Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


17. Pain

When I drank that water I knew instantly. I barely had time to be happy before I knew that my husband was truly evil and had been using my power to unfairly win a war. 

I sit against that wall and start to cry until I can't cry anymore. Eventually I run out of tears and it becomes harder to be sorry for myself when I can't cry. I slowly get to my feet and take in my surroundings.

It looks like I'm in the ruins of a very old stone cabin. The moss under my feet is lush and a dark green. I realize that I must have run into The North Star's territory. I bite my tongue hoping no one will think or dare look for me here.

I get up and start exploring. The old cottage is very old the stone walls have mostly crumbled. I walk over to the corner the is a small pool and water coming from a turquoise pipe. I cup my hands under the water and drink from the the water is soft and cool. It has a slight under taste of magic I frown and then shrug I'm determined not to worry.

I'm hot so I rip my shirt off just leaving the under corset, and my torn up skirt on. I sighed and ripped off the yellow skirt and tossed it aside. Leaving just my shredded underskirt and short pants under that.

The green under corset was plate armor designed to be hidden under my dress and protect me from any more attempts to kill me there hadn't been any since the first but if there were that would have been the opportune moment to try.

For that year before me and Alborton were engaged  Dragon had taught me multiple weapons but I hadn't took any to the wedding save the dagger that was used in the first attempt to kill me, that never left my side.

I grab the skirt now and find the fold were my dagger is hidden. I breath a sigh of relief. I slip the dagger into the sheath on the corset. Its ready at a moments notice.

I look at were I collapsed and find a crossbow. I walk over to it. I reach out to pick it up the second my fingers touch it a ripple passes though the air. I jerk back and hesitantly reach to touch it again, nothing happens. I shake my head I must have just imagined it. I look at it I'm please to find a bag of amber bolts hanging from the handle. I load the weapon.

Its a pretty bow lots of strange carvings in it. I trace one with my finger. Its seems to glow and pulse, whatever probably just more of my imagination. I reach to put it in my belt and discovered I don't have one. I grimaces in annoyance. Ugh I guess I'll have to make one from that ugly yellow dress. Its funny I once thought that dress was beautiful. Now its disgustingly ugly. I sigh, more of that spell he put on me.

"I don't" I whisper. Its to late but I will never love again I don't "I DON"T!" I cried out. I needed to let that go. I take in a deep breath. I won't cry again. I'm not going to be part of this anymore. Not The North Star, and definitely not The Sun I'm done with them both. Now I'm a Freelance. Freelance I like the sound of that. I ripped a strip from it, the strip was exactly the right shape and length. I just din't like the color I dipped it in the pool all the color drained from it leaving the white of a freelance.

I learned a lot with Dragon, the one thing I don't understand is my increasing knowledge of elvish it doesn't make sense Dragon said it was a long forgotten language, even to her. Whatever I can figure that out later.

All the sudden there is a ripple though the air.

Dragon appeared, "Why did you leave we could have protected you?" She asked. "Mist couldn't pull you along if you had resisted, and then we could have caught her and you would have been safe,"

"Why did I leave, are you really asking me that? I left cause I wanted to. You're evil and I wanted to be away from you," I ask indignant, is it possible she thinks she's doing the right thing?

"Evil? No you've got it wrong that's Mist. And you need to come back with me so your safe, and Alborton can take what ever spell she put on you to make you believe these ridiculous things off," She started to walk towards me. Part of me is telling myself that she could be right. But deep inside I know she isn't.

"Get away from me," I yell. She shook her head slowly, and kept walking. I was angry now. "How did you even find me?"

"Oh you are transiting a magic radiation" I must look confused, "Basically that ripple that went though the air was your magic type, after I found that it wasn't hard to trace it back to its source." at least she is talking now not walking towards me. I cup my hands under the spring and get a  handful of water I fling it at Dragons face. I'm not sure what I expect it to do, melt her? But this is certainly not it.

Her skin is becoming whiter if that possible she no longer looks human really. The water starts glowing on her cheek neck and palm, it flashes bright once and she is left with a long, blue scar stretching her left cheek, one on her right collar bone, and one across her left palm. Her features become sharper. Her lips are a pale blue instead of pink. Her finger and nails grow longer. She grows taller. Both of her eyes turn icy blue, and glow with a dull sheen. Her hair turns dark blue.

Then all the sudden she turns back to normal. "Come on lets go," she said in her normal voice. I frown there's something going on here. Purely on instinct I leaps at her and tackle her to the ground. Then I push her into the water. This time the reaction is faster. The other time it felt like she was trying to push through a net. This time it feels natural, like its supposed to be happening. Its faster to. "Oh dragon thank you" she says. "I was wondering how long it would take you to get that spell off. Come one we have to go help Mist!"

"What?" I say surprised at this sudden change of attitude.

"No time to explains we have to go help her," she said trying to drag me after her.

"No, I'm a freelance now, I'm not helping The North star, and I'm defiantly not helping The Sun!" I said

"No, No, No, No, you have to come help," she said shaking her head.

"I've made my decision," I said firmly.

She looked worried, but nodded, "I'll be back for you." The she disappeared the same way she had come.

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