Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


13. Wedding day

I look at the tiny corset, “You sure thats going to fit?” I ask Dragon.

“Positive.” She says. “I’ll lace its up, its a bit tough.”

I nod and she starts to lace it up its uncomfortable but when she gets to the  waist, I gasp “Its okay its going to hurt a bit, but it will look pretty once you are done,” I nod not trusting myself to not scream if I open my mouth. A lit bit farther and she has to pull lace grab and pull until she gets all the way to the top then she connects it with a fiery magic and its done. I look at my self in the mirror, and sigh happily  at my reflection. The corset which looked ridiculous, when I first looked at it is actually pretty. And it doesn’t look strange and it doesn’t hurt. And the weddings today. And I am wearing the typical Sun dress with my own twist instead of a autumn corset, instead I went with a mossy green, honoring the  day I ran away. And I wear a chain on my neck with a flame on it. To honor Fire, and symbolize my marriage. Dragon hands me the bouquet of sun lilies.

“Time for your big day to really start, Mist. Where'd that come from I mean Willow.” Dragon says, and shakes her head as if to clear it.

“Thanks I think.” I say. As Dragon takes my hand and escorts me the door and pauses, “Your parents aren’t here to give you away so I will.” She says. And I smile.

“Its so you to be first and last there to put me on my feet until I can stand on my own in this society.” I say, tears to my eyes. Dragons eyes remain surprisingly dry.

“Its in my nature”  Then we both jerk back and I see this girl, tow headed exactly like Dragon, but some how different. Then we both look at each other like what just happend. And It happens again but this time a I see the girl with a corset.

“Lets ignore that and get to the wedding, before the think you dropped out. And explore that later.” Dragons says. I nod, But I can’t stop thinking about it. I pretty sure Dragon felt it or something like. I wonder who she saw. And who ever I saw it wasn’t Dragon. But I smile And she leads me into the courtyard. I get many stares for the green corset, but I was going to get stared at any way and I don’t let bother me, instead I focus on Alborton, who has his back turned, He won’t look at me until the vows are over. I walk over to him Dragon lets go of my hand as I turn around. Back to back with Alborton. I grab his hands and stand still at his trembling back. And we make our promises. The I turn, and tap him on the shoulder, he turns around, grabs and kisses me. I look into his eyes, and find love and nothing else. He leads me to the table and we sit and people line to give us wedding presents. The weapon maker is first and he gives us identical, and enchanted, crossbows. Then there is a girl I don’t know, that surprises me because she is a noble, and I spent the part of the week not planning the wedding, acquainting myself with all the nobles. I suppose I could have missed her. But then again she looks familiar, I guess I met a lot of people I just don’t remember her.

“This is the water of knowledge, drink it and you will know everything  about what you are thinking about most now.” She says. I take it from her, and sip it it is tasteless. I see Alborton reaching for me with alarm on his face, and for a second I thinks its poison. Then suddenly I jerk back, as information floods into my mind, and I realize everything about Alborton. Then I look at the girl.

“Wait a minute you’re Mist,” I say.

“Thanks for the roll call, time to go.” She says.

“Mist” is whispered all about the crowd.

She drags me out of my seat, with surprising strength. She drags me running with me stumbling behind. Then the guards step in front of her and she skids to a sudden stop.

“I know the point was to run out of the wedding, but your out of ground to run over,” One of the cocky one says.

“Which is why you're going to give it,” Mist says. She grabs the cross bow away from Alborton, who has walked up to us, then she shoots the guard and drops a glass bottle on the ground, as it breaks a mist fills the courtyard. She drags me through the mist, with an apparent destination, but I don’t know how with a the mist. Its like she can see through it, and to my surprise we emerge on the other side. We run, fast. But soon I am feeling lightheaded, and stop Mist. “Oh damn the corset,” she exclaims. She grabs her dagger, and just for a second, I remember what Alborton told me. And I’m afraid she's about to kill me then I remember what I saw. She takes the dagger to the magic, and pulls. “damn we can’t lose this time, this mist will wear off so and they,” She starts to say, then the magic loosens and the dagger flies towards her face with the sudden release. She flies backwards, and lands on her back, sticks the dagger in the ground. and uses the excess momentum to fly to her feet, still holding the knife. She pulls it out of the ground. Slides it back into its sheath, and walks over to me in one motion. She looks at me undoing the links on at a time. She grabs where the two ends of the corest and yands the apart with one swift motion. She lets it fall to the ground, and I take a large breath in. Then we are running again. Slowly I notice that the ground is brown and dead and dry. Mist notices me looking at it strangely Alborton put a spell on you to make you think that the sun is a bountiful place when in truth its dry and dead. The spell is starting to wear off. You will notice when we get to my territory. It will be lush.” She says. Then stops taking as the tree thin out “Stay here,” She  says darkly after a minute. she walks up to the end of the trees and promptly gets an arrow shot at her. She  darts back to me with a dark look on her face. “Damn its the battle field. I was hoping we would miss it. We will have to skirt it. Come on.” She says. Then we  are going, but off to the side. Going about a hundred meters of the thinning trees.

Then all the sudden the is a person in front of us, he smiles and I recognize him as one of the guards. Mist rolls her eyes, takes a step back, mutters in elvish tongue, wait how did I know that was elvish. I shake my head then Mist raises her hand, and a jet of pure energy streams out directly at the guard. He is blown back.

I step back surprised “I’ve never seen anyone actively work magic before,” I say.

“I’ve never met my sister formally before,” She says in tones of dismissal.

“I like you,” I say smiling.

“Really? Because I don’t...” My eyes widen at the fact that she doesn’t like me. I open my mouth but, she starts talking first, “Remember you liking me before.”

I glare at her she smirks, “I’m not so sure I like you anymore,” I frown.

“Welcome to having an older sister,” she smirks.

“I missed you to,” I say just dripping with sarcasm.

“Of course you did! So did I,” she says smiling geninaly. “But don’t worry I caught the sarcasm.” she smirks. “Look you need to go off into the forest” she lifts a silver locket off her neck and puts it on me, “When the battle is done I will call you using this, It will get really cold, ice cold, open the locket and take the note out, thats how I will find you, the battle calls to me, and the wounded need me, each time someone gets hurt I can feel it, it will destroy me if I don’t get out there and help them just run into the forest I will find you I promise, we will always find you,” I started to run I didn’didn't have time to ask all the questions I needed to ask, and when I looked back Mist was already gone.

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