Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


18. Truth or Dare

 After winning The Game of life twice, both times married but once with a baby girl and another with a baby boy, I suggested we play a little game of Truth or Dare.

“Truth or dare Soph?”


“You’re boring,” he rolls his eyes playfully. “What was your first pet?”

“I didn’t have any,” I shrug simply. “Truth or dare Ni?”

“Dare of course,” he retorts.

“I dare you to let me toy with your cellphone,” I say, waiting nervously for the answer. He cocks his eyebrow upwards.

“Are you serious?”


He pulls it out of his back pocket and hands it to me.  “I’m watching you,” he warn, his tone holding no threat whatsoever. “Truth or dare?” He leans in, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Truth,” I reply, playing with his phone.

“Hmm.” He pouts. “You’re no fun…But fine. Would you try to escape again, knowing what the consequences could be?”

“Absolutely.” I reply proudly. Something flickers in his eyes.

“Something is wrong with your mind...” he mumbles. “You’re twisted you know that?”

I nod. “Truth or dare?”


“Awww you’re no fun!” I mock him, smiling. He chuckles. “Would you chase me and punish me if I decided to escape again?”

“I’d have to. I need to stay on Harry’s side when it comes to preventing you from escaping,” he responds, not an ounce of hesitation on his features. I can’t help feeling a little down.

“You don’t have to do anything.” I retort. “You’re your own person Niall. You make your own decisions.”

“This decision is not mine to make.”

“Why not? What is Harry threatening you with?”

“That’s more than one question. It’s my turn Soph. Truth or dare?” He shrugs it off.


“Who would you say is the best kisser?” he enquires.

“I’m not talking about that with you,” I shake my head. “It’s out of place.”

“I thought we were friends?”

“We are, but I’m not comparing you with your bandmates.”

“Why not?”

“Well first off, I don’t even think I’ve kissed all of you yet. Not that I want to,” I add. “And secondly, I don’t want to be the type of girl to kiss and tell.”

“Understandable. If you really can’t tell the Truth, then I’m ready to offer you a dare. Unless you want to lose the game?” he taunts.

“What’s the dare?” I question, rolling my eyes.

“You said you hadn’t kissed all of us...” he begins. “Well you have 24 hours to do just that,” he looks at his watch, “which means until 3 p.m. tomorrow.”

“That’s unfair,” I scoff.

“And the kissing includes Harry!” he adds.

“You make me wanna punch you square in face.” I mutter.

“If you don’t do it, you lose the game. And we established before the beginning of the game that the winner gets to choose the loser’s consequence. I’ll make you walk around the whole neighborhood tonight!” Niall sing-songs.

“But I can’t walk!” I whine.

“So you have to do it!”

“Fine,” I give up, knowing very well there was no use in arguing with him. “But only if you let me call someone,” I negotiate, shaking his phone in front of his face.

“Who?” He asks, bemused.



“Yes, Alana. The girl I met at the mall yesterday,” I explain, exhaling loudly.

“Why would you wanna call her?”

“To organize a rendezvous and talk over ice-cream.”

“Talk about what?”

“Too many questions Niall. If I kiss you now, will you lemme call her?”

“I uh―”

I don’t even bother to let him finish; I boldly cup his face and join my lips with his. He doesn’t react at first, but then his mouth moves against mine, his body melting under my touch. One of his hands reaches behind my neck whilst the other places itself around my hips, getting me closer to him to deepen the kiss.

We’re breathless when I finally pull away, slightly dizzy.

“Now, can I call her?”

“Sure... G-g-go ahead,” he blabbers, also clearly disoriented.

I smirk, but then I realise her number is in yesterdays pant pockets.

“Can I ask you for another favor?”

“Sure. Anything,” he nods, dazed.

“Can you fetch the piece of paper in the back pocket of my jeans over there?” I ask him, pointing to my shorts.

He nods and does as told, bringing me back the crumpled piece of paper.

“Thanks.” I grab it and type Alana’s number in Niall’s phone before placing the device to my ear. She answers after a single ring.

“Hello?” Her voice resonates through me ear.

“Hey! It’s Sophie!”

There’s a confused hum on the other end of the line.

“The girl you helped at the shopping center yesterday...” I try. “You know... The one with the complicated life. Complicated boyfriend and all that...” I trail on, smirking as I see Niall’s head whip up at the mention of a boyfriend. I return my focus on the phone.

“Oh yeah! I remember you! So, you’re up for some ice cream that means?” Her voice is chirpy on the other side of the line.

“That I am,” I laugh.

We end up chatting a bit, my eyes constantly glancing at Niall’s edgy stance. His gaze is fixed on my door, visibly expecting Harry or any other boy to burst in any second. After ten minutes of obvious torture for the blonde, I decide to put an end to my conversation, arranging a meeting with Alana Friday, two days from now. I will be able to walk properly by then, I conclude, handing the phone back to Niall.

He sighs in contentment, almost hugging his phone to his chest.

“Was about time.” He says, almost angrily. “The boys would’ve had my head. Hell they won’t be happy I let you organize this get together…”

I brush it off and I start yawning.

“Niall, do you think I could take a nap? I haven’t had the greatest sleep last night and I’d love to catch up,” I yawn again. His gaze softens.

“Sure love. I’ll wake you up for supper then.” Niall says, kissing the top of my head before tucking me in.

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