Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


3. The unplanned escape Fire

I go over our plan in my mind, but it doesn't really matter because I know things won’t go to plan, or at least according to her plan.
I’m hoping things will go to mine. I've talked to the Fëalda outside of the secret room, asking her to catch us in our, would be fatal fall. I have also talked to the annaothoron asking her to take us down from the  Fëalda and drop us of safely on the ground. 
A sleepy maid walks in to my chambers “Weepingwillow, her majesty, calls you.”
“Of course, I will not delay her majesty,” I nod.
”Good she seems is a hurry it would not do well to delay her,” she nods approvingly
When she leaves the room I grab my pack from under the bed, slip on my maid shawl then thinking better of it I leave that on the floor, and slip off to Weepingwillow’s room, careful not to wake up other maids.
When I get there, I notice that she has already started to change. Even though we’re not outside the window yet, her slightly green yellow hair cascades down her back, then twists with vines and flows down to her knees. She had a bow in her hand and some armor, but other than that minimal clothing.
I have on my favorite leaf dress on along with some armor. My fiery red hair does its own thing so much unlike Weepingwillow’s perfect hair. I have the belt pouch that Weepingwillow helped me sew, a felt ivy leaf, on a rope around my waist.  A scabbard with a sword hangs on the same rope. A leaf locket hangs around my neck, and gleams in the candlelight.
“Let’s go” she comments sharply, but I sense she is only excited, not mad at me.  As she touches the slight bump in the tree,
I think about the time she found the secret room and smile. Weepingwillow had called me urgently into her chambers. Apparently  her bed had collapsed–she had rolled into the tree and triggered the reaction.  She was a little black and blue for awhile.  It was a shocking discovery to her. It seemed she had never had a bruise before. She had found my old hideout. She grabbed a touch and told me I could come if I wanted to and which ever I chose I could not tell her parents, I said yes to the question and the demand. We walked along a corridor that I once knew so well. We turned the corner and got to the ladder. The ladder leads you inside of  the room I spent my childhood and princes life in. As I looked around memories (like the ones I’m having now) had flooded into my head.
We slip into the corridor I mentally say goodbye to the life we know now. But I’m less than sad to leave.
I grab Weepingwillow’s hand as we prepare to jump. Weepingwillow counts down and we jump. For a moment we fall and I wonder if the  Fëalda forgot or missed us. And then I’m flung upward with a fast stop I call up to Weepingwillow asking her why we haven’t hit the ground yet even though I know perfectly well. I hardly listen. But I listen enough to know that things are going so good so far. I ask her a few more questions all the while just waiting for the  annaothoronto pick us up. As the annaothoron lifts us up I keep talking to Weepingwillow hoping she won’t look up or down.
“Impossible” she snaps to a badly planned comment, and does the inedible, she looks up.
She jumps if one can be said to jump in midair.
I sew most of her clothing and know how strong it is. And it’s certainly not strong enough to withstand that.
She ask another question as result to the same bad comment and I answer just as bad as I had made the comment that will cause our fall. She looks down and her hand goes limp and I think she just fell unconscious. As we fall I’m tempted to do the same but as we hit a tree I realize that I’m not given that option. I whipped back to reality by a tree, a tree that saves my life. We crash through the trees branches landing on a pine needle bed.
I reach for a scroll in my belt pouch casting lirw and ninnig on Weepingwillow. And start to wonder looking for a place to bring Weepingwillow. Both spells will stay on Weepingwillow in till I, the caster break them so I’ve as long as I need 4 days at the most she, will sleep and be safe.
I don’t know what I will do if she still wants to go home even after I try to convince her to stay away from home probably cast rthtt.
If she tries to get home she won't get back that way and if she does get in the castle window it won't put her in the secret room it might not even put her on the same plane of existence it could put her on a where she couldn't survive-like the plane of nar or the plane of nen both uninhabitable to humans and elves alike without a spell especially to those who don’t know about magic so don’t know what it is that is killing them, so cannot will themselves to live through the perils of those planes.
As I walk along the twisting forest path I come to a stream. I know where we are now! I think in excitement if we walk up this stream for 4 days we will get to a waterfall behind the waterfall there is a cave that could be our home base. Thought, I’d better check I haven’t been here for a while I might not be where think I am.
But for now I need to tend to my wounds and rest, I think falling half asleep I've barely got enough energy to tend my wounds which are many, and large.
The sun glows through my eyelids, I wake up and spend 15 minutes choosing spells that I can cast today, then set out I know I will go faster than Weepingwillow so I can get there today and check it out and have a safe place to spend the night .
I’m likely to hit a magical being of some sort soon if not today. As I think this, there’s a crack it the bushes and I spin around seeing a nar I recoil, then realizing my new spell I smirk “I bring water” and breath into my hand. A flame licks around my arm then drowns as my arm liquidises into water. “I don’t think so” I tsk at the nar. (nar literally means fire, hence the reason of its vaporizing.) It seems confused then it tries again I duck and it strikes the stream pulling back in agonized anger. By now the change of flesh to water has spread throughout my body, and as the Feuer lashes, out yet again I grab its arm and whisper “Bernstein” with a voice like a waterfall, and the Feuer explodes into a necklace of amber.
“I bring you flesh” breath into my palm and touch the amber pendant on the necklace, my hand is about to go the pendant but it hardens just before it does. And I watch as the transformation spreads through my body I hope no magical creature comes here now while I in my transformation from nen to human.
