Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


8. Surprise

“Miss? We’ve arrived. It’ll be a total of 8.35 bucks.” The cab driver wakes me up from my short lived slumber, his voice ringing into my ears. I rub my eyes tiredly and search around for money, but end up empty handed. Then it hits me: the boys had taken all my belongings the day of my kidnapping, which included my purse with my cell phone and wallet, and I haven’t seen them since.

“Umm. Could I go inside and get the money please? I forgot to bring some. It’ll only take a minute.” I ask, timidly. The driver gives me a smile and nods yes. I sigh a thank you and get out of the taxi.

I walk up the three steps facing the front door, and knock on that last one. No answer. I knock again. I hear a latch behind the door unlock, and the doorknob turns. The door opens to reveal a very tired looking Kristen.

“Why are you here, at this time of the night, dressed like that?” She asks in a husky voice. I look down at myself for a brief instant and look back into her eyes.

“I’ll explain later ok, but could you lend me ten dollars? I have to pay the cab and I don’t have money.” I say hurriedly. She looks behind me to the cab, and reaches in her back pyjama pocket. She hands me ten.

“Thank you.” I whisper, before going back down the stairs. I approach the car and I throw the money to the cab in his window. “Keep the change.” I tell him. He nods, rolls his window back up and leaves. I walk back up and hug Kristen.

“Thanks Kris, you saved my life,” I sigh. “But why did would you carry money in your pj’s?” I can’t help asking, before entering her house.

“You can never be too cautious you know. I could be kidnapped with my pj’s for all I know,” she says closing the door. My blood freezes in my system. Why would she make that reference? I haven’t even told her I’ve been abducted yet. It’s probably just a coincidence, I try to convince myself, suspicious of Kristen’s way of acting. Not only that but she seemed on edge when she opened the door, and she didn’t ask me the right questions. It should’ve been questions like: Where were you? Are you alright? Did something happen?

“So. Why are you here, at this time of the night, dressed for a party?” Kristen repeats, pulling me out of my thoughts. I’m about to tell her but she shushes me. “Not here.” She brings me out of the entrance hall and in the kitchen, making me sit on a chair as if I was a person who escaped a mental hospital. Frowning, I start my explanation.

“Well—” A phone ringing cuts me off brusquely. Motioning for me to be quiet, she grabs the phone and steps outside the kitchen and into the living room. The two rooms are separated with thin, sliding door, so I could hear bits of her conversation with the person on the phone.

“Hello?” I hear her ask from the other side of the glass door. “Hey! I understand. Yes. Why? Sorry. No. Tomorrow. Fine.” She hangs up, and comes back in the kitchen with a joyful smile.

“Who was it?” I can’t help asking. Her face changes suddenly, but stays cheerful. She’s acting too weird for my liking.

“Never mind that. Why don’t you sleep here tonight? My parents aren’t here, and it’s one in the morning. You need to rest.”

“But—” I start protesting.

“No buts. You’ll tell me all about your little adventure tomorrow, when we’ll both be at tip-top shape.”

“Fine. I take the couch.” I abandoned.

“You sure?”

“Yup.” Wouldn’t want you murdering me in my sleep, I add mentally. She escorts me in the living room.

“Okay so I’ll bring you blankets and pj’s. Don’t think you want to go to bed dressed like that.” Kristen says, before going for her room. I hear shuffling, and she comes back with a couple blankets in her arms. She hands them to me and I put them on the couch. She goes back to her room.

“Here, you can wear that.” She hands me, to my horror, a One Direction t-shirt and shorts with little carrot drawings.

“Seriously?” I say, a little irritated.

“I-I thought you lo-loved them. Anyway, I don’t have anything else so...You can go change in the bathroom. Goodnight.” She finished tripping slightly on her words, looking a little taken aback.

“Kris I’m the one who’s sorry, I’m just really tired.” I try covering up. She nods, and goes to her room. Just great. I don’t bother going into the bathroom. I take off the dress and all jewelry, and reluctantly put on the pj’s. I lay on the couch and sigh, rolling myself into some blankets. Maybe things would get back to normal soon, I think, letting my heavy eye-lids drop and carry me to Dreamland.



The doorbell chimes loudly, waking me up with a jolt. I fall off the couch in surprise. Events of last night rush at me, making me slightly dizzy. I shake my head to wake myself up fully. I have to talk to Kris today about what really happened, I decide. The doorbell chimed again.

“Could you get that Soph? I’m busy right now!” I hear Kristen yell from the top of the staircase.

