She stepped back onto a dead branch, she fell. I couldn’t find her body so I ran, I continued with our plan, and I swore never to ever go back to my parents, she wouldn’t have wanted me to”
He seems to calculate some in his head finally he says “There something Fire should have told you something I should have realized you didn’t know. You’ll never get the chance to go back to your parents. You lived in another time. Without you it collapsed, time ended you said you jumped out a window well you jumped out of time, if you had looked back though the corner of your eye the castle would have been collapsing. You’re in a time when The Sun and The North Star are at war you saw Mist you said she is from The North Star. Elenaya and Snacowin are some of the goddesses on their side. In this time and plane there is magic so we and the other side are unlimited in magic, just we have to learn how to learn magic. I was scouting and practicing the spell Find Magic and I found you, where did you learn magic, by the way?” he asks
“I didn’t. Where I come from there isn’t magic.”
That’s odd because you are stronger magic than I have ever seen before by the way what planet is it?”
“Terra,” I answer
“Oh, Terra how I loved that planet, of course maybe you can bring us there some time,” He thinks out loud wishfully.
 “But you said it collapsed,” I argue not quite sure why I’m arguing.
“True but the occasional may have survived, at least one hopes. Anyways it will be like exploring ruins. Oh and I forgot to say I don’t think Fire died even the trees are magical here, I have a feeling it caught her and that’s why you couldn’t find her body” he smile reassuringly.
“Oh, now I feel stupid, I threatened her sister because I thought she had killed Fire. I feel bad about that,” I mutter, resenting myself, for the broken, could have been friendship.
“Don’t feel bad about that, Mist is one of The North Star and might very well kill everyone in The Sun, maybe she hasn’t killed Fire but she has killed many of my friends in battle” hatred strong for her in his eyes. “Also just so you know Fire is neutral.”
“Oh I’m so sorry,” I reply
“They knew the risks of war and they took them,” he sighs “This way,” he corrects taking a sharp turn in the path
“But you said the village was that way,” I protest.
“Yes but I want you to meet my sister Dragonwillow first, remember? Now we need to be quite so we don’t get lost, hurt, or caught. Because if we do then my parents might think that you’re not a real princess, and that I fell in love with you and I am trying to make you look like a princess so that I can marry you.” And with that discouraging long winded speech we both fall silent.
We slip along a forest path, and then he leads off the path a few feet and twists a knob on a tree and the tree slides back much like the tree in my room had to reveal and I am reminded of my old room. When we are in the tree he closes the door, and we run along the tunnel when we are a fair way in he whispers “We can talk in whispers now. We are near my sister’s room, it’s the next turn,” and he pulls me into a branch of the tunnel. Then he pulls out a key puts it in lock then thinks better of it, and knocks
”Come in, I hope you brought your key I don’t have mine at hand,” a melodic voice drifts through the door.
“I brought it,” Alborten answers. And he turns the key and opens the door.
I look around taking everything but a towheaded girl catches my eye.
She is wearing a indigo dress covered in a decorative armor of silver and gold. A long full cloak of pure black with gold trimmings flutters out behind her even though there is no wind. Her long hair is in braids around a crown like thing and two double pointed arrows hold it together. Pointed ears alert me that she not human but that she is elven. A blue flame sits upon a staff a thin staff. A curved horn is attached to her left shoulder. Static stars seem to jump all over her. Her features are smooth without a wrinkle or imperfection.
“Dragon, this is Weepingwillow, an elf I found in the snow, we quickly fell in love, and I plan to marry her. But I think that our parents would think that she is not a princess and would not let me marry her, so we need your help to get her dressed properly.” He asks her. And I touch me hand to my ear surprisingly I find the curve of a nonhuman ear more specifically an elf ear.
Dragonwillow nods “Of course Alborton, Just leave her with me I’ll take care of everything,” she smiles at me and I know we will be fast friends.
Alborton smiles “thanks Dragon, I’ll leave it to you two then.”And he slips , out the door, “Call me when you’re ready. And hide Weepingwillow if anyone comes in.” and he slips away into the corridor.
“So what look are you going for” Dragons asks her melodic voice very friendly. “You’re welcome to any of my stuff.”
“Thanks! Um I know nothing about fashion.” I say awkwardly.
“That’s fine, here I can help. Do you want to be armed, look like you’re going to a ball, casual?” she asks
“I have no idea,” I say honestly. And I’m not about to admit I’ve never been to a ball not yet, that comes latter.
“Well then why don’t we just try a bunch of styles and see what you like!” she suggests.
“Sounds great,” I laugh and for the first time I feel free, happy, and back in my element.
We walk over to her wardrobe and she pulls out some armor. “You need some armor it’s too dangerous without it,”
“Okay,” I agree.
 She grabs a tape measure “Do you feel comfortable taking off your shirt it will be easier for me to measure you can?” I nod and pull off the cloak and my bra, “oh… wow! Um what happened you’ve got some nasty wounds?”
