Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


7. Loosen Up

The ride in the limo was quiet, though I couldn’t help noticing that Zayn and Liam were fidgeting uncomfortably in their seats. Louis and Niall seemed on edge, but Harry seemed calm. Too calm for my liking.

“Weren’t we supposed to go to a party?” I ask suddenly, breaking the silence. Harry sighs and puts his hands on my thighs, his fingers starting to rub slow circles.

“Yes. But technically, we meant going clubbing to celebrate another sensational show.” My mouth drops open in surprise. This could be good because maybe I’d have the chance to escape due to their drunkenness... but it might be bad because literally anything could happen to me in a place where people keep grinding on one another with drunken minds. Maybe I should stay close to Liam tonight. He’d be the only one sober because of his lone kidney. I gaze at Liam briefly. Or maybe I should stay away from all of them, I think as I notice Liam’s gaze undresses me.

Harry must’ve noticed my bothered expression because he squeezes my thigh lightly.

“Don’t worry Soph; we’ll protect you from the bad guys,” he tries reassuring me, his lust glazed eyes doing nothing but the opposite. Holding me down with one hand, he hikes up my dress high enough for the whole band to notice I don’t have any underwear. I struggle a little and whimper in complaint of my current position. Their eyes widen and their pants seem tighter as Harry’s hands travel underneath the dress, touching my folds. My body instinctively reacts to his touch, and his finger comes out wet. Harry puts it in his mouth, sucking on it provocatively. Louis’s, Niall’s, Zayn’s and Liam’s eyes are crammed with yearning, and they lick their lips in need.

I complain crossly and try sitting back up properly. “That’s the thing, Curly. I don’t think you protection will be of much aid since I guess I’ll need to be protected from you,” I snap angrily, bringing my dress back down and snapping my legs shut.

All the boys let out a groan of disapproval. Harry is about to lift it up again, but the vehicle comes to a stop and he ends up flipping his curls instead.

“Damn. Oh well, later,” he gives me a suggestive smile and I nearly hit him in the face in irritation. “So here are the rules. You aren’t allowed to grind that perky little ass of yours on nobody’s crotches, except ours,” Harry starts cockily.

“Do I look like a slut? I’m not even allowed to go in bars!” I protest, crossing my arms over my chest in disdain. “I won’t grind on anybody!” Harry ignores me and continues, on a slightly harsher tone.

“You have to do everything we ask you to do. If you do anything we don’t like, we get to punish you and extend your stay with us.”

“That means you aren’t allowed to kiss anybody except us,” adds Louis.

“You aren’t allowed to flirt with anybody but us,” Liam continues.

“You aren’t allowed to go somewhere unless with the accompaniment of one of us,” Zayn includes.

“And you aren’t allowed to break out.” Niall saying that rule catches me by surprise. “If we catch you attempting an escape or telling anyone that you are held with us against your will, your ass will be raw I swear,” the Irish boy finishes, looking at me gravely. I almost stick my tongue out at him, but restrain from doing so.

“Do you understand?” Harry looks at me warningly. I nod my head yes, but I don’t look at him in the eyes. He grabs my chin and my eyes fall in his emerald ones. “Sophie. Do you understand?” He says more severely.

“Yes.” I abandon.

“Good. So enjoy your night here everyone, since it’s going to be our last one in America for a little while!” Harry cheered, imitated by the boys. We are hustled out of the vehicle and it dawns on me a second too late.

“What!?! What do you mean last night here!?!” I object in shock but Harry pulls me out of the limo and drags me along with him to the front of a very long line.

Weirdly, the boys had been capable of ignoring all the fans who were hollering their names, where as I now had the case of a bad headache and a lack of hearing.

“Harry, I don’t think they’ll let me in.” I murmur in his jacket, the shadow of a smile forming on my lips in victory.

“Sure they will, you’re with us. Besides, I know the bouncer.” Harry murmurs back. He throws a wad of money to the man and whispers something into his ear nudging his head in my direction. The guy looks at me for a second, then to all the boys, and let us in.

I feel the beat of the music before I actually hear it. Lights are everywhere, blinding me for mere seconds. Harry lets go of my hand, and someone else grabs my waist instead. Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall head in front of me and mix in with the crowd. Shit. I’m with Zayn. My thoughts are confirmed when his voice whispers seductively in my ear.

“Come to the bar with me babe. I’ll get you to loosen up a little,” he murmurs. Goosebumps rise on my skin at the thought of drinking alcohol. Without waiting for an answer, Zayn pulls me with him through the sweaty bodies to end up at the bar.

“Six shots of Vodka,” he tells the barman. My eyes grow twice their size as Zayn passes me three of them.

“I ca-can-can’t.” I blabber out. He had already downed the first one.

“Are we gonna have to do this the hard way?” He asks, his eyebrow cocking up. He comes closer to me, making sure I’m the only one who can hear him. “You either drink all of them by yourself, or I shove them all down your throat by force. You choose,” he retorts simply, downing his second shot swiftly. I don’t move, and look away instead. He exhales loudly, and grabs my chin to make me face him. His hazel eyes hypnotize me as he talks. “Sooo. What’s it gonna be love? Am I going to have to force you to loosen up?” I push his hand away, and his look hardens.

