Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


13. Protection?

I discovered London is a truly striking place, not long after leaving the airport. Beautiful, antique buildings everywhere and lush green parks. Though it did disturb me that they drove the other way around. And I would’ve enjoyed seeing London much more if it weren’t for the fact that I was kidnapped by five horny, cocky and sassy bozos.

While in the car, Louis kept pointing the double-deck red buses to me, making me laugh.

Our vehicle pulled in on Belvedere Road, where there had been recent renovations that included the creation of luxurious flats that towered over Jubilee Gardens and the Thames River. And of course One Direction could afford to buy one of them.

I followed them inside to discover a large amount of space. Boy that flat was huge!

“We can fit at least fifty people in that living room!” I exclaim, once all the luggage was brought inside and the driver had left.

“It’s better for parties,” Harry shrugs. “Want to visit the rest of the flat? You know, just to make sure you can find our bedrooms,” he adds, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“No thanks, but yes,” I respond.

“What?” Zayn retorts, confused.           

“I wanna visit the flat, but definitely not for these reasons.”

“Yet. Now come on,” Harry cuts, pulling me upstairs. There is a long corridor with eight doors. I discover that two of them are very luxurious bathrooms, and the rest are bedrooms. I easily recognize the boys’ respective bedrooms, all of them oozing their respective personalities. Harry leads me to the last door, the one at the complete end. He opens it and I peek in.

“Ok Harry. What’s the catch?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest. The room is white and empty.

“Love, there’s no catch. This is your room,” Niall says, laughing lightly.

“You’re gonna make me sleep on the floor?”

“No no!” Louis chuckles. “Tomorrow, we will go buy stuff to fill your room.”

“You can and will get anything you want to make yourself at home,” I smile, feeling a little giddy. “Although, there’s one condition.”

I stop dancing and look at Harry dead in the eyes.

“You have to have a bed more than big enough for two.”

“No prob!” I reply. “Can I start now?!? Pretty please with a cherry on top....” I beg.

“Nope. Tomorrow.” Harry replies, popping the ‘p’.

“Fine,” I huff. My stomach grumbles noisily. “I’m hungry. Can we eat lunch?”

“It’s suppertime here. You know, time does change from one meridian to the other.” Liam reminds me.

“Well that doesn’t change the fact that I’m hungry,” I state. “Where’s the kitchen?”

“Follow me,” Niall responds, before leading me downstairs, through the huge living room, and into a large kitchen. I don’t pay attention to the details; I just head for the refrigerator and grab anything eatable. I sit on the bench facing the marble counter that stood in the middle of the kitchen.  I start stuffing my mouth, feeling Niall’s gaze on me the whole time.

“You really were hungry huh?” The Irish boy remarks incredulously. I nod, and continue gulping food down as fast as humanly possible.

Once sated, I sigh and go sit in the living room, followed closely by Niall. He seems nervous as he sits beside me on one of the couches.

“I-I was wondering if you’d like to come with me on the London eye before the sun sets? You know, just to do a little overview of London?” He asks, voice wavering slightly. “It’s not far from here. We can walk over there.”

“Sure. Why not? Anything for a little fresh air.” I reply.

“Okay. Great,” Niall claps his hands together, before standing up. “Lads!” He hollers through the flat. “Sophie and I are gonna go take some fresh air! She doesn’t feel too good!” I whip my head in his direction at the hearing of his lie, and purse my lips looking at him inquisitively. I hear Harry yell back his approval, and Niall takes me out the front door. I put my hands into my pockets and Niall hooks his arms into mine, bringing me closer to him. Hmm. Still afraid I’ll escape.

“Why did you lie?” I ask after a few minutes of silent walking.

“Oh. It’s a white lie. It won’t hurt them,” he shrugs. “Beside, you deserve to have a break once in a while. We’ve been rough on you.”

I stay silent at his statement and continue walking, thoughts pondering in my mind about life in general, him, my family, and back to him. Why does he have to be so sweet? I think furiously. Why does he have to be so damn likeable?

We arrive at the bottom of the London Eye and I look up in the sky, its pink and orange color mesmerizing me.

“Come on,” Niall says, pulling me to the ticket booth. He lets go of me and talks with the man, but I don’t hear them. I’m lost in my thoughts once again.

“Niall,” I begin when he returns close to me, “why are we the only one’s here?”

“I arranged something with the ‘owner’ while you were sleeping on the plane,” he explains, a light blush crawling on his cheeks. I stay silent once again. I see a flash of hurt in his blue orbs, but it’s gone when he grabs me again, and leads me to one of the glass cabins. It has blankets and cushions splayed on the inside, unlike all the other ones. He edges me in.

The man with whom Niall was talking with earlier closes the door, locking us together. I watch him intently as he heads to the control panel, and pushes a few buttons before turning a key.

The ride starts moving brusquely, making me lose my balance and fall to a sitting position on the floor. I sigh, and find myself closing my eyes.

“Are you alright?” Niall asks, sitting beside me.

“Yes. Just lost in my thoughts again.” I answer, looking up at the peach coloured sky.

