Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


19. Playin' it Cool

I stir, waking up from what seems like hours of sleep. My blinds are closed, beams of sun illuminating my bed. I rub my eyes tiredly before stretching fully and taking a look around. Where is Niall? He was supposed to wake me up for supper...

Interrogations pop up in my head, while I look around for some kind of clue to what may have happened. I glance back at my window, sun rays piecing their way into my room.

So it can’t possibly be supper time if the sun is that bright.... It must be morning, I realise, shooting a sideways glance at my alarm clock. Indeed, it showed 8:30 AM. I guess Niall forgot to wake me up, and went to sleep himself.

My stomach growls hungrily, stating breakfast time. I groan, eyeing the floor that seems to be tempting me to dare to try to walk.  I sigh and turn myself around so my legs are dangling on the side of the bed. I stare at the floor.

My stomach rumbles again, reminding me that I have to go eat breakfast right now. I pray for an absence of pain as I gently deposit my feet on the floor and try putting some weight on my legs. Only a twinge of pain sears through my thighs, but nothing unbearable. I breathe out a sigh of relief before making my way out my door, hands in my hoodie pockets. I open my door, tiptoeing my way down the corridor and to the stairs. I hop down the stairs, keeping my balance with a hand on the ramp, flinching when a stair creaks.

“Looks like Sleeping Beauty is finally awake,” comes Zayn’s voice from lower down.

 I wince and my head snaps to the voice, making me look down in the living room where Zayn peacefully sat on the couch, reading a book.

“Oi Sophie! Come and join us!” Louis calls out, also from the living room.

I huff in disappointment and finish going down the stairs, walking to the middle of the room where they all sat. Zayn’s eyes briefly flick over his book to look at me as I pass him, before returning to their lecture.

“And she walks!” Niall exclaims, clapping his hands. I roll my eyes but smile anyways.

“Take a seat Soph... We were discussing about your little meeting with your friend tomorrow,” Harry says, patting his lap. I purse my lips, looking around me; Zayn and Liam are sharing a big couch, Harry has his own one and Niall and Louis share another.

Don’t forget the dare, Niall mouth at me. I roll my eyes and turn towards Zayn.

The darker boy places his book on the table beside him, his eyes meeting mine.

I watch him lick his lower lip absentmindedly. I advance decidedly towards him before placing myself over him and locking our mouths together.                                                                                                                      

He seems taken aback, but responds seconds later, bringing me closer to him. Hastily, he demands control over the kiss, attempting to push his tongue through. I quickly put an end to the kiss, not liking the hasty dominance. He’s astounded nonetheless.

“When did you become so provocative?” Liam asks, quirking a brow up.

“I don’t know. I'm feeling a bit bold that’s all,” I reply, shooting a glance in Niall’s direction. “So guys, you were saying?” I say, putting on my most business-like face.

Niall bursts out in laughter while the other boys seem lost about my attitude.

“Niall, what did you do to her yesterday?” Liam asks dumbfounded, looking at me weirdly.

“Worked my Irish charm, that’s all,” he smirks.

“Guys, I’m hungry and I’d like to go eat so if you’d please hurry up and talk about whatever you wanna talk about...” I add, rubbing my stomach.

“Right. Niall told us you organized a get-together with the girl from the mall tomorrow,” Harry says. I nod.

“You weren’t expecting to go alone were you? Because we’re going with you,” Louis puts in.

“You don’t trust me?” I pout, lifting myself from Zayn. I walk towards Lou, and I see him trying to look anywhere but me.

I hook my arms around his neck and force his turquoise eyes to gaze into mine.

“You don’t trust me?” I repeat. He shakes his head no. I feel everybody’s gaze on me as I lean in to kiss him.

“Well too bad,” I murmur getting even closer. His eyes close as our lips are mere centimeters apart, but I pull away, going back to sit between Zayn and Liam. He groans in disagreement, but I shut him off.

“You don’t trust me,” I repeat, looking at my nails. He seems to be debating with himself, looking back at my lips continuously. I quirk my eyebrow up.

“Okay I trust you!” he gives up, pouting his lip. “Can I get a kiss now?” he pleads.

