Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


25. Raped

I knock three times and hear his voice telling me to enter. Double checking that I do have a firm hold on the fabric that hides my nakedness, I enter his room, leaving the door open.

“Shut the door, babe,” his voice demands coming from the lump in his bed. His head pops out and he smirks at me, taking-in my almost state of nakedness.

“Why did you lock my room if nobody’s inside it?” I snap, not in the mood for pleasantries.

“To spend some alone time with you. Now shut the damn door and c’mere,” he growls.

Damn he has a temper, I note.

“I have better things to do right now,” I snap.

“I don’t think so,” he scolds before bounding out of the bed. His hands grab my waist before I can register anything, and he pulls me on the bed over him.

I gasp, my fingers curling tightly around the towel to make sure it stays in place.

“Zayn! Let go of me right now!” I fume, fighting against his hands. “I’m not in the mood for this!”

“And why would I care?” he retorts, his fingers prying mine open. “It’s not like you have a choice in the matter anyways.”

I try clawing him but only end up pulling his camisole. Zayn tears my fingers away from the towel, and throws it in a corner after unrolling it from my body. Feeling exposed, I cross my arms over my chest and lift my knees to my stomach.

“None of that,” he scolds. Out of nowhere, he produces a pair of handcuffs. What is it with them and those damn handcuffs?!?

He flips me so I’m flat on the stomach, and handcuffs my hands behind my back. I wriggle a bit and his hand roughly makes contact with my ass.



“Stop moving!” he demands, his hand coming down once more on my behind. I whimper, biting my lip hard. I have to get out of here!

Suddenly, I roll off the bed and onto my feet, bounding for the door naked with my hands locked behind my back. I go to open the door, but smack myself mentally. Your hands are behind your back you dumbshit.

“Guess your plan didn’t go as far as you thought it would right?” Zayn sneers, laying on his bed with his arms behind his head. “Soph. Get into the bed now.”

“No,” I snap, facing the door.

“You know what pisses me the most right now?”

“I don’t give a crap whether your pissed or not,” I retort boldly.

With great care, I sit my back facing him, and I curl myself into a ball on the ground to get warmer.

“Well you should,” he hisses.

 I make a ‘pfft’ sound.

“Turn around when I’m talking to you,” he orders, but I don’t budge, knees pressed on my forehead. “You know why you should care about me being pissed?” he continues, his voice getting closer to me with each passing second. I don’t respond, ready to scream the second his skin comes in contact with mine. “Because when I’m pissed, I get horny. And rough. And pitiless,” he grabs me from behind by surprise and hurls me on the bed like I weigh a feather. Which I don’t. I’m startled for mere seconds.

“Oh yeah girl... You’re in for a very rough ride,” Zayn approves, holding me immobile as I furiously start struggling against his strength with only my legs. His fingers dig deep inside them, making sure I’d have bruises later on. I whimper.

“Stop it!” I plead. Niall come and save me. I can’t muster the plea, frozen in fear.

“That’s nothing.” He smirks, his fingers digging deeper to make me stop moving. “I was gonna pleasure you a little before actually getting inside you, but you lost that privilege when you decided it was okay to get off the bed and get mouthy.”

Placing my hips in-between his thighs, he removes his shirt, revealing his tattooed chest. I writhe under him, trying to make him fall off, but I only get him to harden. Niall’s going to come and get me.

“Keep thrusting those hips, you’re getting me excited,” he grunts, rolling his hips into mine harshly.

Zayn roughly pinches my nipples once or twice before he’s taking of his boxers to free his hard-on. For the first time since I’ve been kidnapped, I am truly terrified. I have nothing to soothe the whole thing. He doesn’t even make me a little wet to make it less painful. Niall’s going to come and get me.

“See how ready it is already? Let’s not make it wait any more,” he says, parting my thighs open roughly. Niall’s going to come and get me.

I scream as he rams himself in hard, his hand clamping over my mouth as he does so. Every part of my lower body is screaming pain as Zayn keep’s shoving himself inside me without letting me any time to adjust. The only thing he cares about is the sick pleasure it gives him to rape me like that. Because this really is rape. Because for once, there is no care whatsoever about how I feel or if I get some form of pleasure or not. There’s not an ounce of pity as he thrusts restlessly into me.

The painful minutes of torture finally end as he slows his thrusts.

Suddenly, something hits me hard: I didn’t take the pill this morning.

“Zayn! Don’t cum inside me!!!” I beg. He’s on the verge, and pulls out right before emptying his contents on my stomach and the sheets.

