Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


20. Promising Soirée

The stroll in the park had been very refreshing. It was small private park, giving the boys the chance to act freely. It was new for me to see them laughing and acting carefree. Last time I'd seen them this happy was back when I was a fan drooling over their Video Diaries, not all acting like the possessive and dominant jerks like they’d been with me for the last couple of days. There were even some moments where they briefly made me forget they were my kidnappers. But I made sure to remind myself who they truly were, pressing my fingers lightly into the bruises the boys had made during my stay with them every now and then.

“Hey Sophie! Wanna race to the flat?” Louis challenges on our way back from the park. We had about 100 meters left until the flat.

“Sure, why not,” I smile. “Niall, wanna join? Liam? Zayn? Harry?” I ask, looking at each one of them as I place myself beside Louis.

“I’m in!” Liam states.

“Me too,” Harry says, flashing me a smile. I roll my eyes. The other two stay silent, but I really want them to join.

“The winner gets a heated kiss from me,” I declare. Their eyes light up.

“I’m joining!” Zayn replies, putting himself with along the line with the rest of us.

“Me five!” Niall finishes also placing himself, flashing me a challenging smirk.

“One more thing: if you’re the last one Soph, we all get a kiss,” Harry adds.

“I’m not gonna be last,” I retort assuredly. I take off my ballet flats, putting them in my hands to run.

“Ready everyone?” Louis asks.

“Ready,” we respond.

“Ready, steady, NO!” Louis starts running, closely followed by all of us. Liam rapidly catches up to him and Harry and I are tight, while Zayn and Niall are close on our heels. I almost start laughing when I hear their heavy panting whilst I’m not even close to being tired, cheerleading having strengthened my cardio.

While running, I occasionally glance at the ground to avoid stepping bare footed on something undesirable, trying to keep up a steady pace. Near the end, a sudden burst of energy makes me sprint past Harry, almost joining Louis and Liam, the latter having a strong lead. Zayn also gets a sudden boost, flying past me and finishing the race at the same time as Louis. Liam is the first one to reach the door. I reach the finish a couple seconds before Harry, who’s prior to Niall.

“Wow. Harry, I was almost positive you’d be more in shape than that,” I laugh, seeing his red and puffy face.

“And I bet you say that because of my long-lasting in bed,” he retorts cockily.

“Shut up,” I reply, rolling my eyes. “Now, who won?” I ask, faking ignorance.

“I did!” They all reply.

 I chuckle and shake my head. “You're bunch of horny dimwits. Liam did,” I say, rolling my eyes again. All have unashamed smiles on their faces.

 I approach Liam, hooking my arms around his neck before connecting our lips. It lasts less than a minute, but I let him explore my mouth with his tongue as much as he pleased, before pushing him away softly.

Harry proceeds to retrieve the keys to the flat in his pocket before letting us in. He throws them on the table at the entrance as we all enter.

“There’s a message on the answering machine.” Louis states, looking at the beeping object. He presses play.

“Hey boys!” Comes a chorus of five different female voices.

The boys groan as the message continues.

“Surprise! We decided to organize a little dinner tonight at Abruzzi’s; be there at 8!” I recognize Anne’s voice from one of the boy’s videos.

“See ya later!” Another voice says.

“Your mums?” I enquire when the message ends. They groan some more, nodding their heads.

“Couldn’t they choose a better day…?” Harry complains his hands in his face.

“Just letting you know it’s 7 o’clock,” I put in.

They all check their phones at the same time to make sure I was telling the truth about the time. I was.

“Fine. Ok, everyone’s back down here ready to leave in thirty minutes!” Liam declares, putting his cell phone into his back pocket. Everybody except me bounds upstairs. I blink rapidly in shock at how fast they could actually go when they really wanted to. Louis comes back down the stairs.

“You too Soph,” he says, grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs. “Wear something adequate!” he says, shoving me inside my room.

“Yeah right. I’m sooo gonna be the one to dress as a whore…” I mutter while rummaging through my drawers and wardrobe. I chose a nice little blue dress, closing my door before putting it on. I look for jewelry and fall upon a three British flag charm necklaces with the boys initial a letter in the middle. I ponder for a second, before finally opting for the one with a silver letter L, to annoy Harry. Clasping the necklace shut, I observe my neck a few seconds, debating if I should put a scarf or not because of the hickeys. I decide against it. There not that visible anymore...

I head to the bathroom, searching for something to help me do my hair. Finding absolutely nothing, I end up knocking on Zayn’s bedroom door.

