Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


1. Prolouge


A letter to my mom

Not serious enough about this huh?

Just because I wasn't serious in your way doesn't mean I wasn't in mine.

This book however is not dedicated to you.


Its dedicated to my friends: 

Willow,Claire and all the others.

thanks for helping me see though this and continue writing.

Thank you for you constant support.
















Ice stared up at the ceiling. The stained glass skylight sent a snowflake pattern dancing across her bed. She was lying on a moss mattress with a feather pillow under her head. The breeze gently shook the hanging oversize gourd. She sat up, and looked around, Fire played on the swing they made of orange peels stitched together and her sister Mist was pushing her. Ice looked down at newborn Weepingwillow in her crib. For now there was peace from the war that had plagued them for the last ten years, and she hoped it would last this child through adulthood. Her eldest child, Dragon walked in.
“New child, huh mom?” she laughed. Dragon has been on a mission for years, so that was news to her.
“Yeah,” Ice said happily.
“Well this one is extremely powerful I have that feeling the war will start again over her.” Dragon noted gravely. Ice shuddered it was a habit of Dragons to randomly say a prophecy then afterwards have no recollection of what she said. And no matter what these prophecies were never wrong.
This time would be no exception...
15 years later…

Wake up, get dressed, and order breakfast. Go downstairs to the outdoors room for the day. Come back upstairs, order dinner, sleep. That’s just about my average day.

You could say that it’s boring to say the least, but I don't think that’s the right word for it. That’s because I don’t spend my whole life in the outdoors room… Truthfully I spend a lot of my uneventful life in somewhere my parents don't know about, somewhere I hope they will never know about, my secret room.

I live in a huge, but dreary castle. My parents are the present king and queen, but for how they act they might as well be childish peasants on the street. They seem to believe life should be a fairy tale. If life is a fairy tale I'm like their own little Rapunzel it makes my gag just to think of it. The only difference is I’m named Weepingwillow. I think Rapunzel would have been a better name, seeing how they treat me. I’m not much of a princess, but it doesn't matter-I’ll never see anyone trapped as I am. My parents keep me in the one part of the castle with no windows and no escape. Their only thought is having an heir who they marry to some great prince of extreme wealth, probably some ///. I love how obviously they show it. Contempt is the only feeling I know for them.

The only time I’m allowed outside of my part of the castle (for it is mine. They never set foot in here which is the only freedom I have.) is when I eat with my parents on weekends, and holidays, it is then and only then I am allowed out of this lily prison. Other than that I always eat on the balcony overlooking the outdoors room. And I'm named after trees I've only seen in captivity. The closest I've ever been to outside is the outdoors room, which is only as big as a ballroom and I fear it shall stay that way unless I am who I should be, not the person I am living this life of perfection. It may sound like paradise but for me paradise is a lily prison. And it’s time to escape from the prison they call a rose.

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