Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


15. Wedding day Mist

I slip into the wedding at the back past the guards and take a seat. I am dressed like a woman from the sun. I watch the ceremony with tears in my eyes, but unlike the other people there it is because, she is going to live with marrying a tyrant, kissing a tyrant, loving a tyrant. I turn away. When the marrying part is over, I walk over to the line, explaining that I can’t stay much longer, I get second in line to give them their gifts. I hand her the water and she smiles, and put it to her lips, Alborton reaches to her with a look of horror on his face. I start to smile, its then that he realizes I’m not from The Sun.

“Your Mist” Willow gasps.

My jaw drops at this bad turn of events, and its Alborton’s turn to smile as he recognizes me. I drag her out of her seat, while making some snappy comment that I can’t hear with the blood pounding in my ears. I start to run. Then a guard steps in front of us, oh damn this could not have gone worse. Alborton walks up and I try something desperate, I grab the cross bow from him. I talk a swift careful aim and shoot. The surprised moment gives me enough time, to fumble in my bag and drop a glass bottle on the ground. Immediately mist fills the courtyard. But unlike the rest of the people here I can see just as well as I usually can, maybe even better. Oh and Dragon might be able to see through this. I means its not that I see through it, but I have like a radar and compass in my mind. It automatically turns on when there is mist around, its very precise picking out shapes to the millimeter. And from there my logical brain takes over makes shapes their proper colors. I start to run again, knowing the mist will only last so long. I run until we burst though the mist, my gears switch, and I turn my compass to Fire. I pull her until we get to to a point where she is stumbling so much I’m starting to think something's wrong. I turn to stop when she gasps my name.

“I can’t breath,” she gasps weakly. I curse under my breath. Of course the corset has restricted her body, so much. I can’t believe she managed to keep up with me. I grab my dagger, for a second her eyes widen and she stiffens and draws back just a bit. Then she relaxes. I rip the magic loose. But the force is unexpected I jerk back and do a half flip, half roll back and push off the dagger to standing. I walk back over to her. For a half a second I watch her pull the cord away one by one. I grab the ends of the corset and pull, instantly the corset falls away. I grab her hand and we run. We keep running until we get to the battlefield. I curse, make a quick mental calculation, and turn to the right, and keep running. A guard steps in front of us. I whisper “power” in elvish. I let the magic well up in my hand. Then I let the power go. It hits him square in the chest. We keep running. But by now the battle is starting to call to me. And every time someone gets hurt, I feel the pain and a tug towards them. Eventually it gets too much. I tell Willow to run into the forest and give her a locket, and tell her I will call her. Then I wish I was with Fire. And the forest disappears replaced with a wide open field. I am standing on a big branch of the only tree in the field. Fire is standing next to me looking at the destruction of the battle. Her eyes are half closed and a single tear is rolling down her cheek. I sigh and bow low, “healer Mist reporting to commander Fire.” She turns and I raise two fingers to my head.

“Shut up I've had enough of commander for today. "You may go." She says, knowing that the pain calls to me, I nod. and slip down wisping my way across the battle flied teleporting to were ever I'm needed.

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