Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


11. Where? What?!! Why?? When? How? Fire

I look around and try and figure out why isn’t dark. Its midnight, if it could be called that. The sun is suspended in the sky.
Suddenly there is a pounding of feet and a yelling of my name. I slip to the window, and watch as Mist runs does a round off, double back handspring, back layout with a twist. Just too land to land in front of me!
“Impressive, so what are you in such a hurry for?” I ask, burning with curiosity.
“You might want to see for self, I know you were specially attached to Weepingwillow,” she says sadly
“Did she get killed?” I ask fearfully.
“No,” I breathe a sigh of relief “No, I’m afraid it is worse than that. She is to marry Alborton in one year!” Mist says.
“Dear goddesses, But how is that worse?” I ask puzzled.
“They are harnessing her power. They are making it day forever”
“What!!!????” I sputter. “Why is she with them? Will they kill her when she notices the evil, or when she runs out of power?”
“No that’s the good news. Alborton is in love with her. His parents may try to kill her, but his love is so strong it could almost bring her back from the dead. And Dragon has said that any challenge to Weepingwillow will be regarded as one to herself! Weepingwillow is pretty safe!”
“Dragon?” I ask astonished
“Yes it seems that she went back to her rightful place among the evil.” Mist says sadly, and I feel the sadness she is feeling, but not as strong as feels it for Dragon was her twin. “Well that’s not the point. The point is we need to figure out what to do!”
“Easy, you said she has a wedding in 1 year!” I say.
“Yeah, how does that help?” she asks puzzled.
“Easy I go to her wedding give her the gift of awareness!” I say jubilant. “We’ll get her back!”
“Yes oh it’s so easy!” she cry out loud obviously as happy as me. We start to run to get mom then Mist stops me “you want a more enjoyable ride?”
“Sure!” I say.
“How this for a change?” she laughs. She walks a few paces behind me, starts a handspring but wraps her legs around me right in the middle of the handspring lifting me off the ground. Instead of finishing the handspring I push us up and towards the forest path. She drops her legs from around my waist and we fly across the familiar paths only holding together with our hands.  We reach the clearing and split off from each other forming a karate like pose a hit trees opposite each other cartwheel through the air like the was a ground beneath out hand hit the others tree is the same pose we hit ours, but this time as we are passing each other we grab the other wrist and just spin in midair. Until we run out of energy and collapse to the ground in a heap!
“So what the occasion? I seem to recall that losing Weepingwillow was not a good thing!” Mom asks dryly.
“It’s not! That’s why I’m so happy, Fire found a way to save her.” And Mist proceeds to tell mom my plan.”
“Yes that’s might work,” a smile growing on moms face “Worth a try!”
“So let’s get you dressed for the party and find the water, we've only got a year” Mist says…
Mist looks at all the dresses “You know... we might not want a dress! There is a chance you will have to fight and/or drag a stunned Weepingwillow back here so I suggest you were a tight fitting bodice and some very flowing pants so they look like a skirt,” I nod and turn my thought to what I will wear.
“We may need to sew me some new cloths! I don't have anything fancy enough!” I say.
“Yeah so how about black and blue?” she asks.
“Okay sounds good!” I say excited.
I’ll go get the fabric” and she hurries off a moment later she comes back hold a bolt of a navy blue and a bolt of black. I touch the fabric.
“Oh wow, it’s so soft!” I whisper in amazement.
“My best!” she smile
“Oh thanks!” I return the smile.
“You’re going to a princess’s wedding you need to look fancy!” She says mischievously.
2 days later...
“You are so broad shouldered and your waist is so thin!!!” Starwillow complains. “No one will mistake you for a noble lady they will think you are a warrior and there is no way I can mask that!”
“Fine, then I could go?” Mist returns.
“That’s a lot easier for me!” Starwillow nods. I am happy that Mist will get to go but I am sad that I can’t after all she is my mission, but I suppose Mist didn’t lose her mission and I did!
“Okay if it’s fine with Fire, I’d love to go!” Mist questions me. Well that’s would be Mist even though she knows it is better if she goes but she will ask me anyways.
“Its fine,” I sigh. Sensing that it’s not fine she raises her eyebrows. I nod telling her I’m not happy about it but I’ve set my mind that I won’t go.
“Okay, if you want to stay, Fire you can, but I will mostly be taking measurements of Mist,” Starwillow says.
“Kay, I’ll go home then.” I nod. I back up to the door and grab the steel cord and the leather glove folds completely around that cord leaving none of my skin exposed to the harsh rope burn I would get if I used my bare hands. I push off the ledge with my toes and wave with me free hand. “See you later!” I yell, over the growing gap between me and her.
I look down to enjoy the view and as always what I see stuns me. The tips of trees barely visible under the mountain high distance between me and them, they look more like blades of grass in a meadow. But the zip line slants down at approximately a 45 degree angle, and now the trees look like saplings. And now I’m about 3 feet above the carpet of branches. I grip tight with the glove until I pull to a stop about an inch or two above a nice solid branch. I point my toes and just manage to touch the branch. Then I let go of the zip line and climb down the tree. And walk the familiar paths home.


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