Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


11. Tired

“One Direction is demanded at gate H. Your plane is waiting,” the lady’s voice on the speaker phone resonates through the airport. Harry smiles cheekily.

“Now tell me how great I am,” he brags.

“Not so fast Curly,” I say, popping his happy bubble. “Something’s odd”. I look around. Teenage girls are looking everywhere, whispering to each other. A group of them looks at us. Recognition ignites their eyes. They start shrieking madly and run towards us like wild animals.

“Run!” Niall yells, before grabbing me.

The looks on the guy’s faces are priceless as they start running, their bags flying wildly in their hands. Niall pulls me with him as he and the boys take a run for it, following the indications on some boards to head to gate H.

I’m having the time of my life, giggling like a maniac while they scamper like terrorized prey.

“Stop laughing and hurry a little!” Niall tells me, a shadow of a smile forming on his lips. I cackle even harder, and slightly speed up the pace to catch up with the rest of the band. My scarf whips in my face while I run.

The teenage girls keep screeching like crazy, making my head ache lightly with all their stupid demands.

“Harreh! Gimme some of your graveh!!”

“Sign my bra Liam!”

“Kiss me Niall, I’m Irish too!”

“Zayn! I love you Zayn!”

“Louis! I want you to shag me!” Another hollers. At that comment, Louis turns around while running and winks at me. I roll my eyes and chuckle. Security soon comes and helps us, retaining the crazed fans behind them.

We arrive at the door panting. I clutch my stomach in laughter, still finding the whole thing hilarious.

“We should do that again sometime!” I giggle.

Liam, Harry and Zayn give me an incredulous look but Niall and Louis join the amusement.

“You have to admit that your disguises clearly weren’t the best ones!” I chuckle some more. A throat clears behind us. I turn to face the sound, and my jaw falls on the ground. There stands a gorgeous man in a pilot uniform, with eyes to die for. He’s average sized, but everything about him screams hot. I lean on Niall to keep balance. He smiles, exposing two-rows of pearly white teeth. I moan softly. The boys all notice my sudden attention for the man so they place themselves beside me, and Niall grabs my waist hugging me to him. Oh great, they’re playing possessive, I can’t help thinking.

“Gentlemen, lady,” the man speaks stopping for a second to look at me. “My name is Ian. I’ll be your pilot for today. So if you would please proceed to board the jet, your luggage has already been taken care of. Though you can hand me your bags. I’ll just bring them in the plane and at your full disposition,” he smiles again. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry shove their bags at him. Poor guy. He does look sweet though. I look at him dreamily as he struggles a little bit with all the bags. “I’m a little short on time, so it’d be great if we could board now,” Ian adds pointing his head in the jets direction. The boys all give him a look, before heading in the directed way. Niall lets go of me while we walk, and Harry takes his place, bringing me much closer to him.

“Why did you moan?” he whispers in my ear. I try shrugging him off, but his grip gets tighter. “Sophie. Why. Did. You. Moan?” Harry cut his words out. I don’t answer as I mount the stairs that led inside the jet, biting my lip nervously. Harry’s close on my heels. The boys follow behind me, and Ian closes the walk, shutting the door behind him. He puts the bags on the floor, and straightens himself, acting professional.

“It’ll take us a maximum of 5 hours to reach London, so I hope you enjoy the ride,” he ends quickly. I nod and smile at him, even though the guys are sending me death glares. He waves at me, and heads into his cabin. Probably to start the engines.

I shrug at the glare the boys give me and take my time evaluating the insides of the jet. Private jets are like a living room on a plane, I realise. It’s so beautiful and luxurious and―

My reverie is shattered as Liam pushes me to the middle of the ‘living room’ and makes me sit on the carpet. I whimper as the butt-plug gets pushed deeper inside me.

“We want to know, why you moaned at the sight of Ian,” Liam says, looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Because he’s hot.” I answer truthfully.  “And I have a butt-plug stuck up my ass, heightening my arousal.” I add. Their faces turn into grimaces.

“Maybe we need to remind you, that you aren’t allowed to have fantasies about any guy, except us.” Liam whispers seething, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“I didn’t say I wanted him to fuck me, I just said he was hot!” I complain.

“Same thing,” Zayn replies.

“It is not the same thing!”

“I do believe we haven’t finished our earlier game, am I right lads?” Louis puts in, sitting behind me. Oh no.

They all nod, and take their places in a circle around me once more. I make a run for it, but Liam grabs my ankle and pulls me to him.

“So,” Liam starts.

“I wanna dress her up before we start. It’ll be more fun.” Harry cuts in. He goes to his shopping bags and rummages through a couple of them. He ends up pulling out a very revealing cheerleader outfit. “We’ll start with that,” he says, throwing the costume at my feet.

“Start?” I dare to ask.

“Oh I’ve got many more. For our viewing pleasure. It’s not that pyjamas aren’t hot, but we need a little change once in a while,” he smirks. “And just to let you know that none of the costumes require underwear, so you’ll be handing yours back over to me.”