“Come in!” he yells. I enter, briefly suffocated by the odour of his cologne.

“Zayn?” I ask, advancing towards his figure standing in front of the mirror.

“Sorry Soph I’m not in for a quickie right now but―” He’s arranging his hair as he talks.

“That’s not why I came here Zayn. I want to know if I could borrow some hair stuff,” I retort, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yeah. Sure. You look stunning in that dress by the way,” he comments, looking at me up and down. I smile. “I’ll be happy to rip it off you tonight,” he adds. My smile disappears and I frown, before grabbing what I need off his hairdresser and locking myself back in my room.

“Why do they always have to act like complete jerks?” I mumble, plugging the curling iron.

After 15 minutes, my hair’s filled with little ringlets and I’m ready to leave.

I look at my alarm clock and notice I still have 7 minutes until I have to be downstairs.

Making sure my door is locked; I pull my laptop out of under the mattress and check Facebook to see if Ashley answered me. There’s nothing. “Damn,” I mutter putting it away. I grab a pair of fancy sandals and put them on before heading to wait downstairs at the entrance. To my surprise, all the boys are already dressed up nicely and ready to leave. Harry’s checking his watch nervously as I come down. He looks up as I clear my throat.

“Sweets, you should really stop stretching your time limits like that…” he scolds, looking me up and down, his eyes lingering on my necklace. “But you really do look gorgeous though,” he compliments, the other boys nodding their approval.

“Louis, you have a little drool on the side of your mouth,” I tease, motioning his agape mouth.

 He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and shoots me a dirty look.

“The cabs are here,” Niall states suddenly, looking outside.

“Why did you say cabs as in more than one?” I ask. “Better yet, why don’t we simply take your cars?”

“They are too noticeable to go in the center of London,” Zayn explains. “We’re trying to go undercover to avoid the fans.”

“We’re going into separate cabs,” Harry cuts in, grabbing my arm. “Niall, Liam and Zayn, you go in the first and Louis, Sophie and I will go in the other. Meet you there,” he dismisses, pushing me outside and towards the second cab. “Friendly tip: the driver won’t be any help if ever you scream “Kidnappers!” or something stupid like that. We warned him beforehand that the girl coming with us had a strange kidnapping fetish,” the green-eyed boy informs before urging me inside the vehicle to sit between Louis and him.

“Have I already mentioned how I greatly despise you?” I reply while trying to get comfortable on the seat.

“More than I can count, but I know you don’t completely mean it,” he retorts before motioning for the cab driver to go.

The driver starts the engine as I buckle my seatbelt, Louis and Harry mimicking me. The ride is silent, that is until Harry decides he can rest his hands in the insides of my thighs. Seeing it disturbs my breathing, Louis automatically does the same, their warm hands unnerving my body.

Uncomfortable, I try pushing their hands away, straining to unclasp their fingers from my limb as they get stiffer with my struggling.

“Ouch!” I gasp, their digits dig harshly into my skin.

“Stop resisting and we’ll loosen our grasp,” Louis instructs, his grip tightening synchronically with Harry’s as I fight with more fervour. I give up after a few seconds and their grip becomes light once more.

“Good girl,” Harry says, his thumb pads stroking the inside of my leg symmetrically to Louis.

“Don’t treat me like I’m your a pet,” I mutter. Their probing hands start going up the length of my thighs, making goosebumps rise along the way. “You wouldn’t,” I menace as they get nearer to my center.

They smile goofily. “Wouldn’t we?” They respond before each of them push a finger inside me, tossing my panties aside. Next time I’m wearing tights...

 My whole body tenses.

“Stop. Now,” I warn without much conviction. Their fingers curl. They chuckle as I moan loudly, Harry rapidly shoving his hand over my mouth.

“Shhh. Not so loud Soph…” Harry reprimands with a smile, nodding towards the driver. I pull his hand off.

“I-I-I thought y-you told the g-guy…” I manage, their fingers curling slightly inside me again.

They both snicker in amusement.

“That doesn’t mean we’re allowed to do this,” Louis says motioning our current situation. His head drops to kiss my neck and I bite back a whimper.

“Then d-d-don’t!” I stammer with as much persuasion as I can.

“Oh but why? You really seem to like this,” Harry mumbles, moving his finger in and out lowly, his mouth also latching on the other side of my neck. “I know we like pleasuring you…” he speaks softly, his curls caressing my neckline.

