Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


14. Wedding day Fire

I sigh, as the eager squire polishes my armor. Today I know I will lead a battle, this was always Dragon's business I want no part in it, no part in the hundreds of deaths today, no part in the battle, no part in the blood. 

"Blood oh my dragon did you see it oh dragons the blood so much blood oh the blood the blood its so red its blood the rain is blood the river in blood the lake is blood oh the blood so much blood everything is blood the blood." I remember a stricken little girl crying after the battle many years ago.

I look at the cheerful squire babbling away so exited about her first battle. I am definitely not because that stricken little girl was my best friend, she was never the same after that it drove her mad. The sight of her mother's broken body after the war and the dead had been collected, her father was never found. Once I saw her like that I didn't ask to see papa.

Now a little girl was in front of me happy and smiling. I wonder which family member the tears of blood from her eyes would flow for. Or would her sister look at her and not recognize her mangled face and say "who is that?" and go mad when she learnt it was her sister. I watched my sister ride off on a mission nearly impossible today, I wonder now if I would ever see her again.

The squire helped me put on my  armor, still babbling.

One of the generals walked up to my and bowed low "The soldiers are waiting for you to make your battle speech"

I turn my head unwilling to meet her gaze, "I not in the mood" I said striping my voice of all emotion." That and I couldn't bear to look at the people I might be leading to their death today. I couldn't let them see me with tears to my eyes. Wondering how many of them would die that day. 100? 1000? 10000?.

"Of course commander" she said but her lips were in a thin wondering, and disproving line.

I sigh "Why don't you give one" her mouth opened and understanding fills her eyes. But she nods and turns.

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