Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


14. Weakness

I wake up groggily, feeling Harry’s arm across my waist. I look at the alarm clock sitting quietly on the bedside table. It shows 5:30 in the morning. Maybe I could escape the flat while the boys are still sleeping, then run far away from them and find someone that could adopt me for a little while…

 Harry snores lightly, making me whip my head in his direction. He unconsciously pulls me closer to his body, but I rapidly push him away, and jump off the bed. I search for my clothes around the room, but I can’t seem to find them so I end up rummaging in his drawers. I grab a pair of track pants and a hoodie and slip them on.

I start tiptoeing my way out of his room, but freeze in my steps as I hear him mumble words.

“No Soph. You can’t leave… You’re mine,” he murmurs in his sleep, and hugs the pillow where I had laid just a few seconds ago.

I shake my head negatively but a smile crawls upon my lips as I continue my way outside his room. Keeping my eyes on the mass of sheets on the bed, I open his bedroom door, get out, and close it softly.

 I sigh in relief as soon as I’m out in the hallway. I turn around to head downstairs, but I bump in a bare chest. Hands grab me before I fall on the wooden floor. The person steadies me and I look up to meet blue eyes.

“You weren’t trying to escape right?” Louis whispers. He looks at me inquisitively while I try to find something to cover up my story. My eyes find the bathroom.

“No no no… I-I-I was just trying to go to the bathroom,” I blabber, hoping he’d believe me. I bite my lip nervously.

“Aren’t you supposed to tell Harry where you’re going at all times?” he asks, crossing his arms over his chest. “Cause what I’ve witnessed clearly looked like you didn’t want him to wake up.” Shit.

“Yes but he looked so calm sleeping! I just didn’t have the heart to wake him up for that you know…” I half-lie. The truth was that Harry did look peaceful while he slept.

“Right.” Louis looks at me pointedly. “Come on Soph. I’m not that gullible. Admit it. You don’t wanna go to the bathroom. You wanna do something else.”

 I look at my feet. Crap he doesn’t believe me. I’m sooo dead. Goodbye life.

“You wanted to go in the hot tub,” he says smugly. What? I look up at him dumbfounded. Oh right. One of the bathrooms has a hot tub.

“Oh shoot. You caught me red-handed,” I say, faking frustration. He laughs.

“You’re easy enough to read. I see it when you lie. We all do. There’s that little thing in your eyes, and you have that tendency to bite your lip. You’re adorable,” he laughs some more. “Come to my room with me,” he says, grabbing my arm. He takes me farther into the corridor, farther from my possible escape. His odour fills my nostrils as soon as he opens the door leading to his room. He pulls me into it and closes the door behind us, walking me inside. The carpeted floor is soft under my feet.

“I thought I wanted to go in the hot tub,” I say, eyeing him. He pulls me right in front of his bed.

“You need a bathing suit right? Unless you wanna go skinny dipping…” he trails off, licking his lips at the idea. I shoot him a deathly glare. “Because I honestly don’t think Harry would let you swim with his favourite hoodie. Now stay there and I’ll get you a bathing suit,” he says, strolling inside what looks like a walkthrough closet.

“Because you have girl bathing suits in your stuff?” I ask sarcastically. I hear rummaging, and Louis comes back with a bag.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” He hands me the bag. “Choose one to wear and keep the rest. You can go change in my closet, there’s a mirror and I won’t come barging in,” he finishes, pushing me inside the closet. He opens the light of the restricted area, lighting an array of different clothes, mostly with stripes and bright colours.

As soon as he closes the door, I huff in annoyance.

“Great plan once again Soph,” I mumble, fishing through the bag for an adequate bathing suit. Giving up, I pick one randomly and put it on. I don’t even bother to look in the mirror, grabbing Harry’s clothes before heading out of the stuffed closet.

“Ta da!” I say, walking out. “Um. Lou? Why are you in a bathing suit?” I can’t help asking, seeing him with bathing shorts on his bed.

“I’m joining you of course. Harry can’t watch over you while he’s sleeping, but I’m wide awake so I’ll be the one watching over you ‘till he wakes up to bring you shopping,” he explains, eyeing me up and down. He stares at me like I’m meat, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Could you stop being a pervert and maybe we could get in the hot tub before next year arrives,” I snap, irritated.

“Hold your horses’ woman. Golly, are you on your period?” He says, standing up to leave the room. Why does everybody think that? First Niall, then him. Harry’s gonna be next I suppose!

“No. I’m not on my period. You boys just infuriate me on a daily basis, making me wanna explode.” I spit. “And it’s perfectly normal if you consider all you’ve put me through so far.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” He shrugs, pulling me out of his room and into the bathroom with the spa. He pushes me inside and leaves the door half-open.