“I’m not from here and when I got here I was dropped from the sky.” I explain
“Oh well we will take you to the healer when we’ve got you dressed.” and she measures my waist and my height. “Okay these are the armor that will fit you. It’s a good thing we are relatively the same size, you fit in all of my armor. Okay so this is all my armor you’re a little smaller than me so my bigger armor is on this side and the armor I’ve outgrown is on this side of the bed. The armor I’ve outgrown you can have!” She shows me over to the bed “this is the armor I have outgrown,” and she shows me 3 pieces of armor. “The two indigo ones are if you want to look like you are ready for battle. The bronze one is to look decoritive but be helpful if someone is trying to kill you.”
”Okay lets do that one then,” I reply, pointing to the bronze breast and shoulder plate.
”Okay that’s low profil. So what do you want to you want for a dress?” she asks pulling out two dresses suited to the armor I have picked
“Wow, those are both beautiful, but blue has always been more my color,” I say looking at to beautiful dresses one of them is a stunning scarlet covered in a netting of black to make it look darker and the other is a simple but stylish turquoise with long sleeves. I’m about to put on the dress when Dragon stops me
”Wait we forgot the bodis,” and she hands me a black and purple bodis “here this will work” and she helps me butten it up. And I slp the dress back over my head. “Wow you look stunning in that dress! Now we need to wash you up so you have to get undressed again.” Dragon tells me
 And once I have got undreesed she leads me though a door with I had assumed was just a closet, but when I looked inside it was full bath room with a tub a shower and a hot tub I can help wash  if you want and that way I can wash off your wounds.
“Sure sounds fine with me” and we slip into hot tub and I relax letting her get the water into  my wounds seeping in washing the grub away.
“Oh the wounds aren’t that bad once I washed the dirt away with some healing water you won’t need to see the healer formly, anyways I’m better than the healer, but as a princess I’m not aloud to do work, its so annoying”
“Hey I feel you pain I was trapped in a tower for 16 year!” I cry out in indignation
She whistles. “16 years! Man that must have been long days with nothing to do!”
“Yeah I had never been outside” I sigh “but now I found Alborton I will get married and then they can’t harm what I do, even I could go back!”
“You can’t go back?!” Dragon asks puzzled
“Yeah I come from a different  plane, where I come from there is no magic, And when I left it collapsed,” I explain.
“Did Alborton tell you that there was no magic? Or maybe you just thought you knew that, because its not true. Every plane has some sort of magic! Just all the magic was bottled up in you, and no plane can survive without magic so when you left, it fell to ruins it is no longer a complete plane and has become a plane of ruins and you can go back and take anyone you want with you!” She pulls out some shampoo “Here do you want me to wash your hair,” she asks
“Yeah thanks, that would great” I thank her.
“Okay” and she starts to work in silence with the occasional “Duck your head and wash it off” a few minutes pass then “Oops,!!!!!”
“What happened?” I ask.
“I think I just  washed the die out of your hair,” she replys hesitantly.
“Oh!” I despair.
“Well you nice in it!” she comforts.
“Do I? I didn't even know I had die in my hiar” I ask.
“Very, you look gorgeous!” she smiles “why don’t you look at it? I need to let it sit in if you want to change it back, So I can have it before we see  Alborton and everyone else.”
“ Now lets finish with the cloths!” so I put the bodis and the armor and and put the dress back on, and she pulls my hair back “Okay theres just two more things we can put on if you want to!”
“Sure what are they?”
”A coat sort of and fingerless gloves, then comes weapons” she says walking back over to the wardrobe and pulling them out.
“Oh they’re gorgeous” I say looking at a pair of fingerless gloves and I pull them on.
”Deffinataly, now for the coat thingy a mbob”  and she takes out a bodis/coat
“Yeah I like it,” so I slip my arms though the sleeves. And then I button it up. “Oh I wonder what on earth happened to my sparrow?” I wonder out loud
“Your sparrow?!!”she asks surprised
“Yeah it was in my bra” I tell her
“Oh then if it was with you in the tunnel then its still in here lets get your bra,” she reasures me.  And sure enough there's my sparrow “Oh, its so cute! You should keep it on your shoulder!”
“I will!” And I lift the  sparrow, who looks indignant at being left alone, onto my shoulder where it looks much happier. “You know for now I think we should leave my hair this way! It looks better than greenish blond does with this outfit.”
“Yeah it really does, but we need to warn Alborton, but for now we’re not done yet.”
“I know,” I say
”So close combat stuff can be worn like jewelry, obviously the ones with the blades are more noticeable and more dangerous. I would suggest the other ones for now. These are sort of like claws”
“Okay,” I nod slipping on the cold silver with black stone in the middle.
“Now we need real weapons but if you want to that can wait.” She adds
I nod “I don’t need that for now,” I say thankfully
“Yeah that can wait, I suspect you just want to get married right now,” she say knowingly
I nod “yeah that’s just about what's on my mind!!!”
“Then lets get Alborton,” and she tells me to hide in the bathroom so I run off to the bathroom and I hear her talking to a maid “Get Alborton it is urgent and tell no one.”
“Of course and may my loyalty stand forever,.” The maid replies.
