Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


12. Where? What?!! Why?? When? How? Mist

Me and mom are taking a walk“Hey mom what do you say we look at how Weepingwillow is doing?” I ask.

“Sure we haven’t checked up on her for a while,” mom says, she fumbles in her belt purse for a moment, then her face falls. “I left my seeing element at home. We will have to wait until we get home. I suppose it will be better until Fire is with us.”

“It’s fine I have my element with me,” I say taking out the blue diamond bottle of glass and uncork it. Then I open a whole in the middle of the circle of mist. And we look through to The Sun’s property, “What is she doing here? They better not have captured her! If they did they will pay the price!” I scream. Then the angle of what we are looking at changes and we see Alborton, Dragon, and worst of all... Weepingwillow, walking together, and talking in a friendly sort of way. “Has she gone crazy or fallen to the dark side?” I hiss. “Does she not know that she is laughing with our sworn enemy!”

“I doubt it, Fire left her with very little knowledge of this plane and its rivals. Most likely Alorton fell in love with her and saved her so she fell in love with him.” Mom says stopping me before I almost step through the portal and murder all of the people in front of us.

“ If they harm her, I will murder them, I will give them bubonic plague!!! I scream. And then mom cuffs me in the back of the neck and all I see is a starry sky for several minutes.

I wake up with my head under water and my first thought is that they found the portal, and somehow managed to get through and are trying drowning me I thrust my wrist up out of the water and grab their free wrist and with a neat flick, landing them into the water next to me, I quickly heave a sputtering mom to the surface.

“Oops, I didn't know it was you,” I offer.

“Hey at least I left your body on the surface you dropped me in whole! anyways get to Fire as soon as you can  I will give you the information as as you go!”

“I’m already on it,” I say as I jump to the nearest tree branch and swing a few time to build up my momentum and at the crest of my swing I drop and hit the ground running. I listen to a horror story as I run and I keep waiting for my self to wake up from this nightmare screaming. But I never wake up, and eventually, after I run into a tree, the stinging pain and the blood streaming down my face like waterfalls, awakens me, but only to the fact this is not a dream. I skid down a slope outside the tree and to keep myself from falling, I pull off a fancy trick and land in front of Fire. I had meant to break it to her gently but instead accidentally spill it all once. Her hair turns black, her eyes turn blank streaked with red. Then her eyes return to a healthy golden. And her fire becomes fiery again, she smiles like she doesn't care and for a second my imagination, so helpful for spell casting, tempts me to believe that she's evil and is about to kill me. But I know that look on her face and I know she has a plan. She lays it out to me, and I listen just enough to know It will work. And we start to walk back. Then I stop us. And we decide to fly. It doesn't look like most people expect it to. It is mostly gymnastic, with a pinch of magic, Its just a jump up and then forward momentum, and magic, loosening that pesky gravity's hold on use so we keep going straight. When we get there we explain to mom the idea. She approves it and we speed to the hollow tree. Pick out a fabric, and go to bed.

The next day...

Today Its time to disguise Fire today.

“Hey Mist,” Fire says” So I thought of a name, Sun Flame.

I think for a moment “Okay sounds good,” I answer. “But now for the real thing, you’re looks, I’m going to get some of my girl friends over and we're going to do your hair.

"Oh great, after you all are done I won't even recognize myself!" she says sarcasm radiate in her voice.

"You do realize that's the point, right " I tell her.

"I suppose," Fire says

I take out my bottle of  mist and and write "come to the hollow tree. And bring your make up supplies we are disguising Fire so she can rescue Weepingwillow." within five minutes all of my friends are here, Star has said we can come over tomorrow for the cloths. Kat brought some of her hair dyes. Whisper brought bottles of gas to change the way your voice sounds. Arrow (yes the one who almost killed me, then saved my life) brought just plain old make up.

Whisper showed up first "Hi Mist, hello Fire," she calls, "can I come in? Its raining."

"Sure," I said. But as I opened the door an arrow whizzed past my ear and embeds itself in the wall. Then it melted into Arrow. Ever since Elenanay turned her into a elf she retained the ability to turn into a arrow.

