Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


2. The unplanned escape


I go over our plan (Fire’s and mine) in my mind- first at the chime of midnight call for my maid, Fire (I have chosen her because the fire in her heart for my freedom is more real than the fire in her name.), check. Second sneak up to our secret room, a place I found years ago.check.

Step three check our bags,check. and four jump. Fire grabbs my hand as we prepared to jump, then we jump. For a moment after we jump I feel the wind on my face, and then I’m jerked to a sudden stop. Looking below me, my eyes widen as I realize that I had misjudged the distance and that a fall from this height would have killed me, and for that matter, Fire too as I look to find what had saved us from this fatal fall. I realize that my hood is caught on a tree branch that had broken our freefall.

“Uh Weepingwillow shouldn’t we have hit the ground by no--. Oh,”

The “no--” was made as she realized our height and her unstable position. “Yeah be glad we haven’t,”

“So-- why haven’t we?”

My hood got caught on a tree branch


Suddenly I feel another jerk.

“Why are we moving then?” Fire calls with panic, I have never heard her panic before.

“My hood just got uncaught” I reply my voice no less panicky then hers

“Then why are we going up not down? Uh Weepingwillow don’t look up and don’t look down.”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“We appear to be held by an eagle of colossal size”

“How big is this eagle?” I question, expecting large cat size.

“A horse and 5 times again,” She replies.

“Impossible” I snap, looking up expecting to see that she was playing a joke on me, she wasn’t, I instinctively duck feeling the hood rip.  “Why should I look down?” I scream with the very essence of panic.

“Because of how high we are.” She says trying to keep the fear in her voice down and doing a fairly good job of it. Looking down I sink into blackness my last thought wondering, is this a dream? It has to be!

“Weepingwillow wake up! Weepingwillow oh please wake up!” A voice seems to scream in my head as I’m shock back and forth.

“Uh huh”

“Finally you’re awake,” Fire pants out of breathe.

Then I sink back into darkness. When I finally do start to wake up there is fuzziness in my thoughts and in my eyes. “Fire, what happened?”

“Weepingwillow, thank goddesses we are both alive!”

“Apparently,” I reply with just a hint of sarcasm. She doesn’t appear to notice. “Now may I learn answer to my question?”

“Right, your hood ripped so we fell, I’m not exactly sure when you fell unconscious but I think it was before we hit the ground.”

“How come we are not dead?”

“I’m not sure but it has something to do with the fact that we a hit a tree before we hit the ground it’s also probably the reason you have a wound across your cheek.” She said with everlasting patience for all my questions.

“Wound!?  How will, how can we treat it?”

“I don’t know”


“Yeah I also have one. Switching topics, I gathered what I could to eat. Oh and by the way did you pack a bow?”

“Yes of coarse why do ask?”

“Oh, I just wondered because we have one.”

“Yeah, remember I had one when we jumped from the secret room’s window.”


“Whatever let’s go we’ve got to get back to the castle before Saturday night, when my parents will want to eat with me.”

“We’ve got a week then, and a fair way from the castle but not far enough.”

“You mean we are a fair distance from the castle but not far enough that it will take a more than week to get back.”

“I mean that we are a fair distance from the castle but not far enough that they won’t find use if we don’t get a move on or find someplace to hide.”

“You can’t be serious about going away forever.”

“But I am.”

“You’re certain you’re serious.”

“Yes’ think about it if we go back then it will be the as we started and there might never be this chance again or we might die in the attempts. But if we stay away then/then/then we will be free.”

“Okay. Then how far do we need to go?”

“Far away from civilization there are too many poor people out there who will do anything for money. And if the castle can’t find us they will most certainly put out a reward for you, it’s too much of a risk for us and too much of a temptation for them. But for today we need to decide some things and then rest.”

“Okay.” “First are we going to run or hide? Eventually we will have to do both, but for now just one.”

“What do you think?”