“You better have a godamn reason for this!” he pants angrily.

“I didn’t take the pill this morning!”

“And you wouldn’t wanna have little Zayns running around right?” he rolls his eyes.

“No! Of course not!” I spew from under him. He shrugs and spins me around, undoing the handcuffs.

“You’ll have to wash these sheets though; I’ll leave them in front of your door,” he says as I try wiping the substance covering my stomach with the kleen-x he hands me.

“Great. Now I’m a maid,” I mumble. “Don’t bother leaving them in front of my door, I’ll just leave with them right now,” I say with a strong face, tucking the sheet under my arms and around my naked body. My thighs are burning like hell, but I make way to my room anyways. The door is open and another note is posted.


Found this locked. Didn’t think you’d like moving around

the house in nothing but a towel. ;)

Your cook, Niall


I smile sadly. You’re just a tad too late Niall.

I sigh shakingly and walk in, before closing the door. My strong mask fades rapidly as I take a shy look at my thighs. I wince. The skin is raw, and bruises are already starting to form.

A sob finally escapes my lips, my whole body trembling. Seeing Zayn’s damage almost makes the pain worst. Makes it all the more real. Zayn opens my door in nothing but a towel. My towel.

“Get yourself together,” he orders. “This time wasn’t any different from your other ones. But I swear if you show Harry these,” he says, pointing the bruises on my lower half, “Next time will be worst,” he promises.

I nod and he shuts the door, heading for the shower.

Tears sting my eyes as I put on girl boxers and a loose tee, before snuggling into bed and letting the tears fall freely on my face.

After a couple minutes, there’s a soft knock at the door.

“Get the fuck away!” I scream crying, hugging one of my pillows tightly. I keep my teary face hidden in my pillow as someone bursts into my room.

“How many times have we warned you about language Sophie?!?” I recognize Harry's angry voice immediately.

I start shaking madly weeping into my pillow some more.

“Sophie! Answer me now!” his voice demands. The weight on the bed shifts. “So― ” he stops short. “Why are you crying love?” His voice brusquely takes a caring edge. He rubs my back softly, pulling the pillow away from my arms.

“Please don’t touch me,” I beg, grabbing another pillow. He pulls it away from me again, holding my wrists softly in his hands.


“You’re going to hurt me!”

“Did I ever really hurt you?” He asks.

“Things could change,” I hiccup. “You are unpredictable. The lot of you! Driving me crazy!”

“Soph. Look at me.”

I refuse to look up at him.

“Please,” he whispers.

My teary eyes slowly meet his green ones filled with concern.

“What happened?  Did I do this to you? If I did.... I’m truly sorry,” he says softly, rubbing my back soothingly.

“It’s n-n-not you,” I sob some more. Harry cradles me into his arms and let him. He kisses my hair, before resting his chin on the top of my head, his hands rubbing the outside of my thighs trying to appease me. Digging my face in to his chest, I cry again.

All of a sudden though, one of his hands slides to the inside of my thigh. I jump away from him.

“Go away!” I holler. “Leave me alone! You’re no better than him!” I scream, scuttling as far as him as possible while staying on the bed. His eyes harden as he eyes the insides of my thighs.

“Oi! Boys!” Harry calls, his eyes never leaving the inside of my thighs.

At that moment, Niall, Liam and Louis rush in my room.

“Where’s Zayn?” Harry barks.

“He just got into the shower,” Liam explains, just as we hear water running. “Why was she yelling?” he enquires.

“What’s this?” Harry demands ignoring Liam’s previous question, motioning my thighs. Silent tears fall down my cheeks as I notice Harry’s angry features. His hands are clenching and unclenching, knuckles turning white. He looks just about ready to hit someone.

“Don’t hit me please!” I plead, hugging my knees to myself.

“Who did this to her?” Harry fumes, looking at the three boys.

“Did what? What does she have?” Niall asks worried, coming closer to Harry and I.

“Look at her thighs,” the curly-headed boy seethes.

“I can’t see anything,” Liam remarks, also coming closer, followed by Louis.

“Soph, open up your thighs,” Harry asks me gently.

“No! You’re gonna rape me!” I sob, hugging myself even tighter.

“Rape?!? What the fuck guys! Who raped her?” he rages, looking at each of them furiously. It’s a first to hear Harry swearing after the other boys, and it scared me even more.

“Technically we all raped her...” Niall says, worry creased on his forehead.

“But nothing I ever did left her in this state!” he explodes. Harry takes a deep breath, before looking at me.

“Soph...Love. Who did this to you? It’s recent isn’t it?” he asks as gently as possible.