“The least you could do is stop pushing me around.” I retort. Louis gets in the water and sits, groaning softly at the temperature of the water. He starts the jets, water bubbling to the surface quickly.

“We could, but we won’t. It’s actually quite amusing to see you get all stressed up and insecure about everything,” he responds, putting his arms on the side of the spa. “Now stop complaining about everything and get in.”

I stick my tongue out at him and drop Harry’s clothes on the ceramic floor, before getting in the bubbling hot water. I sit in front of him, as far away from his body as possible, but after a few minutes only, he decides to pull me close to him, sitting me on his lap.

“You are gonna have to learn not to avoid being close to us, because you’ll always end up getting closer,” Louis murmurs in my ear. He plays with the force of the jets, putting them at their strongest. Louis starts kissing my neck. “Let’s get rid of your daily pleasuring right now shall we? I’m here to supervise.”

“No thank you.”

“Actually, love, it isn’t a choice.”

“Fuck you.”

“Gladly, but you have to fuck yourself first,” he retorts cockily.

“I don’t even know how!” I protest.

“Sure you do. Niall showed you how when we were in the plane. If I recall correctly, that’s less than a day ago,” he whispers in my neck.

“It’s not the same!”

“Yes, it is. Use the jets,” Louis proposes. “Or you could always use my fingers?” He adds, lifting his fingers out of the water. Dirty thoughts fill my mind but I don’t say anything and look away in shame.

“No. Thanks, I’ll pass.” I spew, lifting myself off from him to get out of the Jacuzzi.

“Look, sweetheart, were not leaving here, ‘till you orgasm at least once by yourself,” he states angrily, pulling me back down on his knees. I feel something hard poke my lower back. Fuck. He’s aroused by all this. His breathing is husky in my ear, and I doubt he has the patience for any more of my stubbornness.

Maybe I should fake the orgasm. I savour the thought, weighing the pros and cons if he ever discovered that I faked it. I’ll risk it. I conclude. I could maybe make him orgasm instead…And he might leave me alone.

“Okay, then let me use your fingers. I don’t wanna use the jets,” I decide, turning around to face him.

“Serve yourself,” he replies, bringing his hand out of the water. The next thing I do surprises both of us. I grab it boldly, and bring his fingers to my mouth, putting the tips on my lips teasingly.

His eyelids drop, eyes glazed with lust as he locks them on my mouth.

I carefully but slowly lick his fingertips, which makes him groan, before taking only one finger and putting it in my mouth. He grunts loudly, his eyes closing fully as I twirl my tongue around his lone finger. I suck it hard, bobbing it back and forth into my mouth.

“Soph… Stop,” he tries to protest, but his gaze is solely on me as I suck harder. “Stop…Soph... It’s supposed to be the other way around.” He grunts again, his head lolling backwards. He moans low, and I feel he’s close.

 I don’t notice his other hand snaking its way underwater until a finger is thrust inside me. To my great surprise, the water significantly diminishes the pain.

 I gasp on his fingers, trying to take them out of my mouth, but he keeps them in and enters two more fingers inside me, tossing the bathing suit out of his way with his wrist.

The problem is, Louis doesn’t move his fingers, leaving my eager body craving more.

 I whine in protest, and manage to take his finger out of my mouth.

“So here’s the deal Soph.” Louis says, panting hard. “I curl my fingers each time you bounce on my fingers. You have to be the one to give yourself your own pleasure,” he explains, seeing my pouting face. “That was part of Harry’s rules.”


I tentatively try bouncing myself on his fingers. I moan loudly as he responds by curling all his fingers at once inside me. Pleasure rockets in me like firecrackers, making me bounce again and again as he keeps his word and curls his digits continuously.

“Oh shit.” Louis takes his hand and grips himself underneath in his bathing suit.

“Oh God Louis.” I groan, also on the tip of climaxing.

“Go ahead Soph. Cum on my fingers like the good girl you are,” he grunts, highly aroused. It’s all it takes me to fall off the edge. I hold Louis tightly, moans and pants pouring out of my mouth like a prayer. The sound of rushing water fills my ears, but Louis pulls me back up to the surface before it’s too late.

“Careful,” he pants. “Don’t want you to drown,” he cautions. My eyes meet his, my hands latched on his shoulders to hold myself up.

We lay there holding each other for a few seconds, before I pull back and get out of the spa. I don’t even give him a second look, too embarrassed of what I’d just done. I just grab a towel, pick Harry’s clothes, and head back into that last-one’s room. I close the door softly behind me, not wanting to wake Harry from his peaceful slumber. I jump when I feel hands on my waist.

“Good morning beautiful.” His husky voice whispers in my neck. “Where were you so early morning? It’s so deceiving to wake up alone in a bed.”