“Maybe later. I’m hungry. Could we postpone this to after breakfast?” I ask, feeling my stomach rumbling again. “Your brains all seem to be working at a snail’s pace.” I don’t even wait for their answer. I just stand back up and head into the kitchen, feeling every single pair of eyes on my back.

“Who is she and what has she done with Sophie?” I hear Liam ask to the rest of the boys. I listen to their grunts and confused answers and  shake my head, picking up the carton of milk in the fridge. It’s only because of Niall’s dare. Only because of that.

I jump when I feel hands on my waist. The person kisses the inside of my neck, making me shiver and get away from him to continue making my breakfast. But he catches my waist, spinning me around to face him.

“Where do you think you're going love?” Zayn says, looking into my eyes.

I cock an eyebrow in lack of comprehension.

“I do believe we haven’t finished what we started a couple minutes ago,” he continues, pressing himself on me. My back hits the counter making me wince.

I carefully put the carton of milk beside me to avoid an unnecessary mess, and push him away from my body a little.

“If I kiss you again, can I eat breakfast?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.

“It depends on how good the kiss is...” he drawls, coming closer to me once again.

 I roll my eyes but kiss him anyway, grabbing the back of his head to bring him closer. His tongue pushes against my lips to gain entrance, and I give it to him reluctantly. He groans on my mouth, his hands snaking their way around my thighs to grip my ass hard. I wince, but continue kissing him with as much fervour as I can muster.  Zayn’s hands grip my ass again, but this time he lifts me up to a sitting position on the counter, nearly knocking over the milk. Keeping one hand in his hair, I push the milk father away from our make-out spot, before bringing it back around his neck. His probing fingers dig into my thighs roughly. I whimper and push him off me, getting off the countertop.

He looks angry, but dazed by how my kiss had affected him.  “We aren’t done...”

I shrug the nasty thought away and put on an innocent look.

“You can’t have me all to yourself right now. The boys are just beside,” I explain, before turning my back to him and grabbing the carton of milk once more.

“Tonight, your room,” he concludes.


“This isn't up for debate love,” he warns.

“Fine,” I reply between clenched teeth. “Whatever.”

I manage to find the bowls and Zayn shows me where the cereals are. I thank him and pick the ones who ressemble the most to what I'd eat back home before pouring myself a bowl. I sit down at the table and start eating just as the rest of the boys enter the kitchen and start making themselves breakfast. They keep shooting me perplexed looks as they grab food here and there.

 I keep eating peacefully as Liam and Louis take a place on either side of me while the other three sit down facing us. Without talking but looking at me pointedly, Harry hands me a glass of juice and gives me the little white pill.

Under baffled eyes, I take the pill and down the juice without a single protest. I finish my breakfast and stand up to go back to my room, putting my bowl and spoon in the dishwasher at the same time.

“Where are you going?” Harry demands.

“To my room.” I shrug as I climb the first stair. “I have to put something on for the day right? I don’t wanna stay in pyjamas much longer and I'm in the need for a shower,” I add. “So Louis, can you show me my clothes?”

The called boy quickly shoves the rest of his food down his throat before skipping over next to me.

“I’d be glad to,” he says, putting his arm around my waist and urging me upstairs. I follow him as he takes me to his room, making me wait for him in front of his bed like last time. He’s back in less than a minute, a mountain of clothes piled up in his arms.

“Come,” he says, giving a little head thrust towards the hallway.

I follow him silently as he goes to my room, and starts placing clothes one by one in my wardrobe and drawers. I close and lock my door and sit on my bed, watching him mindlessly.

“Here, all done,” he finishes clapping once. He turns to face me, advancing leisurely.

“Now love I have a problem...”

“Which is?” I enquire, backing away slowly.

“Your kiss with Zayn had me all hot and bothered,” he supplies, knocking me off my feet and pushing me on the bed. “We're going to remedy to that, aren't we?” he continues before kissing me arduously. I'm momentarily surprised, but I rapidly respond to the kiss, thinking about Niall’s dare. Two more to go Niall...

I smirk on Louis lips and flip us around so I’m straddling his hips, defying the usual where they would be the ones dominating me. Louis groans loudly as our crotches inevitably rub together, getting him hard. My fingers trail around his neck and shoulders, arousing him even more.