I fake smile before grabbing one of the shots. I gulp it down rapidly, the liquid leaving a burning trail in my throat. I want to throw up, but hold it in because of Zayn’s glare. I put the shot back down with a grimace. It’s my first shot, and I’m feeling woozy already. Just great.

“Two more to go, and you’re free to go dancing with Liam over there.” Zayn pointed to a head amongst the people. I shake my head to gain focus and drink another shot, the taste lingering too lengthily in my mouth. “That’s the spirit.” Zayn puts his hands around my waist, and brings me in between his legs. He nips at a particular spot in my neck and I decide to fake a high state of drunkenness. I do feel a little lightheaded and I can’t help grinding myself against him slightly in light arousal. “Are you that drunk already?” The Bradford boy chuckles, his hands going up in the insides of my thighs.

“Yuuup. ‘M not uused to this. M’only sixteen.” I let out, grabbing the last shot. “Cheers,” I say holding it up to him, before downing it. I fake losing balance, and to my great surprise, Zayn catches me before I touch the floor. He laughs and encircles his arms around my waist, steadying me.

“Careful there babe, I have to keep you in one piece,” he chuckles again, before kissing me on the lips fully. Slightly drunk, I return the kiss, and dig my fingers into his hair. He grabs my ass hard, and I break the kiss.

“I wanna go dance!” I whine, putting on my best pouty face.

“Then go join Liam over there,” Zayn answers, pointing to his best friend. I start walking in Liam’s direction, but Zayn grabs my arm and stops me in my tracks. “If you don’t go to him and try to lose yourself in the crowd, I swear I’ll make you know what pain is.” He guarantees, looking at me straight in the eyes. I nod yes, and continue my way towards Liam.

I feel his eyes burning holes in my back as I move through the bodies, content when my arms finally hook around the neck of the brown-eyed boy I was searching for.

“Heeyy,” I sigh heavily. His hands grab my waist and he helps me sway to the music automatically.

“Hmm. Are you that drunk already?” He whispers in my ear. I nod yes vigorously, and turn my body around to grind my ass on Liam’s crotch as the song I Just Had Sex of Akon starts playing on the speakers. He groans, pushing me on himself even harder, making me feel his erection poking in my backside. “You’re lying.”

I close my eyes in embarrassment and shake my head no. Shit, he read me like a book.

“You’re being such a tease right now Soph. And you know it,” he nibbled on my earlobe. “But if you’re really that drunk, I can do this.”

Liam takes me by surprise as he spins me around swiftly, before his lips crash on mine. His hands start fumbling with his trousers, and he pulls himself out, raising my dress up at the same time. I break the kiss, feeling him rubbing inside my inner thigh.

“You ca-can’t do that! N-not in public!” I yell out to him. To my shock, it seems like he’s the only one that’s heard me.

“Weird, you don’t seem so drunk anymore Soph. Maybe just a little tipsy,” he smirks.

“You won’t,” I challenge, feeling him pressing his body harder against mine.

“Watch me,” he responds, before lifting me onto him.

I whimper loudly, and clutch him hard, digging my face into his torso. Liam begins singing the lyrics to the song in my ear as he stretches me painfully.

“I just had sex! And it felt so good! A woman let me put my penis inside her!”

“I didn’t! You just put yourself inside me!” I cut him.

“You were begging for it.”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Then why, did you rub that little ass of yours on me, willingly?” Liam words cut like knives. Why did I do that indeed? I shut up and look elsewhere in shame.

Slowly, the position I’m in starts becoming uncomfortable. Whether I want it or not, my body is lusting for some kind of friction. I think Liam is craving it too, his is face pulled in a grimace. He tries pumping himself in and out of me standing up, but the results aren’t satisfying.

“Come on. Follow me; we’ll finish that somewhere else,” Liam gets fully out, closing his eyes for mere seconds. It’s all the time I needed. I leap out of his grasp, and run through the dancing people, praying that he’ll lose me.

“Sophie!” The loud music dims Liam’s yell to a quiet one. I can see his messy hair and tall frame amongst the dancers, but I don’t stop.

I pass near the bar, spotting the other four lads. From the looks of it they were very drunk. My eyes meet Niall’s and rapidly, the three other pairs follow. They see me alone, and their mouths fall to the ground, eyes angry. Fortunately, their drunken-state slows their reaction and I’m already out by the time they get on their feet and off their stools.

I hail a taxi as soon as I’m out, wanting this nightmare to be over already. I get in the cab, and lay in the backseat exhausted.

“Where to miss?” The cab driver asks me in the mirror. I almost tell him my address, out of habit, but then I recall my mom was the one that had sold me to One Direction. I give him Kristen’s address instead, hoping she’ll forgive me for making her and Amber wait in a car for probably hours after the meeting séance.

“4505 Shamrock Avenue,” I tell him. Niall’s name skips in my mind at the same time, but I don’t acknowledge it, and focus on steadying my breathing instead.

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