My back involuntarily arches on the seat when Louis also starts scissoring his digit inside me.

“That’s not pleasuring, that’s manipulating my defenseless body.” I breathe.

“So this,” Harry starts, pulling his finger out, “Is not pleasure?” He finishes, ramming his finger inside me to hit my g-spot.

I moan loudly and this time Louis covers my mouth with his hand while I try regaining my breath.

“Thought so,” Harry smirks, shoving two in this time.

Louis keeps a hand over my mouth to stifle more groans, his soft lips still glued on my neck.

“Please don’t make any hickeys...” I beg quietly as Louis and Harry nip and suckle a spot on my neck.

“Too late,” Louis murmurs on my sensitive skin, his soft hair tickling me. I groan in disbelief. How was I gonna hide them tonight?

When I finally succeed to control my noise making, the blue-eyed boy holds my body down with his free hand while he and Harry try finishing me off with a total of four fingers inside me.

They were honestly lucky that the driver was too engrossed in his music than his passengers, because things might’ve turned out differently.

“Shit Larry,” I gasp, moaning and feeling myself coming undone on their skillful fingers. I grip their legs tightly as support, making them grunt on my neck. My breathing is ragged and unsteady and I cum on their digits. They pull their fingers out, and lick them clean.

“Soph, you’re delicious,” Louis moans, licking his fingers once more.

I push them away from me, and they don’t protest. I look down my neck, seeing little red and purple love bites.

“Guys!” I groan. “I can’t hide this tonight! If ever your mothers ask me about it, I’m gonna tell them it’s all of your doing!” I menace.

“No you won’t, because if you do, I can make your life hell,” Harry snaps.

“It already is.”

“No it isn’t. Let’s say that what I did to you two days ago was not even the quarter of what I can really do to you if you continue pissing me off!”

The driver’s head whips up to look at us in the rear-view mirror.

“Is everything alright back there?” He questions.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Louis says. “Here Soph, wear this,” he continues, pulling out a simple white bolero from his pocket. I put it on.

“Do you always carry clothes Lou?” I ask, dumfounded as I realise the bolero covers exactly the spots where the boys had made hickeys.

“Yep. Especially since I knew something would happen in the car with you,” he replies. “Now, about tonight, we want you to present yourself as a good friend of ours. Or something like that. Invent something credible,” Louis responds and I nod my understanding with a sour face.

“Great then. Everything’s settled,” Harry claps. “One more thing though,” he says as the cab stops completely. “Don’t embarrass us, or make us angry,” the curly-haired boy advises before grabbing my arm and yanking me out of the vehicle. Louis follows, and Niall, Zayn and Liam get out of their car to join us. I shrug out of Harry’s grasp and go beside Niall, sliding my hand into his. He smiles at me but I don’t smile back.

“You alright?” The Irish boy murmurs, worry creased into his forehead.

“I’ve been better,” I reply. He nods.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine as long as you behave,” he replies, squeezing my hand. I sigh.

Soon enough, the six of us are at the front door of the restaurant, and being led through the sea of people to our reserved table with their mums.

“There they are! Our boys!” I see Anne and four other women seated at the table farthest from the rest of the clients.

We join them.

“And who is this pretty girl?” The woman I recognize as Niall’s mom asks, looking at me.

“I’m Sophie,” I introduce myself coming closer. “I’m a close friend of these wonderful boys,” I continue giving my hand for a handshake. She takes me by surprise and hugs me, kissing both of my cheeks as a welcoming gesture.

“Glad to meet you! I’m Maura,” she says, smiling. The action is repeated with the four other mothers, the boys all slightly uncomfortable as they also get kissed and hugged. Except Harry. Harry hugs his mother lovingly and for a few seconds. Hmmm... Sensitive Harry.

“Okay! Have a seat, and let’s order!” Zayn’s mother, Tricia, claps after finishing her round of hugs and kisses.

“Thank God, I’m starving,” Niall adds taking a seat. I sit beside him, Liam’s mom, Karen, on my other side.

“Niall, you’re always starving,” I retort playfully, earning a friendly grimace from the blonde. Harry takes a seat directly in front of me, his mother beside him and Louis on the other. Liam sits beside Niall, and Zayn beside Louis.

The group starts conversing, and I eye Harry, trying to figure him out. Suddenly, I get an idea.

Harry, Louis, how about a friendly game of footsie as a revenge for what you did to me in the car? I think mischievously, seeing as we’re all pretty close to each other. This dinner is going to be entertaining.

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