Louis flips us back around so he’s the one controlling me, and his mouth leaves my lips to go suck on the sweet spot behind my earlobe.

 I moan and pull his hair a little, making him suckle harder. I have a feeling he's gonna leave a mark.

“Louis,” I groan as he starts making another hickey while his warm hand slides underneath my hoodie to fondle with one of my breasts.

He grunts as I lift my knee upwards to feel his bulge, and brings it back down forcefully in annoyance. His weight presses on me.

My fingers tangle in the wisps of his brown hair. He digs his hips into mine when I pull, groaning lowly in my neck.

Louis’ hand retires from my chest, both of them gripping the hem of my hoodie before lifting it up and throwing it in a corner. I end up in my camisole, lacking of any bra since I don’t sleep with one.

I notice his eyes turn darker as his fingers clutch the material, wanting to tear it off me.

There’s a sudden knock at my door.

“Hey you two almost done with the clothes? We have a conversation to finish!” comes Liam’s voice from the other side.

I smile almost cheekily as Louis grimaces in dissatisfaction.

“Don’t smile at me like that. We're gonna be finishing this. Tonight, here,” he states, getting off me.

“But I can’t—” I protest.

“No buts! Now I’m gonna go finish myself off while you find something to wear. You have two minutes,” he shuts me off, heading back to his room.

 I exhale loudly and start my search for casual clothes. I end up grabbing a skirt and normal t-shirt with a low neckline; as all the t-shirts showed some cleavage.

In two minutes tops, Louis is already back in my room.

“Nice choice,” he compliments. “Although, you’re missing a little something,” he trails on before shuffling through one of my drawers. He comes out with an I Love One Direction bracelet.

“We may let you dress up like you want, but you must always have something on you that represents us,” Louis explains, sliding it on my wrist. I notice he also checks if I have fresh scars, but decide to ignore the fact that he may care for me more than I give him credit for.

“Come, we have to conclude this morning's discussion,” I say, pulling him with me out of my room and back to the living room. All eyes are on me once more as Louis and I make our appearance. Liam's gaze seems particularly intense as he licks his lips, so I decide to let go of Louis’s hand and sit beside him.  Niall asks me non-verbally if Louis and I kissed. I wink my confirmation but his face turns a little sour, making me feel uneasy.

Questions make their way into my head as Niall and the rest of the boys engage a conversation. Why is he suddenly ill at ease with the dare he gave me?

Liam grips my thigh, making me focus on what was happening.

“So ?” I ask. “Am I allowed to go alone?” I enquire, hoping for an affirmative answer.

“We’ve decided that tomorrow we’ll let you chat with your friend, under supervision,” Harry concludes after making small talk with Niall, Louis and Zayn while Liam kept looking down my cleavage. Bastard.

“You can’t come with me! What if she starts fangirling all over you?!? It’s supposed to be a girl’s day out! I’m supposed to eat ice cream alone with no worries!” I protest, getting up. Liam sits me back down on his lap roughly, his hardness evident against my ass. Forgetting my character, I struggle to get back up but Liam clutches my thighs tightly to immobilize me.

“Stop complaining. It’s either we’re going with you or you’re not going at all,” Liam whispers in my ear. The boys all look at me expectantly, waiting some kind of answer. I clench my fists and grit my teeth, exhaling loudly.

“Fine,” I snap finally. I rub my temples and sigh before settling myself comfortably on Liam, purposefully rubbing his erection. “So what are we doing today?” I demand.

“Whatever you want, as long as you stay in the house,” Harry mumbles, before leaving the living room with Louis, Niall and Zayn. I also attempt to get up but Liam holds me down.

“Not so fast sweet cheeks,” he scolds, pushing me into a laying position on the couch.

“What do you want?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest, pushing my breasts up at the same time.

“I wanna fuck you,” he murmurs, tossing strands of hair out of my face. “But not now. Right now, I want you to kiss me like you kissed Zayn this morning,” he says, leaning in.