“Good now go!” Dragon replies back.
“Yes Dragon.” And the miad hustles off.
“You can come out, Weepingwillow,”
“Yeah not only Alborton told us to tell him when we we were ready, but also he needs to know about the hair change.”Dragon state the obvious
“So true”
And Alborton enters “Where's Weepingwillow?” and I wave at him “Oh” he says surprised at the change of hair.
“Hey at least you know who to propose to” I suggest.
“Yeah I suppose,”
“Yeah I was pretty shocked to,”
“Yes you were, we accidentally undyed her hair”
“Well I like it,” he says “it took a second to get used to, but it goes well with the outfit,”
“Yeah we know,” me and Dragon say in unison.
“Now are you ready?” Alborton asks.
“Yes,” I reply confidence in my every move.
“Good we will go by the tunnel. When we reach the town I will propose immediately,” he says the plan vivid in his mind. So we cautiously I we slip into the tunnel and along it paths until we are where me and Alborton had enter the tunnel, had entered the tunnel.
“Will you come with us Dragon?”
She looks at Alborton “Yes she might be needed” he nods.
“And there’s your answer” Dragon says
“Okay that’s good,” I say it makes me feel safer to have her there and she is now my friend so I want her to be at one of the happiest days of my life “Next question when is the wedding going to be?”
“Well assuming you say yes…” Alborton starts
“Well of course I’ll say yes!!!” I snap back offended
“Well, I’m not going to force you to, but back on topic I was thinking in a year,” he says. Then seeing that I’m not happy he asks “is that too soon? We can make it latter
“No it’s too long!!!” I say “but I suppose that I can live with it.
“Good because that will give us time to prepare, meet everyone, get the wedding stuff together” and I begin to see his logic.
“Okay,” I say reluctantly.
“Now we are approaching the clearing” Dragon points out, “I will hide myself somewhere in case I am needed.”
“Very good,” Alborton nods then he outlays my part of the operation to me, I nod and we step out into the clearing. I am knocked off my feet by the sheer sight. Then Alborton speaks with a loud and very clear voice “People of The Sun I have found a princess that I am deeply in love with, so with this I propose to the lovely Weepingwillow,” he squeezes my hand and I step forward and he says one last thing “the wedding will be in one week, for those noble who wish to attend he squeezes my hand and I step forward
“Alborton I wish that even those who aren’t noble could come to,” the people nod and I know I passed a unknown  test.
He nods as well “Okay princess, then anyone may come, anyone can come!”Then there is something shiny at me I have no idea why but I feel scared then it hits me a knife and I am frozen I want to run but I can’t and there is a noise like a whip and Dragon’s knife thunks into the tree. And the knife that was thrown at me narrowly avoids me and hits a tree just to my left and Dragon flips down from the tree that was her hiding place walks over and pulls it out, “Would the owner of this knife like to step forward and challenge me, from now on any challenge to Weepingwillow will be regarded as a challenge to me!” and the people start to shrink back even though Dragon was not publicly aloud to fight word had gotten out that she was a fierce opponent! And even though that isn’t the only reason that no one challenges her or me it is the main reason. “Good,” she hisses and we spin around and leave through the tunnel.
“Good I will leave the rest to you ladies,” Alorton says. Me and Dragon nod.
Dragon says, “Don’t worry we will have it planned in a years time.”
“Then I will let you to have at it!!!” and he leaves.
“So you obviously need the weapons now, someone or a few people are out to get you,” so she pulls the dagger out of her belt “this is a good blade and magical.”
“Okay,” I say eyeing the blade, trying hard not to be scared of it.
“It did not draw blood I trust,” She asks “If so we must get rid of it without anymore time wasted,”
“No it did not draw blood,” I say and Dragon looks relieved.
 “If it did then it might follow and try to kill you,” she says “That is how magical it is, so be careful!”
“Wow! Okay! Um we should get a sheath for it,” I say.
“Probably a good idea” she remarks dryly and calls for her maid “Get the leather, and steel workers over here, now!”
“Will be attended to right away, majesty,” the maid says sort of a fearful look on her face.
“Oh come on,” Dragon says, “I want a friendly environment with my maids. What’s your name?”
“I’m just a maid, I don’t have a name!” the maid says sadly.
“That’s a problem. We’ll have to fix that!” Dragon nods “How do you like the name Rain? Oh and if you don’t like it don’t be afraid to say so!”
“Oh it is a wonderful name, Highness,” she gasps delighted to have a name.
“Good, then go down and desire a very large feast to be brought to Dragons room, for the princess, the bride to be, and the prince!” Dragon says.
“Oh right away,” the maid says.
“Oh and by the away, Rain, don’t brag too much about your name,” Dragon hints.
“Oh, of course! I won’t,” Rain says quickly.
“Bring it here yourself by the way,” Dragon says.
The maid looks puzzled but agrees. When the maid leaves, Dragon leans over, “By the way, we aren’t having a feast right now.”
“I gathered that, I rather suspect that, you will give her the food,” I say.
“How right you are,” And Dragon only smiles.


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