“Sure thing!” I answer, chipper. Today would be a day without One Direction, without Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam or Zayn. What more could I ask for? There’s an annoyed knock at the door. Damn people aren’t patient these days. The knocking continues. “Alright alright! I’m coming!” I yell, heading for the door. The person rings the doorbell again. I huff, and open the door.

“Surprise,” a low husky British voice answers.

I gasp and try closing it shut as soon as I see a mass of curls. But Curly sticks his foot in the doorway, and pushes it open, his strength over powering mine by far. I get thrown on the wooden floor with a thud. My five nightmares enter the house, looking very pissed. I try backing up, but Niall and Harry jump on me and hold me on the ground.

“So Soph, who was—” Kristen stops in her tracks at the view of One Direction.

“Zayn?” Harry says, keeping his eyes fixed on me. The older boy nods, and goes up a couple of stairs to join Kristen. To my horror, he starts kissing her.

“What the—”

“You better shut up right now before I find something to shut you up with,” Harry seethes, holding me on the ground. I look at him like a terrorized animal. Zayn and Kristen break the kiss, my best friend flushed. She looks at me with a little remorse.

“I’m sorry Sophie. The day of our meeting, they had asked me if I was your friend and I had answered yes. They asked me my address and phone number and I gave it to them, because they said that they may need it someday. Yesterday night, they called and wanted to know if you were with me. They had promised me a kiss from Zayn if I handed you over to them. And I―”

“And you rather receive a kiss from a complete dick, than take care of your best friend?!?” I manage, struggling under the boys grips.

“You’re gonna get it so bad Soph, you have no idea,” Zayn cuts in angrily, reacting to my insult.

“Thank you Kristen, but we have to leave now, we have an important flight to catch in less than an hour,” Louis finishes, opening the front door.

“Nooo! I don’t wanna go! Please no!” I thrash on the floor while all five guys try hauling me up into their arms. I kick and punch everywhere, trying to get myself free as Harry and Niall carry me outside. “Nooo!!! Please!!!” I sob, trying to grab on anything that could stop them. I’m dragged towards a black van. The kind that you’d see all alone at night in the street and it’d give you chills.

They literally throw me into the vehicle, my body hitting the floor with a thud. They hastily climb after me, Liam sliding the door shut behind him. I notice the seats have been taken out, and five bench-like cushions are placed in the back; two on each side and one at the far end. They all take a seat, leaving me in the middle of the circle.

Zayn suddenly grabs me forcefully and handcuffs my hands together behind my back. He pushes me back in the middle of the circle.

“You can go. Hurry, we don’t want to miss our flight,” Harry tells the drivers behind him. The van hums to life, and faster than I thought possible, I see the neighborhood flying by through the windows on the back doors. I look at all their angry faces, and start crying.

“I love your pj’s,” Louis comments. My head whips in his direction. I expect a smile, but his face his hard, emotionless. “But something’s missing inside of them, don’t you think? What do you suggest we do about that Liam?” he continues.

“I think she’s missing some kind of penetration.” Liam answers. I turn my head at him to notice he’s dangling what horrifyingly looks like a butt-plug between his fingers. I shake my head no, silently pleading that they aren’t gonna do what I think they wanna do.

The van rolls over a pothole, causing all of us to hover momentarily in the air and land back on the floor. Except they had a sort of seat and I didn’t. It hurt.

“Oww,” I groan, the pained sound escaping my lips. The boys all smirk.

“I swear this I’ll hurt more.” Liam seizes me, and places me so I’m flat on my stomach over him. I struggle and thrash as much as I can but Harry holds my legs as Liam brings my shorts down. Niall places his hand on my mouth as the largest part of the object enters me from behind. I scream and cry on Liam’s lap, while he inserts the rest of the toy inside me. It hurts like a bitch. It’s almost like I have a stick up my ass, and the boys know it. Harry brings my shorts back up, and Liam puts me back roughly in the middle of the circle. I bit my lips, drawing blood, as the plug goes even deeper. More tears start seeping out of my eyes. I feel like men-meat. I stay sitting there for what feels like hours, until the sensations begin to change. Slowly, pain becomes numb.

“Still in pain, love?” Niall enquires, noticing I’ve stopped crying.

 I close my eyes, not wanting to respond.

“Let’s play a giant version of Spin the Bottle mixed with 7 Minutes in Heaven,” Harry declares. “Soph, you are the bottle. Each time you’ll fall on one of us, and trust me you will fall, we get to play with your body for 7 minutes. And because you wish to stay silent, you are not allowed to talk at all or we double the time. Only moans are accepted from you.”


The vehicle runs over another pothole, making me gasp. My hands being tied in my back, the instability causes me to lose my balance and fall face first on Zayn. 

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