Doing it for the dare, I grab the back of his head and bring his mouth to mine. He roughly thrusts his tongue inside my mouth, moaning when I respond to his assault. His hips buck against mine, but to my great surprise, he doesn’t try to undress me.

Out of breath, he breaks the kiss, looking into my eyes.

“That’s all?” I ask, cocking my eyebrow up.

“For now. I’ll be claiming the rest tonight, your room,” he says licking his lips, getting off me.

“No! You can’t tonight! There’s—” I start arguing.

“Whatever you have will have to wait. I’m coming, no other option,” he silences.

Just great. What is tonight gonna look like if I have three boys in my room? I shudder and head upstairs. I enter my room, and see Niall sitting on my bed.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, putting my hands on my hips.

“I think you’re taking this dare a little too far,” he says, looking at me seriously. “I said kiss... Not make out until they're horny. I think you’re planning something. Again.”

“Maybe I am,” I shrug.

“Well I’m sorry, but unfortunately, I have to make sure that you don’t.”

“And I thought you were my friend,” I grumble.

“I am...but I can't jeopardize the band. It's too early in our career to start mistrusting each other.  I can’t let you go. I can’t let you escape,” he says, walking over to hold me. I push him away. “Oh don’t be so glum... And by the way, I’ll be bunking with you tonight,” he adds.

“You can’t. I’ll lock my door,” I say challengingly, not wanting to tell him the three other guys were also planning a visit.

“Hmm. We’ll see about that. And you might wanna shower. I don’t recall hearing you showering this morning when you said you would,” he states.

“Niall Horan, is this your way of telling me I smell?” I retort playfully.

“Well I wouldn’t put it that way but, yeah,” he chuckles before hurrying out of my room as I grab a pillow to hit him. I groan and fall backwards on my bed. How am I going to deal with the four boys? Thoughts on what might happen tonight twirl around my head and I groan again. I really need a shower, I conclude, lifting myself off my bed. I need to think about what I'm going to do.

Grabbing a towel. I head outside my room and into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me.

I start the water, putting my hand under the stream to feel the temperature. I undress when it's lukewarm. I get in and pull the curtain shut, momentarily resting my head against the shower wall and enjoying my loneliness.

After a couple minutes, I sigh and start washing my hair, massaging my head slowly to make my shower last as long as possible. I rinse my hair closing my eyes, taking my sweet time.

A noise startles me, my eyes flying open to see Harry entering the shower stark naked.

“What the heck Harry! Get out!” I say, automatically covering myself. “And I locked the door! How did you get in?!?”

“Nope. I’m showering with you. I didn’t have my chance last time remember? Louis went with you instead,” he replies, softly pushing me on the shower wall. “And the boys and I have the key to every lock in this flat, including your room.”

I give up trying to cover my nudity and try shoving him away from me, with no success.

“Harry, get the fuck out,” I say, hitting his chest. He grabs my arms, immobilizing them beside me while chuckling in amusement at my angry face.

“I knew it was all an act. You never change,” he states, making me look up into his green orbs. “You’re still the feisty Sophie we’ve known since the beginning...” he says, his face inching closer to mine. “You tried to lead them all on but I could see right through you.”

“I can do slutty too. That is if I feel like it,” I retort, looking at him fiercely.

“That’s because there’s that twisted side inside you that loves when you’re being fucked by us.”

“No. That’s bullshit.”

“But it’s the truth... There have been plenty of opportunities for you to manage an escape, but you always chose the most obvious ones, because of that side of you that wants to stay with us. You’re imprisoned in your own body. You wouldn’t survive an escape because of your bodily desires towards us...” Harry continues, his hands caressing their way from my stomach to my thighs.

Tears of frustration sting my eyes, mixing with the water from the shower.

“I hate you.”

“You know what they say right? There is a thin line between love and hate,” he responds cockily.

“That’s it; I’m getting out of here,” I finish, trying to get out of the shower. The curly-haired boy grabs my arm, and pulls me back flush against him, before kissing me.

I keep still for mere seconds, before I find myself responding to him for the dare. But I completely lose control as he groans on my lips, the sound of aroused voice reverberating to my core.

My hands grab his curls, melting to his enthralling touch all over my body.