I don’t tell him, scared of what Zayn might do if he found I told them it was him.

“Look if you don’t cooperate...” he’s about to threaten me but catches himself. “Babe, can you just open your thighs so I can inspect the damage the person did?”

“If I do, I want Niall to hold me,” I beg. Jealousy flicks into Harry’s eyes but he nods anyway, motioning for Niall to proceed.

The blonde gets in bed, lifting me up on his legs. His arms encircle my waist lovingly, nuzzling into my neck. “Open your legs love,” he mumbles. I reluctantly pry them open, and all the boys gasp in shock. Niall stiffens and I wince as Harry’s fingers gently skim every bruise, before kissing each one of them.

“Better?” Harry asks, his green eyes meeting mine as he pulls back. I shake my head no. Harry about to say something but Louis cuts him.

“I know this is totally out of subject, but why are Zayn’s sheets in your room?” Louis asks, looking pointedly at the sheets.

“He-he-he wanted me to wash them,” I utter.

“And you said yes?” Liam asks, frowning.

“Well I had to because he had cu―” I clamp my hand to my mouth, not wanting to continue my sentence.

“He had what? Come on... You can finish what you just said...” Harry presses, kissing my fingers as Niall rests his head on my shoulder.

“Come on Soph... tell us,” Niall mumbles.

“He-he-he came all over them... ” the boys’ eyebrows all scrunch up together angrily and Niall becomes rigid. “But that was a long time ago!” I try covering up for what I just revealed. Zayn’s gonna kill me.

“A long time ago Soph?” Louis goes to the sheets, picking them up. He points some of the white specks on the sheets. “That is very recent,” he explains, before letting the dirty sheets fall back on the floor.

Harry’s eyes become slits in realisation as we hear the shower end.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Harry fumes, lifting himself of the bed. Louis pushes him down.

“Harry. Calm down,” the older boy tells him. “Violence won’t solve anything.”

“Zayn?!? Would you care to come in here for a minute?” Liam yells to him, also angry. Since when does he care for me?

Seconds after, the darker boy enters my room and I start shaking madly in Niall’s arms, clutching him tightly.

“Shhh. It’s okay Soph. You’re with me... no one will hurt you,” he reassures softly in my ear.

“Vas happenin’?” Zayn asks carelessly, looking at every face. Including mine. I shiver when our gazes meet.

“I don’t know... you tell us,” Harry burns. “What’s up with her?” he demands, pointing at me.

Zayn’s glares at me and I shrink in Niall’s arms.

“Don’t you dare glare at her,” Harry says really low, about to pounce at any moment.

“Why not? What did that bitch tell you?” Zayn retorts before Harry’s fist collides with his jaw. “What the hell man?!?” Zayn exclaims, rubbing his now sore jaw.

“She’s not a bitch,” Harry rages, struggling in Louis’s and Liam’s grasp.

“Well she was supposed to be! You said no strings attached when we first decided to own her! But no! You had to let your feelings get in the way!” Zayn seethes.

“Things change! And we all were clear that we wouldn’t hurt her like you did! She’s supposed to moan at least once before you take on the action!!!”

“That whore didn’t deserve to receive any pleasure from me!”

I flinch as the guys start fighting. Punches are thrown and insults are yelled. Look what you caused Soph... The boys usually don’t fight... And because you’re there, they do.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” I hiccup in Niall’s arms, making all the boys freeze to look at me.

Harry wipes his bloodied lip.

“Yeah. Sure love,” he says tenderly, before taking me from Niall’s arms and into his. He brings into the bathroom with the spa, and sits me on the lid of the toilet seat. He stands there, looking at me.

“Can I be alone?” I ask. He nods.

“I’m right outside the door if you need me, okay?”

This time it’s my turn to nod. Too much. Too much pain. As soon as he closes the door behind him, I stand up, searching for something sharp. Opening a few cupboards, and find razors. I grab one, and place my arms over the sink, before sliding the sharp edge on my wrist. I’m always the one causing the problems. I wince at first, seeing a large amount of blood pooling into the sink. Everywhere I go, something bad happens. I slice again, the pain less present but the same amount of blood pouring out. I cut the other wrist. No one really wants me. The razor digs again in my skin, releasing another dose of pain. Pain is good... makes you feel alive. I convince myself, making a fifth cut. Five cuts? I’m gonna name them Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn...

I get dizzy, the previous white sink becoming a worrying burgundy colour. Maybe I cut too deep this time...

 Trying to stop the blood flow, I grab a towel, but I lose my balance and fall.

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