“Harry, are all your bags filled with costumes?” Louis asks. I was asking myself the same question but didn’t have the guts to ask it.

“That and other sex toys. That Ann Summers boutique was just so hard to resist,” he chuckles. I’m horrified. “Enough. Now, change,” he claps, sitting with the others.

“No,” I respond boldly, challenging him. Harry’s fists clench together, knuckles turning white in frustration.

“Soph, just to let you know that since you attempted an escape, we’re keeping you ten days after the end of summer,” Louis says, his own voice tight.  

“Ten days?!? Why ten?!” I exclaim. “That’s too long! What about school?!?”

“We add a day to your stay with us for every hour you spend without our presence,” Liam explains. “You spent ten hours away from us.”

“But even if we decide to release you in the end, where exactly will you go?” Zayn puts in. “Your mother sold you to us and your friends betrayed you for us. You aren’t even major.”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ll find something. Anything will be better than spending the rest of my life with you,” I spit out.

“Okay this is boring me,” Harry cuts in. “Change. Now,” he says, pointing the costume. I take a good look at it. I could’ve been worse. But I still don’t wanna put it on.

“Can I at least change in the washroom?” Harry was about to object but I continued, ““It’ll be like a surprise.” I try.

“I don’t see why she couldn’t Haz. I mean, she’ll end up naked before us in both cases,” Niall agrees.

“Fine,” h gives up, slumping on the sofa. “You have 7 minutes,” he says, shooing me away.

I breathe a sigh of relief, smile at Niall, grab the outfit and find my way to the washroom. I feel the plane moving as soon as my hand turns the doorknob.

“Goodbye Canada,” I mutter under my breath, before entering the bathroom and closing the door behind me. I want to pull my hair off, but decide otherwise and take off my clothes. I eye my naked form in the mirror. Why do they want me?  I think, looking at every aspect of my body. Zayn was right earlier... I am a whore. I let myself enjoy this.

Nasty thoughts fill my head as I look at the costume once more. The sleeves are long, hiding my wrists. Should I even risk it?

I take a deep breath and inhale. I need this. I need control over something right now.

I search around in the cabinets, finding what I was looking for in a matter of seconds: a razor. I bite my lip as I slide it across my wrist, the stinging pain making me forget the rest of the world for mere seconds. I add a second, a third, and a fourth, before moving to my other wrist. Blood trickles down my arm and in my hands. There’s a strange sense of comfort as I watch the droplets fall in the white sink, little explosions of red here and there.

Feeling content, I cleanse my hands and wrists underwater, stopping the blood flow after two minutes only. I wash my face and dry myself off with a towel, before putting the costume on.

“Harry, you perverted soul,” I can’t help mumbling, looking at myself.

My breasts are practically poking out, and my ass is almost visible due to the shortness of the mini-skirt. The whole thing’s tight and scratchy, making me feel even more uncomfortable. I decide to tie my hair up in a high ponytail, pulling my bangs out to finish the hairdo. I twirl once in the mirror, my ass flashing as the skirt lifts. I bring it down as low as I can, but the result stays the same. I huff, place my sleeves to hide my cuts, grab my underwear and go out the washroom.

The boys are all sitting on the large sofa, but stop talking when they see me walking in front of them.

“Go team,” I say unenthusiastically, throwing the underwear in Harry’s face. He catches them in one hand, a predatory look plastered on his face as he takes my look in. He puts them back inside his jacket. Bastard.

“Now what?” I cross my arms on my stomach.

“I wanna know Sophie. Are you flexible?” Liam asks.

“Let’s say that it isn’t my first time in a cheerleading uniform,” I say carefully. And it was true. I had been a flyer on my ex-cheerleading team, being the one who had mastered all the positions.

“Show us what you can do,” Zayn demands. I’m already scolding myself on what I’m about to show them.

I easily fall on the floor into perfect splits, the carpet rubbing on my bare clit. I bite my lip, the butt-plug sliding in deeper as well.

Niall groans, puts his hand on his growing erection and looks away. I arch my back so my head touches my back leg, and this time Louis, Liam and Zayn grunt, undoing their pants. Harry’s eyes stay fixed on me, one eyebrow cocked up in wonder. I decide to give him all I’ve got. I stand back up on my feet, and the boys groan in protest. But I lean backwards and fall in a bridge, my hands an inch away from my feet, making it look like I’m bent in half. I half-smile when I hear their grunts, before putting all my weight on my hands and kicking my legs over my body, landing back straight on my feet. I dust myself off and rearrange my skirt. I look at the boys.

“You should close your mouth before you swallow a fly Harry,” I tell him cheekily. He closes it, and reopens it right after.

“Let’s continue the game shall we? Now that we know how far you can stretch, things might turn out interesting. Liam, you go first,” Harry says, unbuckling his chinos. I don’t move as Liam comes towards me, a pair of hand-cuffs dangling from his fingers. I take my sleeves in my fingers subtly, locking the material in place, and hand him my wrists in surrender.