His hands suddenly latch on my breasts; making me moan and making his cock harden against my thigh. His hands withdraw from my chest and go grip my ass.

“Jump,” he mumbles urgently on my lips.

I do as asked. He grabs himself with one hand, already hard as he enters me swiftly while keeping his balance with his other hand pressed on the wall.

“Ugh, fucking hell Soph,” he groans, latching his mouth back on mine. “I thought I'd loosened you more than that the other night,” he gets out.

Weirdly, I don’t feel like struggling, seeing as none of it had really hurt me.  Harry had actually gone gently this time, letting me adjust. Our eyes meet and Harry carefully starts sliding in and out, filling me up completely with each thrust.

I moan when he hits my g-spot. He proceeds to hit it repeatedly, bringing me to the edge. His thrusts slow down.

“Awww Harry! Faster... Harder!” I plea, clutching his hair.

“See... That’s the evidence you like it when we fuck you... You beg for more,” he says between slow thrusts. That shuts me up, and I stare at him intensely.

“Oh so no more begging? Alright then,” he says, pulling out.

“You’re such a pain in the ass,” I seethe.

“Love you know that wasn't being a true pain in the ass,” he retorts cheekily. “I’ll be coming to see you tonight if ever you wanna finish what we started...” he trails on, exiting the shower before I could object. Oh I’m so fucked.

I feel a little dizzy as I close the tap and dry myself with the towel, thinking of how tonight’s event might turn out worse than I would’ve thought. Maybe I should talk to Niall about this? No. He's on the boy's side either way. I hope I’ll survive this, or escape beforehand,.

I get back into my earlier clothes. But even if I do escape, I’m in London. Where’d I go?

I walk back to my room with these thoughts, not bothering to dry my hair. I close my door, thinking of maybe watching a bit of TV, but then my Dad saunters into my mind and I push the idea away. Then something clicks while thinking about my dad’s family. I’m in London. My older cousin Ashley lives here... Maybe if I could contact her, something could be arranged and I’d be able to live with her, she’s nineteen. Her smiling face appears in my mind from the last time she came to Quebec to visit. Surely the boys haven’t bribed her like they bribed Kristen! Heel, they might not even know I have a relative in London!

I get excited at the thought and suddenly, I remember I hid a laptop in-between my mattress and bed frame. Harry had stopped inspecting my room when he looked out the window and found the rope. Yes!

Having difficulty to contain my joy, I skip over to my door and lock it, getting the laptop out and onto my bed. Now hopefully, I can have Wi-Fi and look for her on Facebook... I open my computer, and go look into the network connections.

“Shit they put a password,” I mutter, looking at the blank PASSWORD box. I try many things, some more stupid than others, but nothing works. Once again, I’m hit by intelligence, Harry loves his mum.

 I’ll put in her name, Anne Cox, in the box. I cross my fingers while the screen says loading. The check mark appears and I scream in joy before putting my hand over my mouth to silence myself. Today might turn out to be my lucky day after all!

I rapidly log on Facebook, ignoring the statuses of my supposed friends and searching right away for Ashley Miller. I send her a quick message:


Hey Ash! I’m in London right now and I thought that maybe

I could live with you for this period of time instead of being

stuck in a clammy hotel! Lemme know if I can!

Love ya bunch!

Xxx Sophie


I click send, hoping with all my heart that this would work. Three sharp knocks at my door frighten me. The doorknob rattles.

“Yes?” I ask staggering, closing the laptop and rapidly stuffing it back under my mattress.

“Were going to the park for some fresh air, and you’re coming with us,” Louis says, rattling the doorknob again. I groan and go open the door for him. He peeks over my shoulder curiously.

“What exactly were you doing?” He asks, evaluating my room with questioning in his eyes.

“I was searching for some stuff,” I reply with a smile. “Just making sure I know where every article of clothing is.” I add.

“Oh. Okay. Come on, were leaving now,” he says, dragging me along downstairs where the boys waited at the entrance.

“Don’t think of doing anything or you can forget about meeting with your friend,” Harry says, leading all of us outside.

“Don't worry, I won’t,” I reply. It’s only a matter of time anyways, I remind myself, following them outside.


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