Dragon Whisperer

Three sisters, one mission, one battle, gone wrong.


5. Noo, noo, and NO. Fire

I move my arm, and every muscle in my body instantly aches. So I relax again and try to remember what happened and it all comes back to clear and suddenly I remember, Weepingwillow, what happened to or what will happen to her. I pull myself out of the hollow in the tree. Quickly I pay my thanks to the ballemgiest saving me and start to search for Weepingwillow. Then I remember why I woke up, I open the burning hot locket, and unfold the note. It reads:
Fire, please come over, now! Please!
I slip down the tree. Immediately my trained eye picks up things not supposed to seen. And follow the trail to the stream and downstream then back upstream to were the base is and across the stream and into the forest even in this state I am stronger than Weepingwillow and covered this distance in 1hour opposed to the 5 it must have taken Weepingwillow. And cover the distance to Mist’s home in 30 minutes. Then knock on the slight bump in the tree.
“Fire I did not think the next time I saw you, you would be alive.” Mist says opening the door.
“That surprising seeing as you sent the note,” I say. She falters then nods.
“If you had been alive then you would have come. If not I could trace the locket anywhere in time.”
Despite the convincing speech I catch the hidden the meaning: I was worried about you! “So then Weepingwillow has been this way spreading the news of my death.” I say
“So she has.”
“May I come in?”
“Oh! Hm yeah! Please do.” She laughs
“I’ll do anything to please a sister,” I laugh.
“You are so sly, like a fox.” She complains as I step in the door.
“Of course I am. Oh and by the way can you help me with these wounds?”I lift my shirt to show her some of the many wounds.
“Ooh!” she winces “Yeah but first you need a hot bath” she gives me a bathing dress and tells me. “Change into this while I get the water hot.
“Thanks, there are some wounds on other parts of my body too” I answer in a cool, and nonchalant voice, but inside my head I work to find just how bad it must be pretty bad for her to react that way. She sees wounds every day and has to not let on how bad it is so as not to disturb her patient, maybe she let down her guard because she didn’t expect me to be hurt or not very bad at least or maybe it really is bad.
“Of course, now go get dressed or rather undressed!”
When I come back Mist has heated some water in a tub
“Get in I need to wash those wounds first if I am going to clean them properly”
Relaxing in the hot water I let my sister undo the knots is my muscle. Then dress, and clean the wounds.
Mist is an experienced healer, animals, and humanoids ask her help when they are hurt and she is a fair adventurer. But even though she can cure the wound made by the material world I doubt she can help the body of water in my mind that tells me that Weepingwillow will need to be on her own eventually, to pass the test and it might as well be now well she has a spell of protection on her. My waking conscious says it would be better to do it later when she can fight it herself not have to rely on the spell to save herself.
“Fire, Firewillow” a voice whispers in my head
I move my fingers to my forehead for a second, Mist protests telling me to be still, then realizing my concentration backs off.
“Fire, you must leave Weepingwillow on her own it is the only way things can work she must be able to withstand this.”
“I know, but must she now.”
“It would be best, if she did it now and learned about magic for herself.”
“Thank you Firedragon. I almost certainly would have chosen the wrong answer.”
“That is why I am here, is it not?”
“Yes, it is.”
And with those words I am snapped back to the real world
“How long was I gone?” I asked so tired I can hardly hear the reply.
“Less than a second” She answers with worry. “She tired you out.” Mist says “Rest without sleeping” she mummers laying her hand on my arm holds it there for a moment and lets go strength flooding through my veins.
“Is that better” she smiles
“Much” I nod
“Now stay still while I tend these wounds,” she laughingly commands.
“Fine,” I teasingly pout and roll my eyes. “Even if it could kill me, or kill you, or the fate of this plane rests on my shoulders?”
“If any of those things happen, we are in trouble. But yes, you may move.” And almost as if she is anticipating my next teasing question, she adds, “You also may breathe, and talk.” She smiles at me.
“Fine I suppose that’s fair.”
“Good,” she half snaps half laughs back.
When she finishes with all of my wounds, we start to talk a little about what is going to happen next.
“I was wondering if I couldn’t stay. Firedragon said I can’t go looking for Weepingwillow just yet,” I ponder.
“Of course you can stay. I would love if you did.”
“Thanks, that means a lot to me.”
“Anything for a sister,” she smiles, as if remembering my joke before. But this time, it is serious. “How long will you be staying?”
“I plan if you let me that I would stay awhile.”
“Then we should make you a bedroom.”
“That would be great, if it’s not too much trouble.”
“Not at all, as I said. I’ll do anything for a sister,” Mist repeats.
“Then, thanks again,”
“But for tonight can you sleep in the guest room?”
“Of course, I don’t mean to inquire too much but why?”
“Even though it is only noon, if we call mom to help, which I think we should we could finish the room, but I think there will be a storm tonight, and I would not feel safe with you sleeping in the nonfinished room. Of course, at least you would get wet. And that would be no fun.”
“I agree, I don’t particularly want to be blown into the sky but we could make my bedroom inside of the trunk.”
“Hm I hadn’t thought of that, so that way you could sleep in your bed room tonight I suppose I should get mom so we can start. When mom gets here I rush to greet her.
“Mom you’re here!”
“So I appear to be. So where is Weepingwillow this child of mine?”
“She isn’t here.” I note awkwardly
“Then where is she?” mom asks oblivious to my awkwardness
“I don’t know exactly. Seeing her unborn question, I note we should sit down, and I will tell the whole story both Mist and mom nod.
And we sit down we sit down and I relay the story from before the beginning. I finish telling thestory.  Surprisingly there were only a few interruptions. They can’t seem to speak so I suggest “Let’s work on room. Shall we?”
“Yes” Mist answers her voice still slightly awed.
A few hours and we’re all covered in the sawdust of old dead trees but we have put in the floor, and most of the bed. Mist put me to bed early telling me she didn’t want me to hurt my wounds any more then I already had. But it is almost night and Mist has decided to ask mom to stay for the for the restless, stormy night, for the wind howls and the rain falls so  hard it might as well be hail in fact we are not completely sure its rain, not hail or snow.
“Of course I will stay I don’t really want myself to be out tonight either” I hear mom reply.
“Good I suppose we will have a fire tonight,” Mist smiles.
“Can we see where Weepingwillow is, as well?” I call anxiously
“Sure we can, I think that would be good,” Ice (aka, mom) nods.
We go down stairs and I concentrate on the fire pulling the magic from inside me.
“I bring you water” I whisper and reach in the fire grabbing a flame from the fire I whisper “Kugel Glas. I bring you flesh.” and we watch it crystallize into a perfect flame. I press it to my cheek and think about Weepingwillow, and then we pull it away from me all of us touching it. Then we release it and watch.
We see Weepingwillow pushing though snow. And drag herself, under the snow laden branches of a pine tree showering snow after her. When she is inside the shelter of the ballemgiest loving warm she strikes one of her arrows against a stone and somehow struck fire to the small bundle of pine needles in a small space she had cleared and had placed rocks around.
“She is safe and does not look like she has any intentions of leaving. Must we see much more to know she is safe?” I ask
“Not for now” Fire and mom agree.
“How about we check on her later, and leave it for now?” I suggest
“Sounds good” Mist answers
“And for Weepingwillow everything remains as it never was” I remark.


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