“Bring your sleeves up,” he says. Shit. My cuts. Hopefully, he won’t notice.

“Please. It hurts my wrists! And I won’t struggle,” I try to cover up, finding excuses to hide my cutting. He eyes me warily, and clicks them shut over my sleeves. Liam turns to look at Harry.

“Since when is she so submissive?” The brown eyed boy asks. Harry shrugs in response.

“Let’s play Master and Slave while we’re at it!” Louis proposes. “You must all call us Masters. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” It’s like an automaton in my head. I’ll play their sick games, and then I’ll backstab them..

“Soph, I want you to lie on my lap, face down,” Liam starts, sitting on the floor cross-legged.

“Yes Master,” I respond, doing as told. I feel his hands inching their way along my leg and on the back of my thighs. They go under my skirt, and his fingers lightly trace my butt. I flinch, but don’t say a thing.

“You know what, I’ll take that out of you love,” he says, reaching for the object that had stayed inside me for more than an hour. He pulls it out and moan low, hiding my face in my arms. He sits me on him. “Now how about we resume that sex you so rudely interrupted at the bar?” He whispers in my ear, before flipping us so I’m laying over him. I start inching my skirt down, but he stops me. “No, no, no. You stay dressed just like last time.”

“But―” he slaps my ass hard.

“Don’t speak, Slave,” he scolds. “Stand up, and touch the floor without bending your knees.” I do as asked shaking slightly, while he removes his pants and boxers completely, finally freeing his strained shaft. “”You have to keep your head on your knees the whole time, or I slap you. Understood?”

“Yes Master,” I mumble, closing my eyes. He doesn’t need to lift my skirt up, my ass already visible for the whole room to see. Liam grabs my waist steadying himself behind me. With no lube, he thrusts into me from behind, burning his way inside me.

I bite my knees to avoid yelling and deranging Ian. He slams himself in again, making me whimper. Liam goes at it for a couple minutes, and my legs start shaking, not being able to hold themselves up properly.

“Liam! I can’t take it anymore!” I complain, forgetting to call him Master. One of his hands slaps my right thigh a couple of times, the smack echoing in my head like a sermon.

“I don’t care! Take it like the good slut you are!” he growls, his erection still pumping in and out of me at a rapid speed. His words burn like fire. My stomach churns and I feel the urge to cut again, feeling worthless. His thrusts get sloppier, until he ends up emptying his insides me. I want to vomit, but I hold it in and keep a straight face.

Liam finally pulls out, and I crumble on the floor, not being to hold myself up anymore. I want to fall asleep, right there on the ground.

“And I thought cheerleaders had stamina,” Liam says looking at me before putting his boxers back on.

“Next?” Harry asks voice husky with lust.  I see Louis and Niall straighten themselves a little, putting their juniors back in their pants. “Niall.”

“Oi! Not fair Hazza!” Louis complains, making a pouty face.

“We keep the best for last Lou,” Harry answers, a smile lighting his face.

“Can I have the keys to the handcuffs Liam? I don’t want her to have them,” Niall asks, coming closer to me.

“Catch!” The older boy says, throwing the keys. The Irish boy catches them and opens my handcuffs, before throwing them and the keys back to Liam.

“Now, lay on your back. Soph, I’ll undress you fully, and then we’ll all watch you pleasure yourself, with my name on your lips. You have to look at me in the eyes if I decide I want to do things to you. You’re not allowed to cum, unless I let you.” Niall explains, sitting next to me. I nod.

“Do I need to call you master?” I ask, gazing into his blue orbs.

“Nope,” he says, proceeding to slide my skirt down my legs. I’m nervous, sweating like crazy under his igniting touch. I have never pleasured myself of my whole life. I might’ve explored the outskirts of my body when I started puberty once or twice, but that’s it. Niall must’ve sensed my uneasiness as he stopped touching me altogether.

“You’ve never done any of this have you? Pleasured yourself?” he asks, voice barely a whisper. Tiredly, I shake my head no.

“It’s not as... Necessary as you guys,” I mutter, my eyelids heavy. The fatigue is starting to fully kick in.

“Why don’t you go to sleep? I’ll teach you later,” he concludes, kissing the top of my forehead before helping me stand up.

“Thanks.” I yawn. “Harry, you don’t mind do you?” I ask, putting on my best puppy face look. He stares at me for a second, and looks away.

“No, no. Get your beauty sleep,” He mumbles, before starting a conversation with Louis who sat behind him. I go and kiss him on the cheek.

“Thanks,” I say and smirk when I see his cheeks redden. I walk around the jet, opening a few doors until I find the one with the bedroom. I close the door behind me, only letting a little light enter. What am I gonna do? I think, falling on the bed. A cloud of drowsiness takes over my body, and I have only the strength to get in the covers, and bury my head in the fluffy pillows before slumber takes full control.

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