Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


6. Noo, noo, and NO. Mist

Wakening up in the morning I stretch and get ready my healing spells. I wonder where Fire and Weepingwillow are from what I know they should pass this way soon and when they do I plan to ask them to stay for a while but I am slightly worried I haven't heard from Fire for a while usually she is good at keeping contact she even kept contact when she was on a different plane. Maybe she just forgot or hasn’t had time I pray to Elenaya she hasn’t been captured by The Sun.
Sliding down from the tree branch I flip to the forest path were I am confronted by a banshee like elf with a bow ready to full draw. My brain instantly takes in everything about the girl obviously about 5, years younger than me. Her stance is little off but not much her bow is relatively weak, 20 draw but she looks like she can hold it strong I’m about to tell her, what is wrong with her stance when I think better of it and ask her instead if I can help her.
As she confronts me verbally the weird thing is that I find that I know she is Weepingwillow, even though I have never seen my sister before. She hits me hard in the stomach with her words. It is just as well I tightened long ago. But I let her think she will win making a scary illusion from time to time then I drop the mask twisting and bending my words into swords, knives, shields, and bows. For it is for me a battle easily won and skill a test for her it is defending her rights to winning but it is hard to fight and win forever when what you fight is not real and although you are not aware it is not real, you know it is not. Then the arrow she is held on the bow at full draw is set between my eyes… and she lets it fly.
I catch it with the ease of practice stunning Weepingwillow, we exchange a few more words me winning mostly then I flip her, the arrow and jump up to the branch.
When she has been gone for a few minutes I flip back down and do my original purpose of asking Elenaya for help. I r aise the fist sized clay coil set with dragon scales, look to the sky whispering Elenaya’s name. My hair has turn dark with worry about ten shades darker than usual.
“Send her this note. You know how,” a pure voice whispers.
Most question, the gods people troubling them when they have already had what they need, they just cannot understand it. But they will get no clearer answer. They must at least try first, many never do. I do not, I do not question what I know is true, and I do not question her, even though she is little more than princess turned goddess I one day hope to be the same level as her. All these thoughts race through my mind as the note flutters down I think I can’t deliverer it in person so… then the locket gets hot I open it to find a note
“This way
You are more than you know to me and to this world”
Then my brain takes in what she is trying to tell me and the ingenious of it and slipping my finger nail though and along the crack pressing the note inside and squeezing the locket till it is so hot it would be impossible to ignore my hearts sinks, there’s no reply
“It appears Fate has no will for her to live, but I am not fate” she hisses scorning the name “I am Elenaya and I will her to live she shall live, I hope” but the doubt is evident and painful high
“Come to me in your dream tonight and we can walk the planes tonight outside of the dragon’s eye meet your sisters out of this world,”
I instantly take this as meaning I will see my newly possibly dead sister Fire and maybe weepingwilllow
“For you have more than you know, see me tonight”
And with that she is gone, gone till tonight gone to me forever till twilight, leaving me to pounder what she meant. Crying over what I know is lost.
Then there is a gentle knock at the door. Coded its mom, dad, Elenaya, or impossibly Fire. Dropping from the third floor to the first and cracking the door, the never ever possible, but ever so true.
My way with words disappears, and I let her take control, barley choosing my words, letting my words choose themselves instead, Then she lifts her shirt to show me wounds that need tending. Angry scars streak across her back, red and threatening. “God, Elenaya, help her” I mummer soft enough so Fire can’t hear me
“I must try, I did not save her, to die,” Elenaya strains though me and then she suddenly she says “Dragon tears it is the only thing that can heal that,”
“But how to get them I have none,” I cry.
“I’m afraid that trip I spoke of will last longer than I thought” Elenaya sighs
“Okay” I answer wishing it did not have to be that way
“For now do what you can and know how to do and hope it works.”
I sigh “Okay but for now I suppose I will have to wash her with a healing potion to hold her off till we get back.
“You are a natural healer Mistwillow you know what you are doing.” And she disappears.
So I invite Firewillow inside, and heat up some water, thinking twice I grab my strongest healing potion and cast heal on the water and drop some of the content of the potent healing potion in the already healing water when Fire comes in I splash water on her back trying to cover every square inch of her wounds with strong healer. Hoping for her life it will work.
Then, she tightens and I'm about to tell her to relax but I realize what she is doing and relax my mind into the state that I can hear her words and Firedragon's but it happens so fast that I can hardly hear then it’s over and Fire relaxes.
 She asks “how long was it?”
 “Not very,” I reply gently. Then realizing how tired she is, I start to fuss over how tired it made her. Finishing washing her we began to talk about her plans and I faze out and call Firedragon.
 “You call again, though I am part of Fire, not part of you. Though I hoped you would call”
 “You tired her” I call in anguish.
“No I gave her strength her wounds stole it.”
 “Don’t you fear for your life, for if she dies you will be weak?”
“That’s why I hope you would call. I hoped I could come with you.”
“It is a healers dream to have two part dragons the fact one of them would be you makes it my pleasure. But let us hope it does not happen.”
“Then we must go to Elenaya together tonight. Tell her.”
“True. I was to go to her anyways.”
“Good then we must.”
Toning back into the conversation with Fire. I offer to make her a room, she graciously accepts the offer and I call mom, to help. When mom arrives I explain out of ear shot the problem.