The Ferris wheel stops moving, right at the top. I gulp nervously, and look down at the ground. It makes me dizzy so I close my eyes, and take deep breaths.

“Are you afraid of heights?” Niall’s voice resonates through the glass cabin. I nod, swallowing thickly.

“You should lie on your back and watch the sky. It helps.” He advises.

Niall lies down on his back, and I imitate him. He sighs, and puts his arms behind his head, looking at the clouds. We stay like that for several minutes in silence, just appreciating the view.

My nervousness start dissipating slowly and the sky turns navy in a matter of minutes.

 He shifts and at the exact same time, we turn to look at each other, our noses close from touching. I hold my breath as our eyes stay locked on each other.

“Soph.... May I kiss you?” He whispers. “Please?”

I don’t move as he rolls himself on top of me, holding his weight with his arms. He leans forwards and all I can do is stare in his gorgeous eyes.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmurs, his lips softly pressing against mine. My feelings for him suddenly bubble up, and I find myself responding to the kiss.

His tongue lightly brushes my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I find myself incapable of refusing.

He groans on my mouth and holds me tighter, closing the space between our bodies. The cabin starts balancing slightly. Niall doesn't seem to mind as his body grinds against mine leisurely, his kisses more passionate.

 It was when he touched my breasts that I roughly pushed him away from my aroused body.

“I-I- I c-can’t,” I blabber. “We aren’t even at the friend’s level! I don’t trust you. Maybe if you can prove me that I’m not used as a form of amusement, you might maybe gain my full trust. But you did backstab me once.” I wince. “I’m not getting backstabbed again.”

“But―” he starts protesting.

“No buts. If you’re lucky, we could start off as friends,” I snap back, putting my walls up again.

“Good thing I’m Irish then huh?” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Right.” I give him the look, but a smile forms on my lips anyway. I gaze beside me and regret it as soon as I feel woozy. “Can we go down now? I wanna go back on the solid surface of the secure ground. ”

He has a worried look on his face. “Umm. No. I told the guy we’d sleep here after our ardent lovemaking, and leave tomorrow morning at sunshine. That’s why there are blankets and cushions.”

“Are you crazy?!? First of all, would you really expect me to let you sex me up in here, without struggling?!? And secondly―” His finger on my lips shushes me.

“I’m kidding Sophie. He’s waiting for my signal to let us down. Geese woman, are you on your period?” He laughs lightly.

“I am not―Oh my God.” My period... Oh shit. This could be bad. How many times did I have sex...? “I’m seriously hoping you guys thought of protection. Because I’m going to sue you at court if you get me pregnant. Even if you own me.” I seethe. Niall’s features get pale.

“I-I-I really do-don’t know.” He stammers, passing his hand through his hair. “But I sincerely hope Harry has thought of that.”

“Let’s not wait any longer shall we.” I say, getting very apprehensive.

“Right.” Niall pulls a flashlight out of his pocket, and flashes it on the ground at the entrance of the London Eye. Seconds later, the wheel resumes its rotation, making goosebumps appear on the surface of my skin.

We finally arrive make it safely on the ground, and I start running to the flat, trying to find my way through the dark. I hear Niall’s hurried footsteps behind me, panting to keep up with me.

 I barge into the door of the flat.

“Harry! Harry!” I yell, on the verge of panicking. I see him coming down the stairs, bare-chested, struggling with his boxers. He has a worried look on his sleepy face.

“What?” He asks huskily. I jump onto him.

“Please tell me you’ve thought of protection!” I beg, clutching his torso hard. I do not wanna become pregnant at the age of 16.

The door opens behind me and Niall enters the flat, red and sweating. I don’t keep my attention on him longer than that.

“Yes. Please do or we’re all in deep shit,” Niall presses, locking the door behind him. The commotion I’ve caused woke up the rest of the boys. I see all of them tumbling down the stairs, confused looks on their tired faces. Right, it was night time, I remember. Time flies when I’m with Niall...

“What do you mean protection?” he responds, dumbfounded.

“Okay I’ll say this the very explicit way: most of you put your dicks inside my vagina and loaded me with your sperm for the last 3 days, which means I could end up pregnant since I don’t remember any of you using condoms.” I say, wrinkling my nose at the last statement.

“Oh.” Is all he retorts.

“What do you mean ‘Oh’?!? Could you elaborate your primitive speaking please?!?” I become a nerve-wracking freak.

“I mean, of course I’ve thought of it. I gave you the pill while you were sleeping. I gave it to you that first time while you were unconscious when we ‘kidnapped you’ as you’d like to say and not long before you woke up in the van preceding the concert. Though I did forget today.” He says, eyeing both me and Niall worriedly. “Today, you didn’t do anything, right?” His voice takes on a jealous edge.

I dig in my mind to remember if one of them came inside me. I find nothing, and sigh in relief.

“Thank God.” I mutter as the same time as all the boys let a sigh of liberation.

“Can we go back to sleep now?” Zayn mumbles, Louis and Liam nodding their approval.

“Yes,” I answer. Niall and the others go up the stairs, closing their doors. I start making my way up also, but Harry’s hand on my arm stops me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To my room.”

“You don’t have a bed,” he states.