I reach down and pick up the necklace and look at it. The necklace is a flame shape with detail more than imaginable. I lightly touch the front, gold and letters appear in a band around the thickest part spelling “call on when you wish. I am yours.” I run my finger along the edge of the flame and my nail slips into a catch and the locket pops open to reveal a small mirror. And a message:
How is it going Firewillow? How is your assignment going, well? I hope it is!        
Your tw i mean friend Mistwillow
               (P.S just put a note in here I will it, when you get one the locket will get hot.)
I fold note back up and put it back in the locket.
And then start off again down the winding forest path. I've got to rest I’ve for an hour now and I think I’m almost there I as cool my feet in the stream. I think about what I will look for in the home base. What’s not there I make with magic: only one well hidden entrance, large, dry, defendable, and in the middle of the cave a pool (to bathe, fish, get water, and do magic with). I’d better get going I want to check it all out today.
 As I round the after corner there’s a waterfall running over to check it out, I splash into the water and swim into the current pulling myself up onto a ledge there’s an opening about the size of a door, I step inside the opening into the cave, perfect in every way dry, large and everything I had hoped and more. But the sun is going down and I need rest. Slipping to find the driest spot, I found two side branches of the cave perfect for sleeping this cave will be perfect curling up in one them I slide into a deep sleep.
“Firewillow, Firewillow!”A voice screams in my consciences mind.
“Mom, wow it didn't take you long to find my hiding home!”I laugh.
“Honey it’s so great you’re back.”She laughs back. “It was lonely without you here.”
“Yeah I know it’s great to be back, but when we left. It so messed up Weepingwillow’s life. So I’ll need to go back and look for her soon,”
“How much I long to meet her, but I don’t want you to go,” moms sighs.
“I know mom and you will soon because she is here after all why else would I leave for so long? I won’t have to leave this plane for a long time,” I share the happy but unexpected news.
“No reason I know love, and I hope the quest is easy magic from now on,” mom rejoices
“I love you mom, and I love to stay with you longer, but I must tend to my sister and mission.”I smile.
“I understand how hard it is, especially for you I tried to tell them you were and are too young to have to prove yourself yet.”
“But we had every need for me to, with all the things going on, even though on one younger than me is going on missions, everyone is doing their part,” I stress that fact that everyone is doing their part
“I know that but what worries me is no one younger then you are going on missions in fact you the only 20 year old doing this, and when you started you were 11,” she despairs.
“Dragonwillow said I am special." I remind mom
“Then she disappeared, anyways, I’m still your mother. I'm still worried about you.” she snaps but she is calming down.
“I love you mom, I really do, but for now I must go back to Weepingwillow.
“I know and I understand.” she smiles.
Kissing me lightly on the cheek she simmers into the air and I am reminded again, why when I learned I was to have mission that I wanted the hardest one.
I slip under the branches to where I left Weepingwillow I release schlaf from her but I don’t release nichtstören and I don't plan to anytime soon. I start to shake her. She starts to wake up and I whisper in her ear. “Weepingwillow, Weepingwillow!”
“Uh huh”
“Wake up.”
But it seems that it is too soon to celebrate waking her up as she slips back to sleep I lay my hand on her arm and whisper “Warn me before you wake.” And slip off to find food. It has been one hour and suddenly my wrist lights up in a band of fire. Quickly I run back to  where I left Weepingwillow. And arrive just before she wakes up.
We start to talk but I plan my next move instead of listening. Then Swords, my cat hisses and Weepingwillow turns to look at her and an arrow whizzes by her head and where it would have struck her right between the eyes it gashes a shallow wound across where her eyes are.
We both leap to our feet, and take off our familiars close behind.
Weepingwillow taps me on the shoulder, and pants I can’t run lets climb a tree instead.”
 Then realizing how hard she is trying not to look like she is taking this too hard she is, so I try and look like I’m taking this hard but really I could run all day, like this. But then I have to pay attention as Weepingwillow swerves and I have to do the same or get trampled. We duck under the trees branches and start to climb. As we climb the tree I twist around the confidence and only practice can give. Noticing that I’m about to pass Weepingwillow, since I want her to think she better than me, I ease the pace and slow down.
This suits me just fine, because it gives me time to think about who would shot a girl and her mission. Only The Sun comes to mind. The Sun is an organization currently at war with The North Star, so much a part of my life and me that The North Star has become my life and my home. Often people mistake them for good and us for bad, but the truth is they forced us into the dark so we choose a beacon of hope The North Star, the promise of better to come.
 The sun can blind forever, yet you will always adjust to the dark. The sun can burn, the dark can soothe. The sun is relentless. The dark will let you rest. The sun is burning, the dark is safe a haven and peaceful.
I am almost at the top and Weepingwillow looks half deep in thought half scouting, when I stand on the branch next to her, she starts to shift back to reality, her mind and body at different rates. When she is fully real, I explain the plan leaving out some important parts that she will and can hopefully learn latter. Then step back down onto a branch that cracks below me but I can do nothing to save myself I see Weepingwillow’s horrified face and I fall knowing I failed, that Weepingwillow can't save herself, and worst of all I broke my promise to mom.
Then the Fëalda catches me and sets me down into a hollow in the tree and I realize that The Sun is as much their enemy as it is mine and that they will always try to save a person from The North Star. Then I fall into a restless sleep.


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