“It will be good for her to work but we can't strain her too much. When I start to dream into Elenaya’s power will you cast sleep and slow poison?” I ask mom.
Mom nodes and murmurs “okay” then much louder “Let’s get to work”
 I note mom’s careful assignments of work giving us the harder work, but giving Fire enough that she won't notice…
A few minutes later
“Shit, that hurt.” I snap.
“I hear you talking.” Mom answers recoiling so blood does not drip on her.
“Second time I hurt my self since we started. First time I dropped a tree trunk on my foot, now I cut myself knife trying to saw this stupid branch.” I look at my blood covered hand and swear again.
“I'll get something to bandage it.” Mom sighs sympathetically then leaves.
 Then I whip my head around reacting to some unnatural feeling, as if someone is watching me.
Alborton smiles down at me “Still sharp, I see even with pain dulling your senses” he smiles sardonically you can see he does not think it is funny, but he thinks he can still win without the element of surprise. “But even without surprise on my side, I will be surprised if you win this fight.” He continues, confirming my suspicion.
“As will I, if you win.” I respond without thinking. “Mom” I shout almost as if responding to an instinct
“No your mom can’t help here, because the door is locked, and she can’t hear you she’s off gathering stuff for your dead body.” He responds smoothly like silk and almost as if it is an afterthought “and she will be doing a battle of her own, as will your precious Fire.”
Here I smirk at this last comment “I doubt that, for Fire helpless, and I can save the helpless no matter where they are or no matter where I am, as for mom she can win easily. And I’m not dead yet.”
He smiles knowing he angered me, but it is a small victory for him “Will you truly waste your power on Fire? She’s almost dead she will die without a treatment you can’t give. I chose to fight you because I thought you’d be a challenge.”
“No I need none of my power to release the Feuer that hangs around her neck.” This time Alborton wavers for a second then shrugs.
“So much for that plan” dismissal echos in his voice.
“So much for the men lost too I suppose, I guess none of them where your friends.” And he falters again.
“I doubt they will be killed, you will simply take them out of them game. Anyways the true plan was to kill you, it would be nice to kill them too but it is no matter, because you are the true healer you are someone we can’t afford to leave living, or at least keep captive for our own use”
I nod knowing that is the crucifix of the matter his friends will not be killed so he will not leave me alone in exchange for their safety, and I the strongest healer, not even they have one to equal me, but even as I think these thoughts I realize the fatal flaw in their thinking I am considering not telling him but then realize its tell him or possible death. “Kill me and you wake the wrath of my goddess”
“Kill me and you wake the wrath of my goddess,” and as an afterthought I add “And the two half dragons loyal to me.”
“Two?” he mummers and for the first I have the satisfaction of his fear.
Then realizing I can’t call Firedragon or risk Fires death from helplessness “But just my one can take care of you.”I add with disdain, and realize it is true Alborton tries to regain his composure, a losing battle,
“Who’s the goddess.” he asks but he knows almost certainly.
“Her names Elenaya got a problem with that” I smirk as he cringes. For Elenaya brought the army down while she was mortal now she is a goddess, and The Sun have two bad choices leave me or fight her. Alborton comes to a quick decision and throws a knife at me it strikes me in the cheek and he turns to leave unlocking the door opening it to mom, surprised but only slightly, she steps back.
“Leave here, Alborton, by the way I dealt with your pesky friend easily.”Alborton stiffens. She glares then seeing the gash in my cheek her eyes widen with horror “We had better use the healing stuff on your cheek and your hand,” She mummers. She starts to shows me her wounds made by Kalbhac and I cringe hoping that her wound will heal cleaner than mine and I wish in turn, wish that mine will heal as fast as hers. I start to wonder if the scarlet blood dripping from my cheek is the last thing I will see, as I drop to but instead of hitting the floor I fall into mom’s hand “Not yet she.” mummers “at night not before then it is almost night but we must act like nothing has happened unless Fire saw it but I don't' think she did. Let’s have a fire.” and we hear Fire get up and move around.
“She’s alive at least” I manage to joke, fighting off the urge to fall unconscious.
Mom starts to talk about our plans for the night, loud enough that Fire can hear she calls down the stairs asking if we see where Weepingwillow is. Mom and I nod our approval to each other, and I tell her that, that sounds like a good idea.
We make a fire, and prepare it for Fire she reaches it into it and whispers her spell pulling out a perfect flame I know that in a few hours the spell will sink in a help heal her. But for now she pulls we all touch the glass flame and think of Weepingwillow.
Then we pull away from the flame set it on the table and watch our sister struggle though the heavy snow. Then she pulls herself under a pine tree raining snow on an unfortunate sparrow luckily for the sparrow it doesn’t get snowed under and shakes itself off and follows Weepingwillow into the ballemgiest’s shelter.
How in dragon’s eye she manages to do this but, Weepingwillow makes a fire by striking one of her arrows on a rock.
Fire suggests that we’ve seen enough but as she says this I am still watching as the sparrow tries to warm itself by the fire and Weepingwillow sees it and picks up the shivering bundle of feathers and seems relieved to find it is breathing she then tucks it into her shoulder and buttons up her bra so that only the sparrows head sticks out.
Then we agree that we have seen enough and that we don’t need to be any more. So we advert our thoughts from Weepingwillow in another direction. I start to tend to Fires wounds. When I’m done, we head to bed I dream Firedragon by my side into a world of dark with Elenaya greeting us into the dark not knowing beyond our friends, not seeing beyond the others frame and not hearing beyond their talk.


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