“And....?” I honestly don’t care; I’ll get some blankets and make a makeshift bed.”

“No. Tonight, you’re sleeping with me,” he lowers his voice to a whisper and puts his arms around my waist.


“No buts. This is non-negotiable,” Harry retorts, pulling me upstairs to his room. His odour is everywhere once we enter the orange bedroom. He shuts the door behind him and locks it. He spins back around to face me.

“Now. I want you to tell me what happened with you and Niall while you were away.” His eyes get darker as he talks, making me gulp and back up slowly. 

“No-no-nothing. I just took some fresh air and he went with me.”         

“Nothing? Are you sure?” His tone takes a dangerous edge. “It did take a full 3 hours for you two to come back to the flat, and Niall looked flushed when you finally did return. The lad can’t hide his emotions very well. Soph. Tell me. What. Happened.” Harry cuts his words out very carefully.

“He took advantage of me okay,” I lie, biting my lip. He cocks his head to the side, but continues advancing on me until I fall backwards on his bed. He put his hands beside my head.

“You’re lying,” He snarls. I look away, but he grabs my face, forcing me to face him. His eyes are black. “What did you two do, for you to come running back here yelling about protection?”

“Look. Niall kissed me, then I was angry after him and he thought I was acting irritated because I was on my period. Then I realized that I’m supposed to be on my period in a couple of days. End of story,” I spew rapidly. He eyes me for several seconds before sighing.

“Okay. I believe you. And I want you to warn me as soon as you really are on your period.”

I nod, backing up on the bed, but Harry gets closer to me.

“Although, I am quite jealous that Niall got what he wanted twice today. Having you all to himself. So now it’s my turn,” he purrs, pressing his body against mine. “I’m gonna make you mine, and only mine,” he murmurs in my neck, making me shiver. I start struggling, but he immobilizes my upper body with one hand and straddles my lower body. Harry unzips my leather jacket, his free hand sliding inside to grope a breast over my shirt.

“Didn’t you already?” I gasp as his hand massages me over my shirt. “I thought you already claimed me as yours when you took my virginity.” My voice comes out in pants as I try to fight his actions. Harry pulls the jacket off me and throws it in corner of his room.

“I thought so also, but Niall’s been stepping on my territory recently,” he replies, ridding me of my skirt. “Maybe I’ll have to show him his place,” Harry continues, anger flicking in his eyes.

“No! Don’t! ” I exclaim a little fast. He looks at me quizzically, doubt written all over his face. I scold myself mentally for standing up to Niall. “It’s my fault okay? I’m the one that keeps tempting him, doing naughty things behind your back. Punish me. Not him. He’s done nothing but what you’ve asked,” I lie, biting my lip at the end and looking away from his face. He’s angry at my behaviour and about the fact that I’m standing up for his Irish mate. I can tell, just by looking at his whitened knuckles.

“You’re lying. Again.” He gets frustrated. I hold my breath, waiting for a slap, but nothing happens. “But I’m too tired to deal with you right now,” he gives up, slightly pulling himself away from me. “Finish undressing and I’ll take care of you sometime else, just to make sure you get the deserved punishment. You won’t be able to stand when I’m done with you,” His eyelids look heavy as he passes his hands through his hair, placing them messily on his head. “You know what? I think I’m gonna punish you in your new room as soon as it’s done. I’m gonna be the first to take you in your own room,” he decides, taking his boxers off completely. I look away. “Stop that. You’ve seen it already. Now, undress, were going to sleep.”

“Can’t I get pyjamas?” I ask hopefully, still looking away.

“Nope. You’re sleeping naked, just like me,” he states proudly. “And if you keep looking away from my body purposely, I’ll swear I’ll make you suck me.”

I don’t turn my head around and he grabs my chin forcefully.

 “Just to let you know that I’m bigger than Niall.”

“And why would I give a fuck about that,” I spit, discarding my shirt and underwear before snuggling into his bed sheets. He gets inside the sheets also and hugs my body to his. His breath is hot on my neck and his hands wander along my naked body.

“Because I’m not as soft as him when somebody sucks me off and I like making people gag,” he whispers in my neck.

I close my eyes and dig my head into the Harry-scented pillow, hoping to get some sleep. “Aren’t you going to close the lights?” I mumble sleepily, as his fingers kept roaming along the outlines of my body.

“Yes,” he murmurs, before snapping his fingers. The lights shut immediately and he nuzzles into my neck, his warm body pressed tightly against mine.

“Of course. You had to have the laziest lights possible,” I mutter.

“Oh shut up and sleep will ya,” he yawns.

“I’ll try, but it’s not that easy seeing you’re practically using me as your pillow,” I whisper under my breath.

He pinches my ass, making me jump and whimper in complaint. “I said, shut up.”

“Then stop touching me!” I say, trying to push him away. He grunts.

“Next time, I’m shoving my cock in your mouth. What I said was simple: shut up. Or you aren’t gonna be able to sleep in your room. You’ll keep sleeping with me till you understand what shut the fuck up means.”

I did shut up this time, even though his fingers started exploring my nether folds. I kept every single sound behind my tightly closed lips.

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