"Well that's one way to make a dramatic entrance," Fire remarked. Arrow had only smiled.

" Indeed, so it is, and so is this," a voice from behind Fire proclaimed. Fire screams and jumps. behind her Kat is leaning nonchalantly against the wall. "As you can see, we made a competition for who had the best entrance, Star and Whisper have yet to arrive,"

"What do you mean Whisper is right here?" Fire says naively.

"A mere illusion," Arrow says as she touches Whisper the illusion disappears "For me and Kat's entrance. Oh and look Whisper is arriving, from above" Indeed she is she is falling out of the sky, but then she grabs a star and the star beams a ray down she did a chin up pull over onto of the beam of light then proceeds to do back handsprings down the length of the bean. and stop a foot from the edge mid handspring.the light dissolves into Star. Whisper falls to dragon's eye and lands in a handstand. Star follows landing on her knee.

"Not sure who won here, but I vote for Star and Whisper," Fire says dryly after a few seconds of stunned silence. I hide a smile knowing how much Kat scared her.

Kat smiles too "neither am I, lets call it a tie." and much to her credit, does not make fun of Fire. But then again that's not in her nature, and I wouldn't expect her to.

"It doesn't matter anyways it was still fun" says Star.

"Then lets forget about who won," says Whisper

"The point is to disguise Fire so lets get to it!" Arrow reminds us.

Fire vents a resigned sigh, she never was much for makeup and girly things.

So my friends whisk Fire away. And I watch with an amused smile on my face. By the time they are done Fires voice is an octave higher. Her hair is the color of sun ripened wheat mixed with crystallized honey. Her eyes are are the color of orange autumn leaves, and her cheeks are extremely full in color. And Star has forgotten her instruments at home, and is keeping me company. And poor Fire looks like shes about to scream. Whisper gives her the neutralizing potion.

"Oh thank god" Fire says after letting the effects of the neutralizing potion settle in, "My own voice was starting to give me a headache. Arrow passes Fire a cloth soaked with makeup remover. Fire drapes it across her face and after thirteen seconds she takes it off and all the blush is gone and shes starting to look like my baby sister again. But no matter how much Fire brushes her hair through a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, water, and hair dye remover, the hair dye never so much as fades. Fire glares at Kat but Kat just whistles, pretends not to notices and pointedly walks over to me. "

I kinda forgot to tell her that dye isn't water soluble so it won't wash out. And it won't be detected by magic. And for now it will make her unreactive to spells." Kat whispers in my ear.

"So let me get this straight, if she gets splashed water on her, or they activate a detect magic spell, nothing will happen. But If for some reason she needs a healing spell it won't work." I reply quietly.

"Yeah, but healing potions will still work" Kat says banishing my fears. "But that also means she will need the strongest stuff I have to get it out and I don't keep that kinda stuff on hand, because if you use it and you don't have a really strong dye in your hair it will permanently turn your hair white and no dye will ever work on your hair again. And if you get to much on your skin it burns like acid. So I don't  it on hand only the starter and that's the only starter in the plane probably."

"So why is this necessary?" I ask quietly, "it sound dangerous."

"It is, but last time Fire did something dangerous she ended up seriously hurt so I don't want to take chances," Kat replies.

"This is taking a chance," I can’t help but reply.

Kat  acknowledge this with a nod, a shrug, “This is less of a risk.”

I look at her, “Are you so sure?” I coldly.

“Yes,” d,

I reach out and grab her arm, and flip her over on to the floor and she doesn’t make even a move against me. “Okay,” I say. That was a test. Then I reverse my grip and pull Kat up. And drag myself out of the chair “But you are the who is breaking the new to Fire,”

“Isn’t it always,” Kat sighs

“You are the one who didn’t tell her before hand”

“Acknowledged,” she sighs.

She Wwalks over to Fire to tell her the news and Fire throws the bucket of dye removing solution at her.

Kat walks back over to me "Well that went well."

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