“Louis was supervising me as I pleasured myself,” I respond as if it was normal, turning around to look at him straight in the eyes. He nods.

“I believe you; you seem flushed. Did you enjoy yourself at least?” He asks.

“Not really.” I reply indifferently.

“Was it Louis that disturbed you? Louis loves being a tease so maybe you lost patience at one point…”

“It wasn’t Louis fault okay.”

“Then what was it? What was the problem so I can solve it next time?” He demands, cupping my face in his hands almost tenderly. I shrug myself off his grasp.

“Maybe if I wasn’t forced to like it, I could actually like it. And it would be appreciated to do it alone even then.” I spit, shoving him his clothes. He throws them on the ground, and catches my arm before I have the chance to leave.

“Stop acting like a child and listen to me,” he says sternly.

“Maybe that’s what you don’t understand Harry! I am a child! I’m 16 fucking years old! I need some kind of affection from others!” I yell, before falling on the ground and bursting into sobs on the floor. I hear the rest of the boys hurried footsteps tumbling to reach Harry’s room. They rush in and freeze, looking quite disturbed with my teary face. I cry even harder as Harry sits beside and rubs my back. Niall’s about to comfort me, but Harry stops him with a glare.

“Could you stop touching me…? Please,” I plead. His hands get off me.

“Come on. Let’s go get you clothes and then you can go eat breakfast.” He says.

“I’ll take care of the eggs and bacon!” Niall proposes, leaving Harry’s room.

“I’ll go make some juice,” Liam adds, following Niall.

“I’ll make some pancake batter,” Zayn puts in, shadowing the other two.

“And I’ll go get her clothes.” Louis finishes, also exiting Harry’s room.

I calm down and wipe my tears, laughing without humour at how fast the boys were ready to do things for me when I am troubled. It’s their weak spot.

Louis comes back a few minutes later and hands me normal clothes, with One Direction shoes. Finally, something not too revealing!  I think, grabbing them and heading into the bathroom to change. Harry and Louis don’t stop me from going alone, but I know they’re standing right outside the door. None the less, I add a few cuts to my wrists, crying some more before passing them under the water to make the bleeding stop. Minutes later, I come out fully dressed and out of tears.

The boys escort me downstairs, careful not to touch me. I hide my freshly cut wrists, pressing my arms along my body. I walk to the kitchen, the two boys shadowing me. I sit on the bench in front of the counter, putting my arms under that last one while the boys move around in the kitchen, grabbing food here and there. Minutes later, there’s a steaming plate filled with eggs, bacon and pancakes in front of me. Liam hands me juice. I go and take a sip, but Harry stops me. He rummages through a cabinet and pulls out container of pills. He opens it and hands me one.

“Here, take it if you don’t wanna get pregnant.”

“Thanks... I guess.” I mutter before taking it with the juice. I stare at the food, but I don’t touch it. “I’m not very hungry though,” I say, looking away.

“Nonsense. Your stomach is practically begging for it, like usual.” Niall retorts.

They all stare at me, expecting me to eat something. Feeling very self-conscious, I grab a fork, forgetting about the cuts. Their eyes zero on my wrists, but Niall’s the first one to react.

“Soph, what is that?” He says, holding my wrist up in the light.

“It’s nothing. Scars I made long ago.”

I try to bring it back down, but his grip is firm on my arm.

“These are fresh,” he objects, his thumb pads lightly tracing each one of them, making me flinch. “When did you start cutting?” he murmurs. “Better yet, why?

“Sometimes, physical pain is the only thing that can make you feel whole...”

“That’s rubbish!” Louis cuts in, coming near Niall to look at my wrists. Harry’s face is hard as he also approaches me to look at the damages I caused to myself. “Why do you make your life miserable?!?” Louis continues.

“Because all of you make me feel like shit! The way you use me for your own pleasures, it destroys me!” I yell.

“That’s not a good reason to make yourself feel more pain!” Louis protests.

“I need something that makes me feel alive!”

“You really shouldn’t harm yourself, or you might end up in a hospital Soph,” Niall supports, a pleading look on his face.

“The thing is, I don’t care anymore!”

“Enough!” Harry bursts. “Sophie, get in the car. We’re going shopping for furniture for your room. Louis, Niall, you’re coming along too. Two pairs of eyes apparently aren’t enough to watch little miss suicide over here.” Harry ends, grabbing my upper arm. I shrug him off.

“If you think going furniture shopping is going to make me stop cutting, you’re dead wrong.”

“We’ll maybe you won’t feel so shitty about us and yourself,” he retorts.

“You decide to care about what I really want, because I’m on the verge of giving up on myself and because my depression is resurfacing. Just great. I should take a trip down that lane more often,” I huff before storming out the flat, closely followed by Harry, Niall and Louis.

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