“What would I do personally? Run for the first four days spend the last of our five days constructing a hiding place. The hiding place won’t be as good as if we spent five days on it but it will be further away and that will make up for the loss of time and creativity.”

“Then I guess we should get going.”

“There is a chance one of the maids will report our absences to your parents, earlier than planned.”

“You mean early, if we have it our way they will not report us at all.”

“So true so true.”

Then suddenly Swords (Fire’s cat who I neglected to mention earlier) hisses softly, and Daggers (my owl) hoots quietly in distress and as I turn to look at her an arrow whizzes by were my head was only a second before causing a stream of blood to pour from a shallow wound across my eyes. We pushed to our feet and run, trusting our pets to follow.

I tap Fire on the shoulder. “Let’s climb a tree! I/I/I just can’t run.”

“okay.” you can tell she is nearly taking this as hard as me.

Seeing the nearest pine tree I point to it and mummer “That one” she nods and we swerve to compensate for the change in course. Ducking under its branches and swinging myself up to the lowest branch, I get my first real taste of climbing in the wilderness as branches whip and at my face and hair stinging and cutting, bringing tears to my eyes. When my adrenalin slows enough that I can stop climbing it proves that even though the trees in the outdoor room may have been easier than real trees (I’m sure they are, now.)The practice still paid off I was a fair distance further than Fire.

As I wait for her to catch up I watch for our pursuer and scan the horizon for a good goal to reach before it is to light to risk travel, seeing none I turn my attention back to Fire, she’s almost at my level

“What’s the plan?” I whisper not wanting to give away our position to the person below. “Run I don’t know if that person will report us to the king or queen but if they do it won’t be good, so we’ve got to be far away.” She shrugs. “And there’s our change of plans In a nutshell. I was going to say one day of rest but we’ve been seen it’s too dangerous lets go if they saw who we are they won’t shoot us if they haven’t seen who we are then hopefully won’t see us this time.”

“Okay great let’s go.”

Fire steps down one branch and slips as the branch breaks blow her dumping her down into empty air, freezing me in place, saving my life, or I probably would jump after her, despite the fact that would make our situation much worse if it could be, it doesn’t matter now, there’s not much I can do now. I’ll have a hard time just surviving without her. As an arrow whizzes past I become literary painfully aware the hunter or whoever they are knows my position and not who I am, or who I was, after all I’m lost and almost dead, not at all like the princess Weepingwillow I was yesterday. All these thoughts whirl though my head along with the fact I have not slept for 2 days so as dawn breaks the horizon, I slump against the tree and dream of when Fire, not only my maid, I realize, my best friend too, was alive.

I wake up the first thought that enters my head is the secret room, Dagger and how Daggers found it I mourn the thought that I’ll never see the room again But I can’t help but smile at the memory of how Daggers, my owl rammed in to the bed leg-needless to say it was her first flight. Somehow she managed to collapse the bed. I had rolled in to the tree that grows up the side of my bedroom- my bed room is right on top of the outdoors room and recoiled as the wall slid back with a slight rumble. I had quickly called for my maid Fire.  When she got there I showed her the passage-well, more like she noticed it was fairly obvious. We agreed to take a torch-well to be perfectly honest I grabbed a torch, and told her she could come if she wanted to and whichever she chose she had better keep her mouth shut to my parents, she came and kept her mouth shut. I lit the torch in the fireplace.

We started down the short corridor (it was about 3 or 4 feet long) and rounded a corner to find a ladder. I climbed the ladder to find myself in a room where bookshelves full of books line the wall. There were two beanbags in the room. One had the name Firewillow Golddragon embroidered on it the other was blank. Gold dragon is my last name and Firewillow sounded vaguely familiar. I had helped Fire embroider her name on hers. across from the beanbags there was a fireplace stocked with wood ready to be lit. We had spent long hours reading to each other or reading just to ourselves. Then I drift back to sleep.


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